The Good Must Associate: Key Strategies in the Counterjihad Movement


To prevail against orthodox Islam's relentless encroachment, we need to employ three essential strategies: gather allies, coordinate our efforts, and concentrate our forces at decisive points. Let me explain these in more detail:

1. Gather allies.
A large number of orthodox Muslims are working toward Islam's prime directive. Obviously three counterjihadists will not prevail against such a large, organized group. We need numbers. The more allies we have on our side, the greater our chances of winning.

If three of us demonstrate outside a mosque, and five hundred Muslims protest our demonstration, we will look like a small, unpopular fringe group and the Muslims will look like the mainstream majority opinion. This kind of thing has a psychological impact on anyone watching this on television because of the principle of social proof. But if five hundred Muslims demonstrate and ten thousand counterjihadists protest their demonstration, it sends an entirely different message to anyone watching on television or participating in the demonstration. Numbers count.

That's why it is so crucial to educate people about Islam. We need more people on our side.

Many Citizen Warrior readers took to heart the article, Facebook Allies, and applied the principle, and it made a difference. The purpose of the article was to solve a problem counterjihadists were having on Facebook — they would share something about Islam, and their Facebook friends and family would gang up on them, arguing, criticizing them, and defending Islam. It was upsetting to a lot of counterjihadists. It made them feel isolated and alone. And to their friends and family, it made them look like factious, disaffected loners who needed to be straightened out by the "sensible majority."

So people went to counterjihad Facebook pages and read comments and posts, looking for allies, and friended them. Then when any of their allies posted something on their personal Facebook page about Islam, they would receive lots of support and "likes" and approving comments from their allies, and if one of their family members criticized it, their allies would jump in and defend it, and each ally does that for each other.

This feels a lot better, is much less upsetting, and has a greater impact on anyone reading. The original poster no longer appears as an isolated agitator, but rather has become a spokesperson for a popular, supported point of view. The key strategy at work here is gaining allies.

This is one of the reasons ACT! for America is such an important organization to the counterjihad movement. As Brigitte Gabriel says, when the ACT! for America lobbyist walks into a senator's office in Washington, D.C. she can say she represents an organization of almost a million voters, and that's enough to make a senator listen! If the lobbyist represented an organization of forty people, would a senator take the time to listen? Not likely. They are busy people. Numbers give clout.

2. Coordinate efforts.
If there were a hundred thousand active counterjihadists, but each worked on different projects, we wouldn't accomplish much. But if most of us worked on a few central projects, those projects would be much more likely to succeed.

That's what we did by writing to Councilwoman Deborah Pauly (see story here). She was vilified by Muslim groups and the media. She probably felt outnumbered, and for many people, that would make them hesitant to speak up again. On the other hand, if she heard from thousands of people who support her and encourage her, it could embolden her to continue her outspoken resistance to creeping Sharia. Coordinated efforts could make the difference.

3. Concentrate force at a decisive point.
This is where allies and coordination can have their greatest impact. In the book, How to Win on the Battlefield, the authors write, "The concentration of force was regarded by Clausewitz as the first and highest principle of war. He reiterated that, at the operational level, commanders had to concentrate maximum force, which in his day equated to all available troops, at the decisive point; it was essential to overwhelm and break the enemy physically and morally."

Many times in history, a military force was outnumbered and yet won the battle. Often it was because the principle of concentration of force does not require absolute superiority in numbers. It only requires a local superiority at a decisive point.

When women were fighting to gain the vote in the United States, for example, they had to get 36 states to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution. Women's suffrage organizations sent organizers from all over the country to the state that was considering the legislation at that moment, thus concentrating their forces at the decisive point.

That is what we must do. The big question for all of us is, of course, "What is the decisive point?" As Brian Tracy said in Victory: "Determining the right time and place requires a combination of judgment, timing," and good information (good "intel").

We're getting much better information now than we did at the beginning of the modern counterjihad movement, and we're getting it much faster. And through our formal and informal networks, we are collectively making good judgments on where to concentrate our forces. Some calls for action are shared far and wide, and some fizzle out, as each person essentially "votes" on the proposal (by either forwarding or deleting).

Our networks are getting bigger. Our numbers are growing. And we're getting more and more organized. It's time to look at strategy. We can each begin by deliberately applying the three principles above. When you're thinking about some event or thinking about potential actions you might take, ask yourself, "How can I apply the three key strategies to this situation?" It will give you effective ideas and ways to proceed.

Edmund Burke once wrote, "When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."

So let us associate, let's organize, let's concentrate our forces, and let's win.

Citizen Warrior is the author of the book, Getting Through: How to Talk to Non-Muslims About the Disturbing Nature of Islam and also writes for Inquiry Into Islam, History is Fascinating, and Foundation for Coexistence. Subscribe to Citizen Warrior updates here. You can send an email to CW here.


Raoul 6:33 PM  

Quite true and to the very point. Australians have started and anyone interested to put the shoulder to the wheel can join in. Go to and look for the Support Q page for more information.

Damon Whitsell 11:40 PM  

Hi CW,,

Just wanted to let you know that this article has encouraged me to re-focus my counter-jihad efforts and to focus the bulk of my future time and efforts to being as involved as possible in a newly formed ACT! For America Chapter here in Galveston County Texas. And I have already been asked to attend a strategy and planning meeting with the founder and leader of the group and a few others. THANKS FOR WHAT YOU DO FOR US ALL!!!

Citizen Warrior 4:55 PM  

When someone is unable to speak in public about Islam, orthodox Muslims win.

When anti-Sharia legislation passes, the counterjihad wins.

The most organized will win.

Citizen Warrior 4:57 PM  

The stronger the opposition, the more organized and coordinated you have to be to win.

If the first attempt doesn't work, organize.

If the next organized action doesn't work, increase your numbers and organize some more, escalating until you win. Concentrate your forces on the weakest spot, at the most strategic place.

Rob 9:32 AM  

The muslims are doing point #3 very well here in the west by creating enclaves and no go areas in parts of cities and thereby slowly taking control there. Our counter strategy (according to the idea in your article) would be to put a concentrated counter to these areas. Dearborn, for instance. If we concentrated our intent on there, we could begin to change the area from a muslim enclave. Not easy but very doable with determination, numbers, and good organization. The alternative in not a 'real' and 'true' option.


A vigorous Deportation movement should be one of ACT for America's top priorities, but it is not even on the horizon. Unfortunately there still seems to be the false belief that the 1st Amendment protects Islam_ yet it DOES NOT nor has it ever shielded such domestic enemies!

To claim that Islam and Muslims are protected as a religion is a misrepresentation of the U.S. Constitution’s protections against religious tyranny. If Islam were protected under the 1st Amendment, it would then be logical to assume that the founders condoned use of the 1st Amendment as a shield to allow an international mafia organization with a religious front to masquerade as a “religion only” and be immune to RICO (racketeering & fraud) arrest and prosecution that it so richly deserves. Furthermore, using the logic that Islam is a religion only, we would conclude that:

(1)_The founders intended that the 1st Amendment could be used to hijack the “Supremacy clause” of Article 6.

(2)_The so-called “peaceful” Muslims can separate themselves from the protocols and mandates of Sharia law and still be called “Muslims.”

Such thinking ignores the fact that “taqqiya” (lying and deception) is an art form in Islam. Even if reformation or reconciliation were possible_ and it is NOT, we do NOT have the luxury of time or clairvoyance to pick the fly specks out of the pepper. Neither reformation nor reconciliation is possible between even the so-called “peaceful” Muslims and those of us who have patriotic allegiance to the U.S. Constitution. As a whole, they have no such allegiance even though some of them may deny their faith and work with Kafirs to their own detriment, i.e. if caught they would be executed by their own.

Islam is the very thing that the 1st amendment was designed to protect us against. It specializes in plundering the wealth of nations. It has no moral boundaries. Murder, rape, enslavement, and religious intolerance are the norm. Deportation is the most humane method of removing these domestic enemies from our midst. Politically impossible? Yes, as long as we deny the necessity of it. The job of government is to assure domestic peace and tranquility of U.S. citizens by putting America first, our Judeo-Christian values over theirs.

Act for America members need to be known for more than being just a bunch of sign-shakers. Its leadership does a good job educating folks about the dastardly deeds committed by violent Muslims and about Muslim political subversion , but then it stops short of calling for removal of the cancer, and is perceived as taking the position that Islam can be REFORMED! We should be SCREAMING at our political leaders to direct our law enforcement and military to round them up and GET THEM OUT OF OUR COUNTRY_ ALL OF THEM! Their Mosques are command and control centers for Sharia subversion and domestic insurrection, thus should be demolished. We should not have any business dealings with Muslims or allow them passports or VISAS. That is the kind of hard right turn that ACT FOR AMERICA needs to support if we are to ever get any real traction against this horrific enemy who lives in our neighborhoods, and dwells among us. Keep up the education, but also GO ON THE OFFENSE IN A WAY THAT WILL SHOW SOME TEETH AND SOME BACKBONE. KEEP THE PRESSURE UP AND NEVER, EVER QUIT.

Anonymous 6:00 PM  

There is a series of essays over at the Brussels Journal on exactly this topic. The author has been in a casual discussion over the past few years with Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, and others, who, though he supports them and respects their work, has pointed out some things they and others are doing that he sees are doing some sever damage to the movement. They should spend some time studying his thoughts. The points made above are also seen in his writing as well.

It is probably the best analysis I’ve seen yet of the problems for the counter-Jihad movement. The author’s analysis and knowledge is impressive. I’d recommend it to anyone who cares about our democracies and freedoms in the West, regardless of your political ideology.

Surviving Islamism ... And Right/Left Politics: Churchill's Principle

Part I – The Conversation

Part II – Right v. Left

Part III – Breivik v. Hitler

Civilus Defendus 11:43 AM  

1. That political Islam and Sharia law be officially recognized by the federal government as threats to the United States, the Constitution, and American culture and institutions.

2. That Title 18 USC “Chapter 115: Treason, Sedition and Subversive Activities,” be fully utilized as duly appropriate for advancing Sharia law, advocating or acting to implement jihad or other acts detrimental to security.

3. That Department of State programs, policies, training and relationships be evaluated for their compatibility with national security, and amended accordingly.

4. That foreign aid to Islamic nations cease and aid to nations influenced by Islam be severely curtailed, except to resist jihad.

5. That participation in the United Nations be reassessed based on human rights, security and relevancy.

6. That the courts and law enforcement be trained to recognize Sharia law, Muslim Brotherhood activities and the manifestations of jihad; and that jihad crime statistics made available.

7. That immigration reforms immediately be implemented to include a suspension of immigration by Muslims for not less than 20 years, exclusive of apostates seeking asylum.

8. That all prospective immigrants be characterized for their compatibility with the United States Constitution and be required to pledge an oath of allegiance, with violators deported.

9. That visa applicants be rejected for seditious history, or intent or association with jihad and that any foreign visitors exhibiting seditious behavior be arrested and/or deported.

10. That no Sharia-compliant finance be adopted for any government financing; that any private financial institutions must fully disclose any Sharia-compliant activities.

11. That our borders be secured by means of physical barriers, patrols and military actions as necessary to repulse illegal entrants.

12. That the legacy of jihad be subject to critical analysis in public and military education.

13. That no foreign influence or advocacy be tolerated in public school textbooks or materials.

14. That no foreign ownership be allowed of any media that purports to provide news services.

15. That no public monies or services shall be dispensed to encourage social separation in courts, schools, hospitals or other public or private places.

16. That any mosque violating its religious standing be reclassified as political in nature and subject to tax laws and if deemed appropriate other civil and criminal laws.

17. That any mosque found to engage in political organizing, allow or encourage incitement to violence, subversion or jihad be closed for not less than 2 years, and permanently for a second such finding.

18. That no additional mosques be allowed until Islamic countries reciprocate in international relations, freedom of religion and houses of worship, and social equality.

Continued Appeasement, Accommodation and Hopeful Assimilation is Political & Cultural Suicide.

Walter Sieruk 11:19 AM  

To counter the forces of Islam, be it the subtle stealth jihad or the extreme violence the militant jihadism. We all then would do well to remember and heed the widsom of Thomas Jefferson. For Mr. Jefferson stated "A convection that we are right accomplishes half the difficulity of correcting wrong." Likewise, he also taught "Fortitude...teaches us to meet and surmount difficulties; not to fly from them. Moreover, with the dangers of the jihadist threats, real or a bluff, the teaching of Mr. Jefferson may apply even more now then in his own time. As for being aware of our surrounding and on the lookout for anything tha seems not to look quite right. As in "What's wrong with the picture ?" For Mr, Jefferson taught "Let the eye of vigilance never be closed."

bill 5:59 PM  

The ideology of Islam prevents its reform. For non Islamic freedom to survive, the whole of Islam must be cut from the Earth as it is a cancer in the body of freedom. This political and legal battle must be fought and won by christians and other freedom loving people before creeping Islam is past the tipping point for world domination. Saying that not all muslims are terrorists conveys no more useful information than saying that not all U.S. citizens are in the U.S. military. All Non muslims worldwide must unite and become organized to fight this political and legal battle while they still have the freedom to do so. This could and should become the uniting factor for a new political party in the USA. Who has the resources to make this happen? vin 5 ron et ya ho period come. (I posted the above on a Human Events article( ) today before I saw this CW article in an email.) I am tired of hearing how bad Islam is from sources that don't work to provide solutions such as CW provides. Plenty of people know the threat to constitutional freedom but don't have organization. There are enough counter jihadists to start building a legal firewall against Islam and any thing similar to it. I think a drive for a constitutional admendment regarding Islam and anything similar to it would provide the focus and organization to unite counter jihadists and also form a needed political force if not a new political party. One possibility for a constitutional admendment would be one which would tell the federal government that Islam or anything similar to it is not to be recognized as a religion under the U.S. constitution. (I believe its political content disqualifies it.)

Anonymous 8:27 PM  

According to Wikipedia there are 1.6 Billion Muslims. This is roughly 23% of the entire world population.

This should give us all great hope. All of us who are in the Freedom Movement. We still have 77% of the World Population who is Non-Muslim.

What we must do is UNITE the 77% against the 23%.

We do this by:

1. Keep talking to each other.
2. Keep learning about Islam and the Koran

3. Do not buy anything Halal
4. Do not buy anything made by Muslims

5. Learn to become Wise with your Words when talking to people who don't know much about Islam.

We can beat Islam. It can be done. We just have to keep trying. I firmly believe that the Final Outcome will be a massive Unification of people against Islam.

We just have to start waking people up.

Ann Inquirer 2:34 PM  

It is my belief that the best strategy is to shock people awake to reality and beheading seems to not be enough any more. The greatest repulsive reaction I get is with not just Sharia's allowance of pedophila, but SEX WITH INFANTS. This is so vile that it does attract notice which leads into all the other dangers of Islam. No normal person condones sex with infants.

Citizen Warrior 4:37 PM  

I am not a big believer in shocking people. This subject is difficult enough to come to terms with, and most people who don't yet accept Islam's inherent dangerousness are pushed away from the subject very easily, at least in my experience.

I think the Islamic principles dealing with child marriage are very important and should be shared, but the word "infant" is not accurate. The definition of infant is: "The term infant is typically applied to young children between the ages of 1 month and 12 months; however, definitions may vary between birth and 1 year of age, or even between birth and 2 years of age."

The Islamic rules about child marriage are based on Muhammad's example. He married Aisha when she was six. He consummated his marriage with her when she was nine. So that is the acceptable standard in the orthodox Islamic mainstream.

Walter Sieruk 10:31 AM  

Many jihadist /Muslims have the Islamic agenda and quest to conquer the nations of the West for Islam. Either “by hook or by crook” as in by engaging in the stealth jihad or in the violent and deadly “jihad of the sword.” Likewise part of all this in is by the Muslim infiltration of the Western countries which is being accomplished by the great number of Muslim migrants who are entering the Western nations.
As a Former Muslim had revealed in his book when he wrote that “there has been large –scale immigration into the West, from Islamic nations…of Muslims who are implacably hostile to the West, have no desire to learn why the West became so rich and tolerant , and certainly have no desire to assimilate. They feel no gratitude of allegiance to their Western host nations; their only obligations are to fellow Muslims.”
The author further clarifies by adding. “The mere presence of so many Muslims in the West had affected the domestic and international behavior of governments, whose foreign policy is dominated by fear of offending their Muslim population ready to riot on the slightest pretext. Those unassimilated Muslims are committed to introducing Islamic laws in the West. , and they are able to do so cleverly exploiting the freedoms created over the centuries by the infidels.” [1]
As for that above statement that the “Muslim population [is] ready to riot on the slightest pretext...” This is valid evidence that the old saying is true .Which is that “Evil is always looking for an excuse.”
On this very important subject another scholar in his book informs the reader that “Islamic involvement in the political process is much more advanced in Europe than in the United States. “ and he further makes it known that “Of all the continents of the world, Europe is probably the number one target by Muslim strategists who are seeking world dominance.”

[1] THE ISLAM IN Islamic terrorism by Ibn Warraq, page 354
[2] HOW ISLAM PLANS TO CHANCE THE WORLD by William Wagner , pages 176, 195.

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