September 11th: A Day That Will Live In Infamy


THE LINK BELOW is a video shot on September 11th from an apartment window facing the Twin Towers. The couple who shot it lived on the 36th floor so they had an overview of the whole event. They didn't release the video to the public until 2005. It's long, but it's an intimate reliving of that day, with sounds of the couples' reaction to events, and the sound of the television news going in the background. The video is entitled simply:

You can also see it here: What We Saw. And here is a compilation of different shots of the attack and the aftermath: World Trade Center.

Watching the video brought the day back vividly. From my perspective today, 9/11 was a day of awakening for me. Until then, I had no interest in Islam. I didn't think it was important. I didn't understand what caused the terrorist attacks that had happened throughout my childhood (in the 1972 Olympics, the hostage crisis, the hijackings, etc.) and if you had asked me to guess at the time, I probably would have thought terrorists were simply fanatics creating random acts of violence for random reasons
to force a government to release prisoners, to get airtime for their cause, to scare people, or whatever.

But 9/11 was so much worse than previous acts of terrorism, and so much closer to home, it woke me up. The attack on the WTC was obviously a well-organized project by a fairly large group of people, using effective long-term planning, all for the purpose of inflicting a huge number of casualties. And my question was, for what?

It was so shocking, I was strongly motivated to understand where it came from, who these people were, and why they were doing this.

What I've learned since then has often surprised me. I had no idea Islamists were such a large group, or so well-funded, or had such an all-compassing goal.

But along with discovering the scope of the problem, I've also discovered that ordinary citizens like me could do something to help defeat it.

I feel I've personally repeated what Americans collectively went through in WWII. When the war in Europe and Japan started, most Americans didn't want to get involved. They wanted to go about their business and they hoped the problem would just go away. But when Pearl Harbor was bombed, everything changed. They realized how significant the problem was, and they fully understood their more trivial concerns would have to be put aside.

The same change of mind has happened to many of us in the West in response to 9/11 and the change of mind has only deepened with subsequent events.

Since that day I have learned a great deal about Islam, and have been encouraging others to do so too. An understanding of the terrifying brilliance of Islam hasn't become as widespread as I had hoped, but more people are becoming aware of Islam's prime directive, and that is encouraging.

I hope you watch the film,
What We Saw, share it with your friends, and renew your commitment to finding a solution to the causes that led to 9/11 and the over sixteen thousand terrorist attacks since then.


Ray 6:06 PM  

We are with you.
Help stamp out domestic terror
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Mairaj Pirzada 7:13 AM  

Hadrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the Holy Prophet of Islam was born in Makkah in 571 A.D. Makkah known as "The Mother of the Cities", though situated in an arid and sterile valley enjoyed fame as a religious centre because of the location of the Holy Ka'aba, the House of Allah. According to tradition the Holy Ka'aba, was first built by Adam. After the Flood it was rebuilt by the Prophet Abraham and his son Ismail. Makkah was also a great commercial centre, and controlled the caravan routes to Yemen, Syria, and Iraq.

In the Arab annals the year of the birth of the Holy Prophet is known as the "Year of the Elephant". During this year, an army under Abraha, the Christian ruler of Yemen invaded Makkah. The object was to destroy the Ka'aba so that Makkah should lose its importance as a centre of pilgrimage.

Abraha rode on an elephant, an animal which the Arabs had not seen before. The custodians of the Ka'aba were not strong enough to face the invaders in battle; they retired leaving the protection of the house of Allah to Allah Himself.

And verily, Allah protected His House. A flock of birds pelted them with stones of baked clay that made the armed forces of the invaders like the dried powder minced by the cattle. An unusual storm of rain and hail swept over the valley and flooded the army camp. A strong wind lashed the countryside and Abraha and his hosts dispersed and retreated in despair and it proved to be the final retread of Christianity from the heartland of Arabia.


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