The Trial of Marine Le Pen in France


Marine Le Pen is the president of the National Front, the largest political party in France. She was ranked the 71st most influential person in the 2011 Time 100, and again in the top 100 in 2015. She is now in court, charged with inciting religious hatred. Read the following, which was edited and excerpted from an article in the New York Times, and see what you think about her "religious hatred:"

OCT. 20, 2015 — With pugnacity and self-assurance, the French far-right leader Marine Le Pen defended herself in a courtroom on Tuesday against charges of inciting religious hatred against Muslims, provoking cheers of “France for the French” from supporters in the courthouse halls afterward.

Drawing on French anxiety over the migrant surge in the east, an electoral campaign in which Ms. Le Pen’s National Front is seen as having momentum, and her own charisma, she turned what was meant as an accusatory stage into a full-throated platform for her views.

The context was unusual, but the hard line taken by the populist leader was not: France’s Muslim immigrants are an alien force threatening French values.

Far from being a provocation, at Tuesday’s hearing she described a notorious speech she made five years ago comparing Muslim street prayers to the Nazi occupation as an “exhortation to respect the law” on behalf of “those who have been abandoned, the forgotten ones.”

“There are people with police-style armbands at these prayers,” Ms. Le Pen continued. “I’m scandalized. This is an abandonment by the state.”

She was in court under France’s tough hate-speech laws for the speech she made to supporters in this city five years ago, which touched on two of the most tender nerves in the French collective psyche: the Nazi occupation and the country’s relationship with its Muslims.

Nobody had yet so publicly compared the Muslim presence to the Nazis, and the speech provoked an uproar, a slow-moving investigation by judicial authorities, and prodding by rights groups.

Locked in 2010 in a fierce battle for control of her party, she delighted activists by launching into the subject of mass Muslim prayers in the street...

“If you want to talk about the occupation, let’s talk about that, by the way, because here we are talking about the occupation of our space,” she said in 2010. “It’s an occupation of entire stretches of territory, of neighborhoods where religious law is applied. This is an occupation. Sure, there are no armored vehicles, no soldiers, but it’s still an occupation, and it weighs on the inhabitants.”

Anti-racism and Muslim rights groups filed a complaint and demanded an investigation. But it took the lifting of her parliamentary immunity by the European Parliament in 2013 for the case to move forward, spurred on by the human rights groups.

The case finally came to trial on Tuesday. A final judgment is expected on Dec. 15, and Ms. Le Pen could face a fine of over $50,000 and up to a year in prison.

Read the whole New York Times article here: Marine Le Pen, French National Front Leader, Speaks at Her Hate-Speech Trial.

Media and politicians don't really know how to deal with criticism of Islam. They don't know if it's wrong or not. What will ultimately change public opinion (and therefore the kind of politicians we have in office) is a greater number of voters who understand the problem of Islam. How is this going to happen? It's up to those of us who already understand it to share what we know with others as skillfully as we can. If you get objections you have difficulty answering, find an effective response here: Answers to Objections.


Walter Sieruk 9:56 AM  

Since the subject of France, Islam and Muslims is brought up. It should be stated with the sharp rise of Muslim immigration into the nation of France, one of the many awful outcomes of this will, in time, be the terrible, heinous and murderous actions of jihad suicide/homicide bombings attacks.This is the result of Muslim males actually having a strong belief in the bizarre and far-fetched Islamic doctrine from the Koran,44:54. 55:56.78:31., of a sex-filled paradise with many virgins, houris, in it for the male Muslim who dies in the jihad as a "martyr" for the cause of Islam. This strange,nonsensical and weird Koranic doctrine of a sex-filled place with virgins had inspired and will continue to inspire much murder and mayhem. In other words ,this odd and outlandish Islamic doctrine has caused and will continue to cause a lot of murderous chaos. Therefore. it may be said that the French philosopher, Voltaire, did have a very good and valid point when he wrote "As long as men continue to believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities.'

Pray Hard 4:13 PM  

Another example of Western Civilization fighting for its very life.

Walter Sieruk 11:03 AM  

On the subject of Muslim immigration into France. With more Muslims entering into the nation of France. It means of the fruits of Islam. Such as the those Muslims in France had gathered together and then engaged in rioting along with the burning of cars owned by French people. In addition there will be more jihad shooting as that country had experienced. Furthermore other Islamic fruits will be vicious acid attacks against both girls and women. Likewise there will be Muslim rapes against both girls and women. Such awful and terrible affronts against females in France is the outcome of two Islamic factors. First, it's the result of the low view of non-Muslims in the mindset of Muslims. Second, it's the low value of females in the male Muslims way of thinking because of Islam. As explained by Brigitte Gabriel in her book THEY MUST BE STOPPED. Which informs the reader that "Women in Islam are considered unclean, deemed inferior even to dirt." Furthermore, with more Muslims entering into France there will thus be an increase in the brutal, cruel, vicious and murderous actions of ruthless and heartless evil. That is the Islamic tradition or custom of which is called "honor killing." This heinous Islamic misogyny is also explained about that the book just mentioned.Which reads "Honor killings have also come to the West thanks to the rise of Islamic immigration."

Anonymous 12:56 PM  

From Muhammad to the most recent convert, the entire Islamic body of religion is demonic. It is that simple. The Islamic demonic enterprise of religious persecution of Christians in France is just another victory for Satan and his anti-Christ and anti-Jewish religion. Either you fight or accept eventual forced conversion to Islam or be murdered. Marine Le Pen is fighting. Except for a rare few exceptions, most Christians are too apathetic or are either physical and/or moral cowards.

Now the French government is a primary participant in committing the crime of religious persecution of Christians. I ask of the French will your blood thirst for oppressing and murdering enough Protestant Christians and Jews ever cease?
It must be like the good old days, only better, to you now. The partnership of Muslims and French government of Christian persecution is a capable Islamic and French Nazi Party in full swing.

Please don't tell me that there are "moderates", saying that only reveals your ignorance about Islam or you are just another demonic apologists for evil. Moderate Moslem is an oxymoron.

Unlike Christians, Muslims talk the talk and walk the walk: Murder, rape, enslave and hate in the name of Allah's Peace. France helps them.


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