Lessons on Jihad From the Movie, "What About Bob?"


I was thinking of writing an article about the infuriating cleverness of orthodox Muslims, and I was wondering what I could use to illustrate what they're doing. And then it came to me in a flash: The movie, What About Bob?

In the movie, Bill Murray plays a psychiatric patient who drives his psychiatrist crazy (Dr. Leo Marvin, played by Richard Dreyfus).

I just watched it again and the parallels to orthodox Islam's dealings with the West are amazing. Bob uses the same techniques on Dr. Marvin that orthodox Muslims use against the United States and Europe, and with similar results: Bob successfully fools everyone except Dr. Marvin, and Dr. Marvin becomes infuriated and helpless, but unable to stop it.

Bob is able to cleverly insert himself into Dr. Marvin's life without his consent, and able to turn Dr. Marvin's friends and family against him.

As I watched, I kept stopping to write notes every time I saw a parallel. Here are my notes:

1. Bob's stand is: I am suffering. Islam's stand is: We are an oppressed people, we are under attack, we are the underdog, and we are suffering. Bob manages to make normal events in life cause him to suffer. Orthodox Muslims take anything their enemies do and turns it into "oppression." And if their enemies do nothing offensive, they create opportunities to be affronted.

Read any mainstream Muslim publication, like the Muslim Public Affairs Committee newsletter, and you will see a strong theme running through almost every article: Muslims are oppressed and persecuted (and therefore must "defend" themselves).

I subscribe to several pro-Muslim e-mail newsletters, and this is an extremely common theme. Every little "hate-crime" they can come up with proves that Muslims are an oppressed minority. I recently read this: In the year 2007, the number of hate-crimes in the U.S. committed against someone because of their religion was 1400. Here's how the hate-crimes break down by religion:

Anti-Jewish 969
Anti-Other Religion 130
Anti-Islamic 115
Anti-Multiple Religions 62
Anti-Catholic 61
Anti-Protestant 57
Anti-Atheism/Agnosticism/etc. 6

Over the course of a year, and with 300 million people in this country, that's a pretty low incidence of hate-crimes against Muslims. But their perpetual position is that they are an oppressed minority. Here's why.

2. Bob uses every technique he can find to keep pushing for what he wants. And he uses the one tool that gives him the most leverage with normal people: Pity. Evoke genuine pity, and you can pretty much gain any concession you want. Read more about this.

The stealth jihad uses this principle constantly. Jihadis try to portray themselves — just as their leader Mohammad did — as innocent victims of wrongdoing. Then, having aroused pity, they seek a concession of some kind.

They continue gaining concessions and giving none. Islam is a ratchet: It only goes one way.

3. Bob uses deceit masterfully. Bob hires a hooker to portray Dr. Marvin's sister to get through on the phone (when Dr. Marvin is on vacation and is not taking calls). Bob impersonates a detective and lies to the operator to get information about where Dr. Marvin is vacationing.

Islam has a principle called taqiyya, which means "religious deception." They can and do lie to non-Muslims and they have Allah's permission to do so as long as it serves the cause of Islam.

In the movie, Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West, there are several good examples, captured on film, of a Muslim leader speaking to Western media, saying one thing, and then it shows the same leader speaking to their fellow Muslims saying just the opposite. You see them speaking peace and tolerance to Westerners and two days later vigorously preaching jihad against the West to their fellow Muslims. This is taqiyya.

Probably the single most important reason orthodox Muslims have gotten away with so much is because they use deceit masterfully.

4. Bob pushes for concessions because he is special, unique, weird. And Bob captures everyone's attention and doesn't let them go about their normal lives.

Muslims do the same thing. In Norway, for example, Muslims were agitating for a law that would make it illegal to serve alcohol in discos on certain nights (because they are uncomfortable around alcohol). Hege Storhaug, the co-founder of Human Rights Service, rejects such a proposal. "All the time they have special rules," says Storhaug, "and we reject special requirements. We get a split-up society and Islam gets more presence in the public sphere. People force religious opinions on others. In the most extreme consequence it leads to the Islamization of society...All the time it's Muslims who come with special requirements. We never hear a peep from Catholics, Jews, Hindus, etc."

One way to try to gain a concession is to simply ask. Another way (and far more effective) is to ask while providing a good reason why an exception should be made for you that would not be made for others. Bob had "special needs" because he was agoraphobic or afraid of sailing or deathly afraid of germs, and people went out of their way to accommodate him, conceding things to him they would never concede to a normal person.

Islam does the same thing. And they often succeed (read more about what kinds of concessions they have gained). They press for concessions because they are oppressed or because they are unique (they have particular needs because of their unique religion), or because they've been wronged or persecuted or whatever.

5. Bob seems really nice to everyone but his enemy. People usually recognize Bob is unusual, but they think he is innocent. But Dr. Marvin sees what he's doing and how deliberately and insidiously he's doing it.

By the skillful use of taqiyya, Muslims — even Muslims we know to be bloodthirsty killers — are considered "really nice people" by those who don't know better. (Read a good example of that here.)

Islamic countries are often very friendly to Western countries while at the same time whipping up national hatred against those same Western countries on Islamic television stations, and funding global jihad against those same countries.

6. Bob uses public embarrassment to force concessions. When he arrives in the small town where the well-respected Dr. Marvin spends his summer vacation, Bob starts yelling at the top of his lungs in the middle of the street, "Dr. Marvin! Doctor Leo Marvin!" He keeps yelling until he has everyone's attention and Dr. Marvin can't simply ignore him and get away, which is what he was planning on doing.

Orthodox Muslims try to embarrass organizations into doing what they want. They will go to court even though they know they will lose, they will get the press involved. They'll do whatever it takes to embarrass people or companies or governments into conceding. Radio stations have fired good people because the station didn't want to deal with the public embarrassment of a lawsuit. Politicians restrain themselves and go out of their way not to say anything honest that might be offensive to the super-sensitive Muslim-advocacy organizations, because those organizations will do what they can to embarrass the politicians. Even comedians avoid talking about Islam.

Orthodox Muslims have wormed their way into training programs for police and intelligence agencies and intimidated them into not saying anything that might lead to public embarrassment, demonstrating again and again that the Muslim organizations will use public embarrassment to silence critics of Islam.

7. Bob uses Dr. Marvin's enemies against him. There is a husband and wife in town who are angry because the rich city doctor came and bought their dream home out from under them. Bob gets these people to help him, and they do it to help ruin Dr. Marvin's life.

Orthodox Muslims are actively converting and recruiting disgruntled convicts in prison — people who are already enemies of the society. Iran sent soldiers into Iraq in order to kill U.S. soldiers, but Iran also supplied Russia and China with oil, so if the U.S. wants to do something about Iran, they'd have our two biggest enemies to contend with. In essence, Iran used America's enemies against them.

Closer to home, those of us who are in the process of alerting our fellow citizens to the danger of Islam's prime directive have enemies among our own fellow non-Muslim citizens. The blind multiculturalists in the media actively fight against us, trying to discredit anyone who criticizes Islam, and the orthodox Muslims use those enemies against us.

I get a newsletter from CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) that brags in almost every issue about how they are bringing this suit against this person or sending press releases out about this or that grievance, and you can see from their wording that they are hitting every hot-button they can think of to gain sympathy from our fellow non-Muslim "enemies."

8. Bob exploits all of Dr. Marvin's weaknesses — his egotism, his desire to win his family's love and approval, his failures and embarrassments, his family's kindness and innocence, his family's resentment against Dr. Marvin's pomposity — Bob exploits it all to get what he wants.

Orthodox Muslims exploit Westerners' weaknesses, too. One of our "weaknesses" is our reverence for life. Jihadis will hide behind their own civilians during a battle, knowing Western soldiers will not open fire.

Here's another example of this principle, from DhimmiWatch:

"Palestinian jihad fighters have even used Christian sites and people as shields against the Israelis. In Spring 2002 they appropriated Bethlehem’s Manger Square as a base of operations, knowing that Israeli forces would not attack them there and would face international opprobrium if they did. This activity precipitated the siege of the Church of the Nativity in April and May of that year. After launching attacks against the Israelis from Manger Square, a group of jihadists fled into the church, where they remained for 39 days — secure in the knowledge that Israel would not attack a Christian holy site. Meanwhile, they desecrated the church."

Orthodox Muslims are masters of exploiting their enemy's weaknesses. They immigrate into free countries and then use the democratic process and rights of free speech to agitate against those freedoms and seek to subvert the democracy.

They also exploit the multicultural beliefs of the resident population in order to wage jihad by gaining concessions.

9. Bob is absolutely relentless. He doesn't let up ever. Neither do orthodox Muslims. They keep infiltrating, they keep immigrating, they keep agitating, they keep killing, they keep intimidating, and they will never stop on their own. They've been doing it for 1400 years, and they are determined to keep it up until the whole world acknowledges there is no god but Allah and Mohammad is His Messenger. They will never give up until the whole world falls under the rule of Islamic law. This is Islam's Prime Directive.

10. Bob makes sure every response Dr. Marvin makes will backfire. He ensures that no matter what Dr. Marvin does to return to his normal life or solve his problem, it will not work. In the documentary, Target America, you can see each successive American president through the seventies, eighties, and nineties try many different ways of dealing with orthodox Muslims, and every attempt backfired.

The orthodox Muslims made sure they set up a situation where no matter what the U.S. did, it would go badly.

The same infuriating frustration Dr. Marvin feels is what I saw on the faces of all the presidents in Target America as they tried and failed to deal successfully with hijackings and captured hostages and bombings.

11. No matter what he does, Bob makes Dr. Marvin look like the mean one and Bob look like the innocent, underdog victim of Dr. Marvin's apparently bad-tempered selfishness. Osama bin Laden's plan was to run planes into the Twin Towers in the hopes that the U.S. would overreact, counting on the fact that the violent overreaction would cause Muslims around the world to unite against the West.

Many people think that's exactly what happened. Muslims flew planes into the Twin Towers, killing thousands of office workers, and in the end, the U.S. looks like the mean one to a lot of people, and Muslims look like the underdog victims who only need potable water and a little compassion from big, bad America.

12. Bob causes Dr. Marvin's wife and kids to sympathize with Bob and to resent and reject Dr. Marvin. They all try to look out for poor Bob. They push for Bob to get what he wants. This is analogous to orthodox Muslims causing multiculturalist Westerners to sympathize with Muslims and turn against their fellow countrymen who are trying to protect us all from further harm.

So we have one group of people in the U.S. who want to make sure we're no longer vulnerable to attack by orthodox Muslims. And we have another segment of the U.S. who wants "stop the hate," wants to "give peace a chance," and wants to stop "racial profiling."

In other words, orthodox Muslims have successfully turned some of our own people against each other. They have manipulated the situation so some non-Muslims are pushing for the orthodox Muslims to get what they want.

This is not just happening in America, it is happening in free countries all over the world.

13. Bob keeps provoking a hostile overreaction from Dr. Marvin and then appears to be the innocent victim of Dr. Marvin's cruel insensitivity, and then he leverages that to gain concessions. If Dr. Marvin doesn't respond, Bob escalates or persists in his provocation until Dr. Marvin can't take it any more and bursts out in anger.

One memorable example from the movie is the dinner scene. Bob moaned with pleasure while he was eating. He kept moaning and saying, "This is so delicious!" And he kept it up until Dr. Marvin suddenly yells at him to shut up. All of Dr. Marvin's family looks at him with anger and embarrassment. Bob looks like the innocent victim of Dr. Marvin's irrational rage.

Here's a good example from William Bennett's Why We Fight: Moral Clarity and the War on Terrorism:

"From the beginning, the Palestinian strategy was, and still is, to provoke outrages to which Israel has had no choice but to respond with stringent countermeasures, thereby supplying endless footage of Palestinian casualties and eliciting fresh pressure by the West to accommodate ever-escalating Palestinian demands. Israel's commitment to peace stimulated in the Palestinians not a spirit of reciprocal amicableness but an appetite for more..."

14. Bob knows full well what he's doing, but successfully appears innocent to everyone but Dr. Marvin, who sees right through him but can't get anyone else to see it. Those of us who have been trying to alert our fellow Westerners to Islam's relentless encroachment are having a very difficult time.

Islam appears innocent to many people, and to them, we are suspect. We must be racists or bigots or Islamophobes. This assessment effectively shuts their ears to accurate information about something real enough to cause over seventeen thousand deadly attacks since 9/11.

15. Dr. Marvin clearly expects the problem (Bob) to go away, but he will never go. He keeps insinuating himself more and more thoroughly into Dr. Marvin's life. Almost every non-Muslim I talk to about Islam's relentless encroachment expects someone to take care of it and expects the problem to go away. But it isn't going away. It's getting worse. Orthodox Islam is insinuating itself more and more thoroughly into Western societies.

16. Bob is skillful, but conceals it. Dr. Marvin comes up with a brilliant scheme to admit Bob into a mental institution, but the institution can only legally hold Bob for 24 hours before they let him go. They can keep him there only if the staff agrees Bob needs to be institutionalized. Dr. Marvin is sure everyone will see Bob is crazy, but they don't. Within a few hours, they release Bob. Bob completely charmed the staff, telling jokes and cracking everyone up.

Like Bob, Islam is skillful, but conceals it. The more I learn about the clever infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into mainstream American life, the more impressed I am at the long-range planning and the skillful, sophisticated understanding of the American mind.

One branch of the Muslim Brotherhood is CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. They have successfully fooled most people in America that they represent moderate, peace-loving Muslim Americans. Read about what they are really up to.

17. Bob is in it for the long haul. Eventually, Dr. Marvin loses his mind, goes off the deep end, and he becomes violent and irrational, mainly because nobody else sees what Bob is really doing except Dr. Marvin.

Orthodox Muslims find every crack in the wall they can find and work their way in. And they twist every event and utterance to their purpose. They will not stop, they will not tire, and they have nothing else to live for. This is it. This is the meaning of their existence: Islam must win. Islam must dominate all other cultures, all other religions, all other governments. Allah wills it.

They have infiltrated our schools by giving donations to colleges and then using their seat on the board to exert influence (creating a campus culture of Islam-loving, America-hating students). Orthodox Muslims offered the British government and banks on Wall Street money to help them through the 2008-2009 financial crisis, but with strings attached — the money is "Shari'a compliant" which means, among other things, that there is a built-in written agreement that a certain portion of the money goes to particular charities — charities that support jihad against the West.

Orthodox Muslims have created "legitimate," mainstream organizations that lobby Washington and "represent the Muslim community" to governments and to the media, and yet have a secret agenda, revealed at the Holy Land Foundation Trial, of conquering America from within.

The list goes on and on. They are in it for the long haul, and they absolutely will not stop, ever. They won't grow tired or give up. If they are going to be stopped, we must stop them. And we had better do it with more success than Dr. Marvin had with Bob.

To get rid of Bob, out of mad frustration, Dr. Marvin tries to blow him up, but Bob ends up "accidentally" blowing Dr. Marvin's vacation home to smithereens, and then marries Dr. Marvin's sister!

Bob won. Dr. Marvin lost. We've got to do better.

Would you like to entertain yourself while watching a demonstration of orthodox Muslim techniques? Watch What About Bob?

And while you're watching, see if you can come up with ideas we can use. What would you do if you were Dr. Marvin?

Citizen Warrior is the author of the book, Getting Through: How to Talk to Non-Muslims About the Disturbing Nature of Islam and also writes for Inquiry Into Islam, History is Fascinating, and Foundation for Coexistence. Subscribe to Citizen Warrior updates here. You can send an email to CW here


Anonymous 3:11 PM  

Citizen Warrior, you are brilliant! Wow, what an article!

Perhaps we may find an unexpected assist to deal with Islamic Bob.

The so called ‘Arab Spring’ may very well be hoisted by its own petard.

Islamists will not be able to resist the temptation to force a fundamentalist Islamic government in Egypt.

Already the signs are manifesting:


Whilst the outcome will be a tragic one for Copts and liberals and secularists, once the fundamentalists have imposed a new reign of Islamic tyranny the Arab and Islamic apologists will finally be snookered.

The delusion that Islam is compatible with the non-Muslim world will have been shattered once and for all.

These are interesting times!

Anonymous 11:31 PM  

More on Islamic Bob rearing his head.

"Egypt 'unity' rally turns into Islamist show of strength

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/07/29/2337186_p2/egypt-unity-rally-turns-into-islamist.html#ixzz1TZD1eShj"

Robert Fisk himself will be hoisted by his own petard as Egypt slides into the inevitable confrontation between Islamists and secularists/liberals and the 'Arab Spring' turns into an 'Islamist Winter'.

Wael Ghonim's delusions will soon manifest in nails and ball bearings tearing flesh and limb apart in the public places of his country.

The temptation for Islamists will just be too much!

At least the Lie will be out once and for all.

If Egypt does not emerge secularist out of this there will be no more excuses for Islam apologists.

Anonymous 11:44 PM  

And more on Islamic Bob:

"Islamists suspected over Libyan rebel death"


They just cannot resist the lust for power!

The Kaa of Islam is so close to accomplishing its Ultimate Mesmerisation of The Infidel Prey - but the Islamic Religious Zombies will break the Spell On PCs And The Left.

Anonymous 12:18 AM  

And even more on Islamic Bob!

"Libya's War for the Abaya"


Even Robert Fisk gets it right at times when he criticised Nato's intervention in Libya.

Soon Gaddafi will manifest as the Least Worst Option.

The Italians will rue the day they caved into Leftist journalistic pressure on their economic ties to Gaddafi.

Across the Med from them will be a rabid Islamist state - an Iran just across the way.

Allied to Iran, Libya will be Europe's Worst Nightmare.

Islam will rejoice at the trap that Qatar and Lebanon set to entice the West to destroy Gaddafi.

We will wonder at the wisdom of the Russians, Chinese and Indians who stayed out of it - and at our own stupidity in the West being the Ultimate Useful Idiot.

We have to hand it to them - they have us all confused!

Anonymous 1:29 AM  

That was a great article. I've watched the "What About Bob" movie repeatedly becuz I find it so hilarious. (I always took Bob's side and laughed about it. He's actually "cured" by getting the acceptance he craved. He becomes more and more normalized the more he is "mainstreamed" and comes out of his shell -- as I've seen it. Dr. Marvin, actually cured him becuz Bob believed he could... the way I've seen the movie.) However, the way you took this movie I so love, and turned it into a Jihad lesson -- pure genius. And patience in drawing all of those parallels as parables.

If I think about Muslims in the USA as a movie, guess I think about the Blob. They swallowed everything in sight. People didn't believe the kids who warned about them. But, in the end, cold overcame them.

In the USA, I have no doubt, we shall overcome. The Blob will leave our borders.

Unfortunately, outside our borders, I believe the world is going to suffer the Blob Great Tribulation.

Anonymous 5:02 AM  

Islamic Bob No 13 Tactic is at hand here in the hostage taking of the Swiss couple:

"Swiss hostages moved to Pakistan Al-Qaeda hotbed"


But I ask with tears in my eyes what on earth is a Swiss couple doing touring the epicenter of Islamic Darkness?

What complete fools!

Anonymous 5:34 AM  

Citizen Warrior what a great analysis formula you have set up!

Islamic Bob Strategy 3 and 16 seem relevant here:


The most senior heads of the Turkish military have resigned in protest against the governmental threat against secularism!

Can it make sense that Turkey is part of the Nato Shield against Iran as Turkey becomes progressively more Islamist?

I think this is a 3 and a 16? Especially a 3!

What a mess - creating a potential Turkish back door for Iran to fly its missiles in.

And using Russia to criticise the Shield - that is a 7 surely!?

Maybe you can identify a few more?

Anonymous 8:02 AM  

Your Islamic Bob analysis framework is truly excellent!

This anti-drone article scores a 2/8/11/12 at least!


The author in this case is Muhammad Idrees Ahmad, a Glasgow-based sociologist, born in Chitral and raised in Abbottabad and Peshawar.

Citizen Warrior 11:58 AM  

The Kuta Kid just emailed this comment:

Unlike Dreyfuss we are aware of muslim tenacity - although I never realised it went so deep - which people are waking up to more and more. There is quite a big underground movement here with Australians emailing literature about Islam to each other and every contact they come across.

We are all fed up to the eyeballs with our way of life being eroded right out from under us.

We are extremely angry with our Politicians passing laws to curry favor with islam. For instance the hate speech laws. They do not protect us. the normal citizen.

Sorry. Back To BOB.

Dreyfuss took him on as a client. We let the rats into the country.

Dreyfuss should have had Bob committed into some sort of Institution for observation.

Islam should be publicly held up and opened up.

Dreyfuss did not watch what Bob was doing, he underestimated ol' Bob. We must FACE islam. take away benefits if they do not work or do nothing about getting a job. Once they are working full-time they will not have the time or resources to agitate. they will be too tired.

We are waking up.

We need to get Politicians on our side. If not the Politicians in power, then ones that care about our way of life and our countries.

So far there are only a few because most of them have been paid off, they are so corrupt. What other reason for their silence?

We need to vote in people who realise and Know The Danger in our backyards.

Anonymous 7:46 AM  

The Clay Feet of Wael Ghonim:



"Now came Wael Ghonim, he of the social media revolution, with his own followers, to say hello to Hamza. He engaged the older man about finding common ground with the Islamists. Charlotte caught the moment on camera - a young man in a purple pinstripe shirt and designer wire-rim glasses, talking to the shaggy haired professor nearly old enough to be his grandfather - but when Ghonim spotted Charlotte, he insisted she stop shooting. "If you use this," he said, "I will sue you". It wasn't that he didn't want to be seen speaking of reconciliation with the Islamists; rather, a friend reported, he said he didn't want to be caught on camera being friendly with Hamza, a fellow secularist.

"If you use this, I will sue you," the Google MBA repeated to Charlotte, a smile frozen onto his face, before moving off with his entourage."

Islamic Bob in Deceitful Fullness!

Truthiocity 9:51 AM  

The key is to do things they do not expect. They seem good at strategy but have a weakness that is so bad it is crippling. Indeed it has already crippled their entire civilization.

That is the ability to really be creative. They are working from a playbook. They be skilled at working from it but it is still a playbook. One thing I have noticed is that their comments when trolling are always the same. The same language, the same tacktics and the same goals. All of which have been appropriated from non muslims who exhibited them first. They are absolutely incapable of being original.

It is a weakness for them and a weapon for us. And in a war of ideas that's a pretty good weapon.

Jihadists try to elicit specific reactions because they have planned for those reactions and already know what to do in responce. The key is to figure out what multiple reactions are expected and doing something that is not expected.

A problem with most anti jihadists is that they are very serious, very responsible and very sober people. Academics, security proffesionals, analysts, lawyers etc. People who deal with truth, reality, facts and being responsible. They are the absolute best at thinking within the box.

So we have two opposing forces, both thinking inside the box. Both with systems available for them to utilize in strategizing and fighting. Just like Bob and the Doctor.

Perhaps what is needed is for someone representing one side to step outside the box, spay paint it neon, toss glitter all over it and light it on fire.

To come out of left field.

Shout bubble bath in a crowded theater.

Here's a thought. Why don't we behave like Bob?

Do something for which there is no positive responce. Think of something from left field, something that would drive them insane with rage. Then show how their reaction exposes something increadibly negative. But then Pastor Jones has done this already.

I am thinking in terms of ideas and rhetoric, not physical violence or something that would elicit a violent reaction.

It should be something that would piss them off (because that's fun) AND make people feel extremely negative about jihad in a way they hadn't before. Importantly make them feel good about feeling negative about jihad.

Anonymous 12:32 AM  

For those of us who have a love-hate relationship with the poetic prose of Robert Fisk one of his latest articles is astonishing.

See: “Egypt's revolutionary youth are being sidelined


Clearly Fisk is the romantic that he has always been.

Islamic Bob did a good job in deceiving him – but can it be that this Old Man of Words is finally awakening himself?

His words on the Muslim Brotherhood are not gentle.

Whilst Lebanon (aka Hezbollah) and Qatar conned The West into bombing Libya, the very same Lebanon that he lives in is silent whilst Syria kills civilians next door.

Qatar is nowhere to be heard on the Syrian front either – the engines of its strike jets are not idling ready for take off to Damascus.

We should not forget the secularists of Iran, crushed by the Iranian Islamic Revolution.

Of course, we stupidly helped the secularists of the Soviet era Afghanistan to be destroyed by the ‘holy warriors’.

Now it is the turn of the Egyptian and soon the Tunisian secularists to be crushed.

Fisk is seeing the writing on the wall – and it is hurting him. Understandably so as he seems to have been the one who coined the term ‘Arab Spring’.

If so he is entitled to warn of the coming eternal ‘Arab Autumn’.

Maybe, just maybe, Islamic Bob is about to make his definitive mistake …

Anonymous 12:58 AM  

Here is the "we are suffering" Islamic Bob syndrome:


Ignoring the far greater deaths caused by Islamic extremists, the author asks if it would be fair to criticise Judaism or Buddhism?

The reason why other religions are not being criticised is because they do not advocate subjugation of the Planet to their gods.

They also do not stratify humans into Apartheid tiers of citizenship:

Class 1: Muslims Supreme

Class 2: People of the Book

Class 3: The rest of the infidels.

That said the Ogre of Oslo has given taqiyya a whole new energy ... any other nut out there seeking to behave as violently as Islamists please desist.

We can only stop the Islamic onslaught by letting itself be hoisted by its own petard of violence and intolerance.

Anonymous 6:22 AM  

The treatment being meted out to Fjordman, who on the advice of his lawyer, revealed his identity to Norwegian police is Islamic Bob at his best with Strategy 7: using the enemies of those who seek to resist Islam’s intended subjugation of the world against them.

PCs and The Left are crawling out of everywhere in a frenzy to put down those of us who are not Western Lemmings, despite our non-violent stands.

The Ogre of Oslo brings to mind the sheep dogs in that magnificent English literature classic, “Far from the Madding Crowd”.

The sheep dogs herd Gabriel Oak’s flock over a cliff, and plunge him into financial ruin.

Triumphantly, they return to Oak, tails wagging, thinking that they have done a great job and will be praised for it!

Oak is horrified!

And so is Fjordman!

And so are all of us who seek to neither subjugate, nor be subjugated.

And here we are: caught between Western Lemmings of PCs and The Left - and a few mad sheep dogs!

Both manipulated by Islamic Bob.

Anonymous 10:26 AM  

Brilliant! Notice how both Bob's tactics and those of the Islamic Jihad mirror that of sociopathic conman? A conman or fraud will notice the one person who has figured out that they are not what they appear to be and isolate that individual from the rest of the people who are swallowing the conman's lies hook, line and sinker.

The methods of the islamic jihad also mirror that of the far left which always attempts to "demonize" its opponents such as Sara Palin, Bachman and the Tea Party.

Anonymous 6:32 PM  

No nation or religion has a monopoly on either greatness or evil. There are fanatics in any place. However, Radical (orthodox) Islam (Jihadidsts) are the worse, partly because they explicitly promote violence and death as sanctioned by Allah! Suicide/homicide is "inspired" by Quaranic verses, which dissed Jews for liking life rather then "eternal" life, thus according to mullahs death is better then life!

Arabs and other Muslims have become very skillful in propaganda as Bob is, and therefore they are dangerous since well meaning people steeped in political correctness buy their lies.

TBS 12:44 AM  

"Bob had "special needs" because he was agoraphobic or afraid of sailing or deathly afraid of germs, and people went out of their way to accommodate him, conceding things to him they would never concede to a normal person"

I agree with the article but to make a point here:
People who don't have certain conditions don't *need* extra things. If you have skin cancer, you shouldn't work in the sun (redundant as that is) and you should not be forced to, unlike people who may be able to work in the sun for awhile).

Accommodating people with needs eg ramps for the wheelchair-bound, is not always a big deal, because many of them simply do not have ulterior motives.

Accommodating people with ulterior motives is a bad idea because they will push forever until they conquer you but at the same time it is possible to stop them by recognising who and what they are, and NOT accommodating them once their agenda is discovered.
THAT is what the countries around the world are failing to do.

Couching this in terms only relating to accommodating people with needs (which covers a large spectrum of people) does not go far enough insofar as it is Islam that needs to not be accommodated, rather than accommodation that should not be performed.

Bob by the way is a narcissist.

Anonymous 1:36 PM  

This is an excellent insight. Thanks for pinning this in the best articles column. It certainly helps me understand what I am feeling in response to Muslim behavior and why. What an affliction on society to have such a large population of psychotic sociopaths among us. Ali Sina's book, Understanding Muhammad, explains that, while not contagious, Muhammad's mental disorders were passed on through the Quran, and to the extent that Muslims draw near to the Quran, they inherit his disorders.


Anonymous 1:32 AM  

I've been thinking about this comment above:

"He's actually "cured" by getting the acceptance he craved. He becomes more and more normalized the more he is "mainstreamed" and comes out of his shell -- as I've seen it."

I haven't seen the movie, so I don't know if that is accurate, but let's run with it for a moment to see where it goes.

We often are so concerned about Islam's successes against the West that we don't see the other side which is Islam's instability and difficulty in maintaining its internal domination.

I read a biography of Jim Morrison in which the author discussed the concept that all people are born with a hole in the heart, and that the Stoics deny that it exists and that the Dionysians (hedonists) turn inside out with a debauched lifestyle. I think in Christianity, and perhaps other religions, we fill it with spirituality.

So from this we see that people are hungry for something higher, for spiritual nourishment. But consider the ugly counterfeit these people have been given in Islam - talk about asking for bread and being given a stone! Charlie Brown never had it this bad!

So human beings are born into this environment. Some are drawn to the Quran and become evil. Others live their lives as apatheist Muslims In Name Only whose paradigm is "whatever is good is Islamic, and whatever is not good is un-Islamic". But those who are hungry and are fed Islam must feel an emptiness and frustration akin to what the comment above attributes to Bob. So, this is perhaps the explanation of why they behave like Bob.

So, can we expect a similar redemption like that attributed to Bob because he got normalized and mainstreamed, and got the acceptance he craved? Is this not the same argument used in the hearts and minds approach of the COIN doctrine in Afghanistan? Is this not the same argument used our hope to absorb Muslim immigrants? Can we assume that because it hasn't worked so far that it isn't going to work at all?

I've observed the same problem with taqiyya. Muslims use it to gain advantage over the West, but a consequence is that whether talking about their own people internally, or the West externally, it results in a lot of Muslims and Muslim converts believing in the peaceful Meccan Islam.

I've provided more questions than answers, but in wargames, it helps to understand battles and wars by switching sides and playing the game from the enemy perspective. I think that it also pays to do the same thing with our enemies in jihad, jihad from all angles - terrorism, stealth jihad, and global political forces like Iran. It's somewhat related to seeing the glass half empty or half full. Our failures and losses are obvious to us, but it also pays to know where the enemy is losing ground and what weaknesses can be exploited.

"Know your enemy and know yourself, and know the environment and terrain, and in countless amounts of battles you will always be victorious."

- The Art of War, as paraphrased by Rep. Allen West

Anonymous 3:47 PM  

Citizen Warrior, here is a suggestion to help people realise what Bob is really like.

Think for a moment about the politician, movie star, religious leader etc who is most likely to influence you.
If that person recommended a book, would you read it? You would be more likely to read that book than if a total stranger recommended the book, that is for sure.
This is the strategy we have to use on facebook, YouTube etc.
Recently I have been going to the facebook wall of Ravi Zacharias and reading the comments. If a person is a fan of Ravi's I've been sending them the following message.
Dear ______,
Ravi Zacharias and Stuart McAllister highly recommend Mark Durie's book "The Third Choice." (There comments can be read here http://www.markdurie.com/The_Third_Choice.html )
Mr Durie speaks the truth in love. I think that is why his book is so persuasive.
"Without the undergirding of love, the possessor of any conviction becomes obnoxious, and the dogma believed becomes repulsive to the one who disagrees with it" (Ravi Zacharias, "Deliver Us From Evil").
The following interview with Mark Durie by Pamela Geller is very informative. http://blogtalk.vo.llnwd.net/o23/shows/show_933687.mp3
"Ideas have consequences. Some powerful ideas and views of the world have been in circulation for centuries, yet they have been hidden from sight, their true implications concealed. Mark Durie’s excellent book not only unveils the history of an influential set of ideas; it shows their application and outworking both in the past and for the present. The Third Choice is a must read for anyone interested in Islam and for all concerned with human flourishing. This book will disturb, inform, educate and challenge. I hope you will read it, reflect on it, and pass it on to others."- Stuart McAllister, Vice-President of Training and Special Projects, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.
 Please take Stuart's advice.

I've used the same strategy with supporters of Congressman Allen West and it works.
As individuals we need to play our part and make sure influential people get a copy of Mark's book. Then when that movie star, politician etc praises the book we can use that to our advantage.
Stand firm. We can win this thing.

Anonymous 8:44 PM  

This is a fantastic article. You are very insightful...especially using "What About Bob" to explain how Islam encroaches on unsophisticated Americans. They MUST wake up. Everything you said is true. Check out our local ACT! for America blog at http://www.2012presidentialelectionnews.com/2012-debate-schedule/2011-2012-primary-debate-schedule/

We just posted a blog about this hideous new UN Resolution 16/18 that opens the door to America making laws against free speech, specifically any speech critical of Islam. Thank you for helping educate people about radical Islam.

Faye 4:45 PM  

Wow, great article. I live in Australia, how can we adapt these ideas to suit our Political climate?
It is scary to think we are usually 10yrs behind America so our worse may be still to come! I also think we should be evangelizing and getting our population and especially kids into church to help stop people converting to Islam.

Citizen Warrior 4:54 PM  

That's a great question. How could you adapt these ideas to Australia's political climate. Do you have any ideas?

Stanley 7:32 PM  

Very interesting comparison. I was thinking the same thing when I watched 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' last night.

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