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THE IDEAS in the heads of your fellow Westerners makes a big difference. Until more non-Muslims understand the goals and methods of Islamic supremacists, the free world is vulnerable. And you can help turn the tide. Find ways to introduce information about Islam to your fellow non-Muslims. Here are a few ideas to help you.

You will be shocked at how little most people know about Islam. And they will be shocked to find out. And when enough non-Muslims know about it, Islamic tactics like pretext and deceit will be seen for what they are, and will no longer make us defenseless.

When we know more about the founder (the one all Muslims should imitate) and the goals of the religion, our collective actions can effectively thwart their plans. Our collective grasp of the real situation will bring more rational changes to our laws and policies (such as our current immigration policies and the application of sedition laws).

The key is what happens in one-on-one conversations throughout the West.

The ideas in the heads of your fellow citizens (such as a blind faith in multiculturalism) are not the kind that will convert them into Muslims, but the ideas help the spread of Islam by weakening the West's defenses. You can play an important role in curbing the spread of jihad by speaking up within your own sphere of influence.

How? When you hear an idea that is incomplete, uneducated, or dangerous to our collective survival, stop it from spreading. For example, "Actually, what they mean by 'Islam is a religion of peace' is that their mission is to make the whole world submit to the law of Allah (Shari'a), and once that is accomplished, there will be peace in the world. Therefore, Islam is a religion of peace. That's what they mean. But that's not really peace as we know it."

But to do this kind of innoculation, you have to have a pretty good handle on Islam itself. That will require some study.

I know you have other things to do, and you can't make this a full-time occupation, but I also know how serious this is, so it will require some sacrifice on your part.

I have created a curriculum of sorts. I tried to figure out what would be the material you could study that would give you the most critical knowledge with the smallest investment of time. Here is my curriculum:

Books to read:

Islam and Terrorism
The Sword of the Prophet

Audiobook to listen to in your car:

Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam

If you listen to this program seven times over the next year, you will have a good grasp of the most important parts of Islamic teachings. If you only do one of the things I recommend here, this is the one you should do.

DVDs to watch:

Islam: What The West Needs To Know
Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West

The DVDs are not only good for your own education, they are an excellent way to introduce the ideas to your fellow non-Muslims. After you've watched them a couple of times, start loaning them out to friends. Keep them in circulation. Buy several copies if you need to.

You can help stop the spread of the ideas that make the West defenseless only by having a sufficient amount of knowledge.

When you hear someone imply that the United States brought the terrorists into existence with bad foreign policy, how will you answer? One possible way is to give a brief history of jihad. During the last great jihad, Islamic forces conquered Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, and Serbia, and they were at the gates of Vienna in Austria in 1683, when their forces were finally defeated.

In other words, they were violently attacking and defeating non-Muslims before the United States had even been created.

This is not to say some of the United States foreign policies didn't leave much to be desired. But the Islamic principle of jihad has a long history and Muslims are now using political mistakes as a pretext to engage in unrelenting warfare, as they have since the beginning. If you don't know any of this, it would be easy to see things as the Jihadis want you to see them, and in fact, many Westerners have bought the pretexts hook, line, and sinker.

Study that material, and start right away. The Islamic ideology is out to take away freedoms and human rights. After millions of people have fought against tyranny and died to gain the rights and freedoms we enjoy today, here comes a pernicious politcal force to take them away. And Islam could realistically succeed with terrifying brilliance.

Take action today. With every new understanding you have, and with every new certainty and clarity you gain, you will feel more bold in speaking up, and speaking up is exactly what we must do to win.


Anonymous 8:29 PM  

I'd add to "must read" book list R. Spencer's "The Truth about Muhammad: Founder of the World's Most Intolerant Religion".


Proximis 2:59 PM  

Why haven't you included Qur'an itself? I've read it, it's not impossible.

Citizen Warrior 3:08 PM  

Always a good idea, Proximis:


Zuhurbelea 1:55 AM  

"free world" ? From what planet does this expression come ?

Citizen Warrior 12:31 PM  

There are some countries in the world where a woman, for example, can express herself in public, dress how she pleases, get any kind of education she wants, and work at any job she is qualified for. And there are some countries where her freedom to do these things is limited or non-existent. In other words, some countries have laws that allow significantly more freedom than the laws of other countries.

Unknown 12:31 AM  

Islam is a death cult and our msm, politicians, celebrities, universities and so called intelligentsia are complicit in their invasion of the west. Just take a look at what's been happening to Tommy Robinson, Paul Golding, and Jayda Franson in the uk.
The west is nearly lost especially in western Europe going from bad to worse every year. And still the gvmts promote muslims into powerful positions in gvt, police, councils, mayoral roles. They have been allowed to infest our most important institutions like a cancer.
Critisism is forbiden and laws made to make critique of islam a hate crime punishable by prison that are dominated by radical islamist. Tough times produce great men, great men produce good times, good times produce weak men, weak men produce tough times.

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