What The West Needs To Know


WESTERNERS, AS A RULE, do not appreciate the fact that someone is at war with us. This is not like other wars. This is not one country against another. This is one ideology against all others. It is hard to recognize as a war because the attacks are not concentrated in time or space. They are happening all over the world, almost continually, but at different times by different people, different races, from different countries, and attacking at different places, in what seems to be almost random violence. So we call it terrorism.

they call it war. And while it is hard to recognize as such, I have found a little video clip that makes plain the larger picture. This is something to share with friends of yours who don't seem to get it.

If you spoke one word every two hours, I might not be able to understand your message. But if I wrote down each word you spoke, and then read it all at once, your meaning would be clear. This is similar to the clarity you get in this film. You can see very clearly that a large group, spanning the globe, are very intently waging war, not only on your country, but on every country that is not Islamic. They are not trying to steal anything of yours or occupy your country. They are only interested in the destruction of your culture, and to insure their own ascent into heaven. They are willing to let you live if you convert to a Muslim.

Militant Islam expanded across the earth like an explosion when it came on the scene in the sixth century. Muslim warriors invaded and conquered North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and major parts of Europe. Their expansion was finally stopped by force of arms. They were conquered and beaten back over the centuries, and then, because of European colonizing projects all over the world, Islamic countries were divided and held down.
But colonization has been abandoned as a practice, much as slavery was, because it is unfair.

And now militant Islam is expanding.
The attacks are increasing. More attacks in more places, and deadlier attacks over the last few decades as the movement gains momentum. With new technologies, the Islamists' ability to connect with each other has improved enormously. They are on the rise. And whatever grievance they use as the public excuse du jour, they have one ultimate aim: An Islamic world.

This is not going to go away. They are completely committed. They are deadly serious. They are recruiting with frenetic zeal. And they are growing in numbers. They are out to kill us all. Any non-Muslim is an enemy to these people. Even non-fanatical Muslims are enemies to these people.

It's not a comfortable fact, but there it is. If we ignore the situation, it will only get worse. What should be done about it? That's the big question.

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