Peaceful Muslims Seize French Territory Peacefully


On our recent article about WikiIslam, "Tranquil" left this interesting comment:

WikiIslam is excellent!

I want to mention a tactic that I believe is very useful in the fight against Islam. Time and time again I come up against the old "but what about the peaceful Muslims?" line.

I have found that one good way to defuse that is to point to France (with its 751 "ZUS zones" — the no-go areas that are very dangerous for non-Muslims).

These zones were set up by the so-called "non-violent" Muslims.

All they had to do was to move into an area in large numbers. Property values then drop (allowing even more of them to move in). The locals moved out and presto — a part of the country is conquered. No guns or bombs needed.

Heck, the French government even has the ZUS zones on its website! This PROVES that these zones — set up by the "non-violent Muslims" — are dangerous.

Two links about these zones:


Walter Sieruk 10:27 AM  

This type of "Moving in" is a scheme of stealth jihad. it's a process known as "Gradualism." Which then it first starts may be very subtle. This insidious jihad kind of jihad is a way of gaining power and much influence for Islam. In some ways this type of strategy is similar to what is taught in the book THE ART OF WAR by Sun Tzu. Which reads "At first the, exhibit the coyness of a maiden, until the enemy gives you an opening; afterwards emulate the rapidity of a running hare, and it will be too late for the enemy to opposes you."

tranquil 7:56 PM  

Good on you, C.W. - thanks for highlighting my comment!

In thinking about the approach to take in fighting Islam, I've distilled it down to these areas -

* Mentioning that the Koran has over 500 verses hateful towards non-Muslims (and over 100 verses inciting war against non-Muslims).

* Turning around the "non-violent Muslims" reply by mentioning the ZUS zones in France. The only logical outcome of those zones (i.e. "non-violent Muslims settling in the West) is that the whole country will become hostile towards its original people.

* Mentioning the *non-violent* ways that jihad can be carried out -

These are *three simple things to remember* - two of which completely destroy the "what about the non-violent Muslims" comeback that we so often hear.

Citizen Warrior 2:08 AM  

Outstanding! You should teach a class on this. That's all that needs to happen is more non-Muslims to simply become acquainted with basic facts about Islam. Because then we will collectively do things to protect and defend ourselves from this pernicious ideology.

tranquil 5:11 PM  

Thanks CW!

Yeah, when it comes to educating people about Islam, IMO 99% of it is about "heading 'em off at the pass". Heading off the obvious responses, that is.

Once you know rock-solid factual replies to the 2 or 3 most common responses (and can confidently fire them off without even a pause) then the questioners will think "hey, this guy **knows his stuff!**"
At that point they'll be open to more info and they can be given maybe 5 or so factual non-threatening links to websites telling more about Islam (and WikiIslam is one of the best).

My *key* is to not scare the newbies - that's why WikiIslam and the "Enquiry into Islam" sites are so good. Very fact-based, very non-threatening.
IMO "an ounce of info is worth a pound of fear."

Fear *is* useful but newbies need to "discover" the fear *themselves* rather than directly from us.

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