"But it is Just a Small Minority of Extremists"


THIS ARTICLE is the first of a series called Answers to Objections, where we will be exploring the responses you get when you start talking to people about Islamic supremacism and the third jihad. This is kind of like sales training. When you get a job as a saleperson, the trainer will usually teach you about the most common objections customers have, and hopefully will teach you how to handle them. Then when a potential customer gives you one of those objections, you won't be thrown off; you'll have a competent and well-thought-out answer — an answer that will satisfy the person making it. But maybe even more important, you'll give an answer that will satisfy the person your customer will talk to later. In fact, the objection may only be what your customer thinks others will ask later about his purchase. People often make a response that they think other people might make. This is true in sales, and it's true when you're talking about Islam's relentless encroachment. If your listener accepts what you're saying about Islam, and then they go share what they've learned with a friend of theirs, what objection might that friend come up with? Your listener will probably wonder about that, and might bring up that objection to see if you have a good answer for it — a persuasive answer, a satisfying answer, an answer that would even convince their skeptical friend. If you have a good enough answer, you can go further into the conversation with a willing listener. If you don't have a good enough answer, the conversation will stall and maybe stop, and your listener's mind will close, maybe for now, and maybe forever. Not many people really want to hear about Islamic supremacism, at least at first. It's ugly and it's scary. But if you do well enough in your conversation, you can get some good information into the other person's brain, and we will all be better off. This is the most important thing that needs to be done right now: SUCCESSFUL one-on-one conversations between people who know about Islam and people who don't. But, as you have undoubtedly discovered, when you initiate these conversations, people will often respond negatively. The good news is that the number of possible negative responses you get is limited. There aren't an unlimited number of things people will say to you. There are only six that are very common. My complete list is only eighteen objections, and the list covers, by my estimate, 98 percent of all the responses you can possibly get. People will present their responses as if that's the end of the argument. Case closed. As far as they are concerned, they just gave the final word on the subject. But if you have a good answer, the conversation can go on, and can go deeper, and your listener will walk away more informed about the third jihad. That's one less potential dhimmi in the world; one more recruit to our side. So let's begin. The first response on our list is: "You seem to be indicting the whole religion. It is really just a small minority of extremists who have hijacked the religion." Have you ever heard this? In other words, you'll be talking about Islam and what it says in the Qur'an, and they'll come back with, "You're talking about a minority within Islam." This is the biggest misconception people have — that Islamic supremacists are terrorists and they're small in number and a fringe group, and that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding, kind-hearted, religiously-tolerant believers in humans rights. How can you respond? Here are a five different ways to answer:

1. Even a small minority of 1.3 billion people is still a lot of people. And the minority is not nearly as small as people like to think. Yes, the number of Muslims following Mohammad's command to "kill unbelievers wherever you find them" may be small, but a much much larger percentage believes in the political purpose of Islam and is working toward that goal in other ways besides terrorism. There are many ways to wage jihad. Violence is only one. Demographics is another (that is, immigrate to a new country, maybe even let them support you with welfare, but definitely out-breed the original inhabitants, build up a politically-active and powerful voting block of Muslims in that country, and then start pressing for concessions). Many forms of jihad are possible — litigation jihad, forest fire jihad, falsify textbooks jihad, and the list goes on and on. Violent Islamic supremacists may, in fact, be the least of our problems. 2. You mean the ones who are blowing themselves up in order to kill non-Muslims? Or flying planes into buildings? Or trying to get their hands on a nuclear bomb so they can set it off in downtown New York City? Those are worthy of concern, but in the longer term, the Muslims waging jihad by other means may be more dangerous. (Of course, at this point, they'll probably say, "What other means?" and you have opened up another opportunity to educate them further.) 3. Jihad is obligatory for all Muslims. Jihad doesn't mean only violence. Jihad means to struggle, in whatever way you can, to achieve Islam's single political goal: The subjugation of all non-Muslims to Islamic law. That political goal is a Muslim's religious duty. Mohammad didn't approve of meditation or navel-gazing. He said the way you can prove your devotion to Allah is by action. So even mainstream "moderate" Muslims are active, constantly working toward the end-goal of worldwide Islamic dominance. They do it by paying their zakat, which goes to the mosque, which goes to supporting Muslim causes (which are almost entirely political causes). And they do it by having lots of children, to give Muslims a demographic advantage in democratic countries. They do it by making every non-Muslim they meet think that Muslims are harmless and well-meaning. They do it by crying "racism" every time someone criticizes Islam, even though they know full well Islam is not a race (they say it because it gets the desired response: It shuts people up). They do it by writing to every television or radio program that portrays Islam in an unflattering light. It is all jihad. Bamboozling the non-Muslims is jihad. As Mohammad said, "War is deceit." And as you can see, they have been winning the war. You, like most other non-Muslims, know almost nothing about Islam and yet have a feeling that it must be all right. 4. We get that impression (that it is a small number of extremists) because almost none of the constant attacks by Jihadis are covered in the media. Go to thereligionofpeace.com and you can see every verifiable attack in the world made in the name of Islam. There are about five attacks a day. Some big, some small. But it adds up to a constant war being waged against all non-Muslims everywhere in the world simultaneously. More people are being killed in the name of Islam per year than were killed in the entire 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition. And each one of the Jihadis doing the killing is supported by a network of Muslims that, while they are not killers themselves, help to make it happen, help to finance it, help to hide them, feed them, encourage them, and protect them. And the ones committing violent jihad are only the tip of the iceberg. In many other ways, many more Muslims are following Mohammad's example and waging jihad on many fronts and at many levels at once. 5. The Muslim Brotherhood is the largest Islamic organization of any kind in the world. That makes it mainstream. Not fringe. The Brotherhood's goal is to make the whole world submit to Islamic law. And they are actively (and in many ways successfully) accomplishing their goal. Most of them do not advocate random bombings, which are strategically ineffective in most places and counterproductive to the goal of world domination. They have a long-range plan and they've been putting it into effect for over twenty years. This is not guesswork. Their documents have been seized in FBI raids. One such raid recently led to the prosecution of members of the Holy Land Foundation. The Muslim Brotherhood has established lots of "legitimate" organizations in the United States, which work toward the goal of destroying our government from within (this is their stated goal) — CAIR, MSA, ISNA, NAIT, etc. They raise money to promote jihad (while fooling people as to the real purpose of the money), they sue on behalf of Islam, they recruit on campuses and turn non-Muslim students against America, they influence how textbooks in American schools portray Islam, they influence how the FBI deals with Muslims, they fund and control madrassas and mosques all over America and make sure they teach hatred, intolerance, and non-integration. And more. And they do it all under our noses because our attention is focused out on the hot-headed Jihadis who are blowing things up. Read more about the Muslim Brotherhood's goals here.
That is our list of good responses — responses that will satisfy most listeners, and allow your conversation to continue productively. Feel free to write in with other possible responses in "comments" below. Let us share our discoveries with each other. Let's find the best ways to get through to people and prevent our conversations from being stopped by seemingly-sound arguments simply because we were not prepared. Read over these responses again and pick the one you would most want to use, and remind yourself of it every day until it comes to mind naturally. I recommend using the reminder service, Resnooze. Or read it onto an audio file and listen to it in your car while you drive. Let's prepare ourselves for these conversations so they can go well. People who don't know MUST BE REACHED! It is up to us. Let's get it done. Read more: What Muslim Leaders Say About Islam Dispels the Myth that Jihadists are a "Fringe" Element.


British Babe 4:34 AM  


I've been trying very hard to convey to my friends that Islam represents a real threat. It's tough work getting through to them! I have some responses worked out, but it will be immensely helpful to now add yours!

Again, thank you so much for all your hard work with regard to this website. Please know that I am recommending it left, right and centre :)

Gormflaith The Banshee 8:24 AM  

Great, well written article. What I am currently doing is when I talk to someone about this and they give me that stonefaced, why are you talking to me about something I can't do anything about; I say something like, look I know it is hard and scary and I am not asking you to do anything except think about this a little and when you are ready, do your own research and if you have any questions ask me because I have been researching this for a long time. I try to take the pressure off and come back later. This is working with one friend and the beheading in New York by the "moderate Muslim" from Bridge tv as made a big difference in her listening.

Anonymous 9:32 PM  

Brilliant blog!! Love it. I've been researching Islam lately and exactly how widespread it actually is, and it's shocking.

Do you realise that Islam is expecting a "Messiah"?

If a so called Messiah does show up, you will see an awful lot of now inactive, peaceful muslims perhaps being inspired into fundamentalism and that is a horrifying thought.

I've subscribed.

There's a quote somewhere that says that if you give up your freedom rights for the sake of peace, you deserve neither!

If we give up our rights for the sake of peace with Islam it's only going to turn around and bite us.

Gormflaith The Banshee 11:55 AM  

Najistani, brilliant, thank you for saying what all rational people know about these thugs. I routinely leave cartoons making fun of Allah and Islam in every place I think Muslims will be.

Anonymous 7:01 PM  

For countering this objection, "But it is just a small minority of extremists," I believe the most directly relevant type of evidence comes from polls and surveys that indicate that most Muslims want sharia law or for sharia to be at least a source of law.

The relevant polls [at least, those of which I am familiar] were done by World Public Opinion, PEW, and some others (including Gallup, which had Islam apologists running the study). You can find the WPO and PEW poll/survey findings online, though the Gallup findings are not available and have only been reported indirectly by apologists Esposito and Mogahed.

Support for sharia would be regarded by most non-Muslims as extremist, or at least not moderate. It is the goal of al-Qaeda, Hezbullah, and all such extremist Islamic militant groups, to establish sharia law in full. Hence, most Muslims agree with the goal of extreme Islamic terrorist groups in wanting sharia.

Source: Muslim Public Opinion on US Policy, Attacks on Civilians and al Qaeda. April 24, 2007. WorldPublicOpinion.org.

p. 21. “Most respondents express strong support for expanding the role of Islam in their societies, a view that is consistent with the goals of al Qaeda. Large majorities in most countries—an average of 71 percent (39% strongly)—agree with the goal of requiring ‘strict application of Shari’a law in every Islamic country.’ Pakistanis were the most enthusiastic with 79 percent agreeing. About three in four Moroccans (76%) and Egyptians (74%) also agreed. Indonesians showed the lowest support: 53 percent agreed and 40 percent disagreed.”

p. 22. “Majorities even agree with the ambitious goal ‘to unify all Islamic countries into a single Islamic state or caliphate’ (overall average 65%). Seventy-four percent of Pakistanis agreed with this goal, as did 71 percent of Moroccans and 67 percent of Egyptians. However, in Indonesia, only 49 percent agreed while 40 percent disagreed.”

Also see 2009 World Public Opinion February 25, for a follow-up poll that yielded similar results.

PEW, in a report published in August 2009, noted that “One of the ironies in the survey is the extent to which Pakistanis embrace some of the severe laws associated with the Taliban and al Qaeda, even as they reject Islamic extremism and these extremist groups. The new poll finds broad support for harsh punishments: 78% favor death for those who leave Islam; 80% favor whippings and cutting off hands for crimes like theft and robbery; and 83% favor stoning adulterers.

In the West, while Muslims tend to be somewhat more "moderate" than those reported above, a majority of Muslims still want sharia punishments for blasphemy (i.e., criminal prosecution and punishment of those who are deemed, by Muslims, to have criticized or "insulted" Islam or Muhammad). Source: see Many British Muslims Put Islam First NRO: Survey Shows Many Are More Loyal To Fellow Muslims Outside U.K. Aug. 14, 2006 Patrick Basham

Note: All of the above references are available online. The WikiIslam site also cites some statistics on Muslims' opinions.

Traeh 9:36 AM  

Citizen Warrior does it again. Thank you.

And Kab-bin-Ashraf, thank you also for some great links to follow up on polls of Muslims. Such polls provide some of the most valuable and useful data for the effort to counter Islam.

Citizen Warrior 2:37 AM  

The following is an excerpt from Vijay Kumar's THE MUSLIM MOSQUE: A STATE WITHIN A STATE

The majority of Germans during World War II were not active members of the Nazi party, were not waging war, and were not involved in the holocaust. The leaders, though, were active members of the Nazi party, were waging war, and were involved in the holocaust.

The majority of Russians and eastern Europeans under the rule of the U.S.S.R. were not trying to spread Communism throughout the world, and were not threatening and waging war and revolution, but were going about their daily lives trying to survive. The leaders, though, were doing everything they could to spread Communism throughout the world, and were threatening and waging war and revolution.

Throughout history, since 610 A.D., the leaders of Islam have been waging Universal Jihad around the world for the purpose of Islamic totalitarian domination of the world. It has never mattered what percentage of the Muslim population was “peaceful” or “moderate.” Peace and moderation are not relevant to the totalitarian mandates of Islam’s political documents, and Islam’s leaders always follow the totalitarian mandates of Universal Jihad contained in them.

There are post-Nazi democracies. There are post-Communist democracies. There are no post-Islamic democracies. Literal Islam, as contained in its political documents, is the consummate totalitarianism. Neither Nazism or Communism had a metaphysical factor, as does Islam. Islam uses its metaphysics as a wedge to drive in its totalitarian political doctrines.

Once Islam has established itself sufficiently in any nation, it seeks to overthrow any existing regime or constitution or law, and replace it with Islamic theocracy. Even the most “moderate” Muslim is bound to obey Islamic law, and so is bound to fight if ordered to fight:

“When you are called (by the Muslim ruler) for fighting, go forth immediately.” —Hadith Sahih Bukhari 4:52:79:Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas

All Islamic mosques have Islamic leaders (rulers) who can call Muslims for fighting, and as such are satellite headquarters for spreading Literal Islam’s political doctrine of world domination and totalitarianism—no matter how many “moderate Muslims” they serve.

Citizen Warrior 2:38 AM  

The following is from an interview in FrontPage entitled, CAIR's Smear Job Against Brigitte Gabriel

"Everywhere I go," says Gabriel, "I make the point of saying just what I said earlier, that there are many, many Muslims worldwide who either don’t know, don’t understand, or don’t subscribe to the ideology of political Islam, the doctrine of jihad, and the supremacy of Islamic Sharia law. Of course, we have no idea how many people make up this group.

"But ultimately, that’s not the issue. The issue is the radical, passionate Islamists worldwide who are driving the militant Islamic agenda in the world. Read the words of the revered and respected Muslim clerics worldwide. They are committed to supremacy, jihad, and Islamic Sharia law. This is what drives the terrorists and those devoted to 'stealth jihad.' It doesn’t matter if even most Muslims don’t think this way, because as history teaches us, the 'moderate' element within a movement don’t drive the agenda. Most Germans during World War II weren’t committed Nazis, but that didn’t prevent Nazism from leading to the deaths of 60 million people. The same can be said for the Communists in the Soviet Union and the followers of Mao in China."

Citizen Warrior 5:58 PM  

Whenever free elections happen in the Islamic world, hardliners usually win the popular vote.

In other words, regardless of what we tell ourselves to soothe our fears, when Muslims get the chance, they choose to give up their freedoms (and everyone elses') for Islam.

It is mainstream. In these cases, it is the majority of voting Muslims, not some isolated fringe group.

Nadezhda Krupskaya 6:40 AM  

I was very pleased to find this website. Having been born in Russia (I am now a Canadian citizen), I feel that I am perhaps more aware of both the short- and long-term threats posed by Islam than are my native-born friends and neighbours.Many other people of various European backgrounds - the Serbs in particular - have experienced already the demographic and consequently the political changes that flow from the high Muslim birthrate.I am also pleased to find a website that makes the arguments eloquently and intelligently. All too often, the apologists for Islamic extremism have an easy go of it because many of those who have led the campaign against the Islamization of the West have done so in a manner that not only discredits themselves but that also repels potential allies in the struggle.

I have already forwarded the link to this website to my friends, most of them well-educated people who realize the threat but who, until now, have not been armed with the intellectual and political weaponry required to combat it.

CAJeffO 7:47 PM  

Wow this is an incredibly intelligent way to deal with all types of Jihad & to open the debate against the oppression of the Muslim faith. Bravo!
I have put links up into my a few of my blog pages!!!!!
1) http://constitutionalvoices.org/bloggers/freedomblogger2/?cat=6

2) http://constitutionalvoices.org/bloggers/freedomblogger2/?cat=14

3) http://constitutionalvoices.org/bloggers/freedomblogger2/?page_id=3351

4) http://constitutionalvoices.org/bloggers/freedomblogger2/?page_id=1247

5) http://constitutionalvoices.org/bloggers/freedomblogger2/?page_id=2865

6) http://constitutionalvoices.org/bloggers/freedomblogger2/?page_id=3266

7) http://constitutionalvoices.org/bloggers/freedomblogger2/?page_id=3266

Citizen Warrior 2:42 PM  

Even if the number of Muslims who believe in the basic political objective of Islam and are willing to vote in that direction or take even more aggressive action in that direction — even if these kinds of Muslims are as small a minority as you believe they are, this small minority is, by definition, more politically active and more committed than the peaceful majority of Muslims. If the majority is largely silent and politically-inactive, then it doesn't really matter what they think. They are having no influence on the public sphere.

In other words, your approach would be, at least in part, to strengthen, encourage, and support the politically-apathetic Muslims in their apathy. This approach, it seems to me, will do nothing. It will not stop the politically-active Muslims, and will have very little impact on the apathetic Muslims. As a matter of fact, it may even strengthen the recruiting efforts of the jihadists because they will correctly see this effort as "attacking Islam," since Islam strictly forbids apathy and commands active political participation from every Muslim.

Citizen Warrior 2:45 PM  

Why the Peaceful Majority is Irrelevant

Elsa 3:37 AM  

Hi, I love this.

I am putting together a teleseminar for this fall, starting Sept 17:

Personal Journeys Toward Difficult Truths - Understanding Islam, Understanding the West.

And having sent out the first emails re this to my list (oriented to good thinking and creativity), of course I'm getting exactly the kind of responses you list. I've answered individually ... but I am thinking, I will instead put a link to your article on my site.

By the way, in case you're interested in the teleseminar series (interviews with 20 people very concerned and very active re Islam and the West), here is a link:

World Truth Summit.

All the best and thank you,

Anonymous 4:44 PM  

Great comment!

Mark 6:53 PM  

As to Jihadists being a small minority:
What percentage of the Nazi's put Jews into ovens?
I imagine it was perhaps 1 or 2 percent tops. What percentage slaughtered jews? 2-4 percent, I imagine.
So what's the largest percentage- it was the ideology that was a total tyranny, disallowing anything but the goals of that small minority who knew what the actual goals of all that hatred, bigotry and tyranny were about. And it took a total war; the death of 50 millions of men and women to end that tyranny.

Citizen Warrior 4:30 PM  

Here is a great resource from TheReligionOfPeace.com:

Muslim Opinion Polls

The site describes it this way: "The following polls convey what Muslims say are their attitudes toward terrorism, al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, the 9/11 attacks, violence in defense of Islam, Sharia, honor killings, and matters concerning assimilation in Western society. The results are all the more astonishing because most of the polls were conducted by organizations with an obvious interest in "discovering" agreeable statistics that downplay any cause for concern."

FactsRule 12:27 AM  

No time to view every comment. Here is a short pointed video to share on Muslim statistics:
Ben Shapiro: The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority

Also, here is a far more detailed look on paper, entitled, Statistical Islam. http://www.politicalislam.com/statistical-islam-pdf/

Anonymous 7:25 PM  


What I do is simple and works all the time. I purchased a Koran from an Islam bookstore, so I know it's authentic.

I simply open up the Koran and show people what's inside. After I show them 5-6 phrases, they start getting it. I explain that THIS BOOK is the cause of all the problems. And all Muslims use that book.

Anonymous 7:32 AM  

Excellent info. I am printing everything. I will read and reread. I will give it to my husband to read. This will help me keep my cool when talking with those that hide their heads in the sand rather than do research and learn. Those that actually believe we could never lose our freedoms in America... and yet we are losing some day by day.

Jack Rainbow 10:26 PM  

In arguing online with staff writers of local papers and bloggers on local news websites about the murder of Private Rigby, the far left writers inisted that the Religion of Peace is a far right website and anything I quoted from them was lies. When I pointed out that it was information that was extremely carefully checked and that they state there is lots of material which religionofpeace does not print because they are not able to satisfactorily verify it as fact, these journalists insisted I was wrong and refused to discuss the issue further. Several members of the public posted that they agreed, I must be wrong because religionofpeace is 'known' to be far right and untrustworthy, they publish lies etc. I've not successfully thought of a successful counter to this insistence that anything anyone says about Islam or Muslim violence is untrue because they disagree with it. Its like trying to argue rationally with someone suffering a personality disorder. They became personally abusive and were, I think, trolling me. I've found this response to quoting figures and information from ROP is quite common on a large number of sites.

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