Opposing Islamization


To articulate our goal to someone who asks (and also among ourselves), I suggest we describe it this way: Our goal is to oppose the Islamization of the world.

When talking to someone who is unfamiliar with this, we should then explain what we mean: The prime directive of Islam, as defined in Islamic texts, is to bring the light of Allah's laws to all people on earth. The laws are considered to be created by the Almighty Himself.

To put in another way, Islam's goal is to create a condition wherein all people on earth live under the rule of Islamic law (Sharia).

In other words, the primary goal is to Islamize the world — to politically impose Islamic law when possible, to use fear and intimidation to demand it when necessary, or to patiently and stealthily introduce Islamic law in unnoticeable increments if nothing else is possible.

Our goal in the counterjihad is to prevent this from happening by exposing, marginalizing, and disempowering Islamic orthodoxy. The goal is to keep this mind virus in remission. To keep it suppressed. To keep it weak. We may not be able to eliminate it.

But this goal, which we might use to explain our actions to those who don't understand, is really a negative form of a much more positive goal. Freedom is the antithesis of Islamic law. The real goal is to remain free from tyranny, to retain equality under the law, which Sharia law utterly denies. Our goal is to protect human rights, especially for women, which is forbidden under Islamic law. Freedom of religion and free speech are also non-existent in Islamic law.

We want to defend and protect these freedoms in our own lives and in the world at large. That's the real goal. But when that might not resonate with your listener, you can speak of the more specific goal: To oppose the Islamization of the world.

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Anonymous 7:32 AM  

Good idea, but we need to remember our audience. When speaking with a devout Christian, focus on the faith angle. When speaking to a women's activist, focus on the women's angle. When speaking with a freedom-loving Harley rider, focus on the freedom angle. Listen first. Know your audience.

Ben 11:46 PM  

Objective: Victory.
Definition: Total & permanent eradication of Islam.

Do you desire to live? Do you want to be free? Do you want to be prosperous? Will you suffer compulsion to worship a demon? Will you suffer imposition of a punishing and humiliating tax that will impoverish you?

Will you suffer genital mutilation for yourself, and your progeny? will you suffer your daughter to be beaten and killed by her husband; your grand children to be murdered by their father?

Will you suffer yourself to be beaten for drinking a beer? Will you suffer your right hand to be cut off if accused of theft?

Are you willing to live with constant threat of attack, never being able to trust those you meet in the mall, on the sidewalk, in the church or school? Will you constantly look over your shoulder for a Muslim who may attack with a knife, gun or bottle of acid?

If you answered no to any or all of those questions, then you need to understand one fatal fact: Islamic law requires all of those evil impositions and more.

Then you need to read the Qur'an and one of the codifications of Islamic law; Risala, the fiqh of the Maliki madhab, being the shortest and easiest to read of them. Get it here:


In the Qur'an, read Surahs Al-Anfal & At-Taubah: 8 & 9 at minimum to understand the threat of permanent, constant war. Do not fail to read and comprehend 8.12, 57, 59, 60, 65 & 67. Do not fail to read and comprehend 9.5, 29, 38, 39, 111, 120 & 123.

A Muslim either goes to war or to Hell. Get that through your skull, if nothing else. The price of admission to Allah's celestial bordello and escaping the fire is Jihad. Read the listed verses in Surah At-Taubah to discover that fact.

For the short course:



Muslims can not compromise, make peace for longer than ten years or be appeased because their eteral destiny depends on fighting to conquer the world. Get a clue, they are free for you.

Anonymous 2:35 AM  

For the Christians,
Just remember, you will know the tree by its fruits, a bad tree cannot produce good fruits.

Christian leaders have to protect their flocks, to organize multi faith praying in the church is to invite the wolve to the flock.
To be a Christ follower is to say sinner's prayers, basically words coming out from our mouth, to invite other mus lim to pray inside the church is the beyond believe.

To the liberals, media etc,
Not all the religions are the same, there are criminals, killings and religious war all the time, but Jesus, Buddha and all other religious figure has never ever instructed, advocated or personnaly kill or rape anyone. They are considered holy and perfect human beings.

To say it is peaceful, one must draw the cartoon of their prophet to test the theory. Or to politely ask them to lower the speaker volume of the prayers and watch their response.

To say they are for multi cultural or religion,
One must go to the land of mus lim to see how many churches and temple can be found in their land or to accept non mus lim as their citizens.

To say they contribute to their adaptive countries economically,
Do they have work ethics? Employable? Surface to say, anyone on full veil is on social benefits.

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