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What we need to quickly get through to a lot of people about Islam is a movie like Terminator 3. Imagine a movie set in the future, let's say thirty years from now in Europe, which would, by that time, be like a combination of Syria and Saudi Arabia, except with a lot more kafirs, who are all paying the jizya (or getting beheaded). And because the ostracism and jizya are so onerous, kafirs are converting to Islam out of fear and exhaustion. The movie could be called "Last Crusade."

During the movie, you find out how it all came to this, just like in Terminator 3 when we find out that back before Skynet took over, sensible people made what seemed like perfectly reasonable decisions at the time, but which inevitably led to circumstances that were too far gone by the time anyone realized what was going to happen.

The movie could be inspiring. It could be about an underground rebellion of freedom fighters.

In Terminator 3, we saw that people were afraid to put the decision of nuclear war into the hands of human beings. Humans are too emotional and the whole world's survival was at stake. So they put the decision in the control of a super sophisticated network of computers that, unfortunately, was so sophisticated, it kept learning until it became self-aware and suddenly realized its biggest enemy was the human race. The humans realized their monumental mistake as it was happening and tried to stop it, but it was too late.

You could show in "Last Crusade" how perfectly reasonable decisions were made in Europe out of a live-and-let-live philosophy. Muslim immigrants were allowed to have their own areas and allowed to practice their own religious-political beliefs (which is, of course, already happening with no-go areas in France and Sharia courts in Britain). European policymakers thought this would allow everyone to get along in peace and would show respect for Islamic culture instead of trying to impose European culture on them, which seemed reasonable and courteous at the time, but the Islamic enclaves kept growing and crossing into other territories. And as their numbers grew, Muslims were emboldened and forced their way into new areas with harassment of non-Muslims, vandalism and riots. To save lives and stop the violence, some of these new areas were also ceded to the fast-growing Muslim population.

Some Europeans were alarmed at the way things were going, and other solutions were tried, but "Muslim areas" in European countries kept spreading. Islamic belligerence and confidence increased and governments began applying aspects of Sharia law to everyone. They were small things at first, and each one seemed like a good idea at the time to many people.

Some non-Muslims resisted vigorously, but they were criticized, ostracised  and ultimately defeated by the combined forces of Muslims and well-meaning (or not) "useful idiots."

The movie could show how clever Muslim leaders kept putting Europe into no-win double-binds and like a noose with a one-way knot, it just kept getting worse, no matter what they did. It could show how Muslim activists exploited multiculturalism to gain political concessions, how freedoms were relinquished out of kindness and decency (and sometimes out of expediency or selfishness) but also would show the unforeseen consequences for European women.

The movie could show how the U.S. responded to Europe's progressive Islamification. Some brave American young men went to Europe to fight in the resistance, but the U.S. government was paralyzed by a president and Congress that didn't want another Vietnam, and some politicians and businesspeople were making money from the conflict, so some of them were aiding the Muslim takeover.

Things begin to change all over Europe. In Brussels and the UK women are jailed for not wearing headscarves, even before the Muslim takeover because it is deemed offensive and insensitive of women to leave their heads uncovered in public. In Spain, homosexuality is outlawed, punishable by hanging. One by one, European countries become Islamic. Money floods into the Islamic war machine from the jizya. Russia, China and the U.S. are increasingly troubled by terrorist attacks, which get ever more sophisticated and inventive.

The Sistine Chapel is turned into a mosque. The Vatican City becomes an Islamic center. The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris becomes the center of the OEIC (Organization of European Islamic Countries). Other important cultural symbols are destroyed or repurposed to serve Islam.

But the freedom fighters, who call themselves "Last Crusaders," find a way to turn the tide, and not only does the Islamic advance roll back from Europe, it rolls back from the countries that Islamic hordes had previously conquered through history, freeing Muslims to leave Islam in North Africa, the Middle East and Indonesia.

Anyway, it's an idea. It would get tremendous media coverage because it would be so intensely controversial. Real people would probably die in the riots that would inevitably ensue. But to avoid making the movie for that reason is already accepting the imposition of Sharia law by force. Far more real people are going to die if we do not stop the advance of the Islamic State.

If the movie was done well, it could have a cultural impact on the scale of Uncle Tom's Cabin or Silent Spring. What do you think? What else should the movie include?


tranquil 12:24 AM  

*Excellent* idea!
I love the idea of a movie like this!

Someone has *got* to make this movie!

Anonymous 6:16 AM  

Excellent idea but who would distribute it?

Unknown 12:51 AM  

Great idea but no one in Hollywood would touch it.

Citizen Warrior 1:00 AM  

That's likely, Keith, but there might be someone who wants to make a name for themselves that will never be forgotten. And not all movies are made in Hollywood.

And who knows? Things change. The time may not be now, but in a couple years...anything is possible.

Anonymous 5:31 PM  

What an awesome idea. It's true probably no one will make it -- but what about Mel Gibson? He's a devout Catholic and has been known to bankroll unique projects in the past. -- Bradamante

Anonymous 1:52 AM  

How about calling the Movie
"The Final 'Expulsion' "

Where The Wests Citizens (NOT their Politicians and Politicals) have ....

THE WEST IS NOW WISE TO THE MISTAKES Genghis Khan his grandson Hulagu (or Halaku) Khan The Crusaders and President Jefferson MADE.

The Movie Project traces how Earth is being cleansed of islam by the following steps ....
1. Starting with the Incarceration of all Western Politician and Political Criminals who are Assisting/Enabling ISLAM and who are Traitors/Seditionists against The West.
(Politician and Political Criminals - The "CAUSE" of The Wests "CURRENT" islamic submitter "PROBLEM").
2. Then the stopping of ALL Muhammadan immigration to The West.
3. Then the Expulsion of ALL Muhammadans -(after Sterilisation)- from The West.
4. Then the "Expulsion" of ALL unwilling to go Muhammadans.
5. The Bulldozing of ALL islam's "Mostgrotesque" Mosques.
6. The Expulsion of ALL -(survived their incarceration)- "Dhimmis" from The West.
7. The "Expulsion" of ALL unwilling to go -(survived their incarceration)- "Dhimmis".

With a huge emphasis on the Pain Suffering and Degregation NOT experienced by the non-Muhammadans - BUT experienced by the "Peaceful" and "Loving" Muhammadans - let it be an experience worse than what they currently had/have planned for all non-muhammadans.
(Also - What could be worse for a Muhamamdan but proof that there are NO 72 female Virgins and NO 28 never-molested (virgin) young boys like pearls available for islam's Killers).

The end result being ....

complete Segregation of each and every -(Previously Sterilised)- Muhammadan from Civilised Society - for the Muhammadans lifetime !

(The only way to ensure the life of Civilised Man)


Anonymous 1:21 AM  

It would be great if someone would make such a movie. Today, independent film-makers do not need major Hollywood media companies in order reaches the Masses.

In general, I think that the counter jihadis should seek to influence pop culture.

Of course, books, blogs, articles and documentaries are important, but equally important is to make Islam-critical entertainment, such as films and comics.

In fact, the pop culture is perhaps even more important than intellectual activism. At least Pop culture allows us to reach out to young people more.

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