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The following is a recent post by the CJC. We greatly admire what they're doing.

CJC had a great “Public Outreach” educating many people on the tenets of Islam. Thanks go out to Melissa, Pastors D and J, John, Linda, Norm and Paul for coming on out to spread the truth. For the most part, the crowd was very positive with many great comments and thanks.

There were the usual few young hecklers. One young man demanded proof to support what we were saying. Apparently he was not familiar with any Islamic doctrine because as soon as John opened up his Quran to show verses and Pastor J shared his first hand experiences, he quickly and quietly exited. They are fast to object, but then have no proof of their objections. This is a common situation with most all of the ones showing some objection.

Then a little while later two teenage girls took a couple of our brochures and tore them into pieces. Again neither said a word. What ever happened to good old debate?

These few negative encounters were far overwhelmed by the hundreds of people who thanked us for what we were doing. We continue to have our public outreach events all over. Plan to join in with us and spread the truth.

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