Why the Open Fuel Standard is Important


Someone just mentioned that we're promoting the Open Fuel Standard without explaining what it is for people new to Citizen Warrior. Here are some previous articles about it, in order of their relevance:



bobhaskinsblog 4:51 AM  

I sometimes think that I am the only person in the USA who has heard about it. I can't understand why everyone is not on the bandwagon on this issue.

Robert Haskins

Citizen Warrior 12:55 PM  

I agree, Bob. The only thing I can figure is that people with money (primarily oil and food companies) have been conducting a propaganda campaign against ethanol for awhile now, and it is keeping most people from embracing an open fuel standard with the appropriate enthusiasm.

FactsRule 2:30 PM  

Open Fuel Standards buys into the mistaken notion that there is a cleaner, more efficient alternative to oil. This is patently false. We're sitting on more oil than Saudi Arabia and need only extract & refine it. Then there's natural gas, which we have an enormous supply. Those are the real solid truly effective ways to reduce our foreign oil imports & lower the cost of gasoline & heating fuel dramatically. Natural gas has already gone down in price like 70% just with an increase in availability of only 11%!

Citizen Warrior 1:03 PM  

The notion isn't at all mistaken, as Robert Zubrin recently proved with his famous wager:


He was testing methanol, not ethanol, both of which are supported in the Open Fuel Standard, and methanol can be made out of many things, including natural gas, and can be made cheaper per unit of power right now than gasoline.

Fouad Boussetta 3:56 PM  

Does anyone know when Geert Wilders's short movie about the life and deeds of Muhammad is coming out?

Most people are too lazy to read much: a short movie (if properly done) will help educate and awaken many many non-muslims and muslims alike, in record time...

Citizen Warrior 1:40 PM  

You can get the latest on Geert Wilders here:


His new book is out, but you'll have to keep checking to find out when the video will be done.

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