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We'd like to direct your attention to an excellent resource, in case you don't know about it already. is an online resource about Islam. If you've ever wondered what zakat is, or whether the principle of taqiyya is widespread (or only used by some Islamic sects), if you'd like to see a timeline of the major events in Mohammad's life or wonder what Islamic doctrine says about rape, WikiIslam is a great go-to resource, complete with references for further study and chapter and verse references from Islamic doctrine.

One of their resources is Citizen Warrior's own famous Answers to Objections series, organized nicely for ease of use. Check it out: Answers to Objections When Discussing Islam on WikiIslam.


Herman Van Keer 8:45 AM  

It's unfortunately that there is SO MUCH info about islam available and people seem to turn a blind eye, stick their heads in the sand and ignore the truth, because it is inconvenient!

Makes me remember a proverb in Dutch:
"Wat baten kaars en bril als den uil niet zien en wil"
Loosely translated as: what is the use of candle and glasses if the own doesn't want to see"

Walter Sieruk 8:51 AM  

It should be known to all people that Islam is its essence a religion of denial. In that Islam denies the Jesus is the Son of God. That is that Islam denies that Jesus is the Son the God. meaning of that Jesus is the Son of God the Father. Also, Islam denies that Jesus is God the Son. Likewise Islam denies that Jesus is Himself God. To go over these three denials of Islam. First, the Bible clearly teaches that Jesus is the Son of God. To give only some examples ,out of many example of this is Matthew 16:16. John 3:16,17,36. First John 2:22,23. Second, the Bible teaches that ,indeed, that Jesus is the God the Son.,As in Hebrews 1:6-8.With emphasis on verse 8. Third, the Bible strongly teaches that Jesus is God. some examples of this are John 1:1-3. Romans 9:5. Colossians 1:15-17. Second Peter 1:1. Titus 2:13.First John 5:20. Moreover, all a person has to do to further find out that Jesus is God is to compare the Old Testament with the New Testament. As ,for example, in comparing Isaiah 45:22,23. with Philippians 2:5-11. Likewise by comparing Psalm 89:8,9. with Matthew 8:23-27 will further show that Jesus is God. In addition,to see the Jesus is God may be seen by by comparing the New Testament Books together. As by comparing Romans 14:12. with John 5:22. will also show Jesus to be God. The list can go on but this should be enough to prove that Jesus is God. The imams and mullahs will try to "explain" this all away by making the claim that the Bible had been corrupted, through time, by Christians. This claim very much underestimates the Power of God to protect and preserve His Word,through time, and keep in intact and away form the corruption of men. In conclusion, all of this shows ,to all who are willing to see, that Islam is great error concerning its teachings about the real Nature of Jesus and also that Islam is a false religion that leads many people astray,Isaiah 8:20. Proverbs 14:12. John 14:6.

In informative christian internet site I found is

tranquil 3:46 PM  

WikiIslam is excellent!

I want to mention a tactic that I believe is very useful in the fight against Islam. Time and time again I come up against the old "but what about the peaceful Muslims?" line.

I have found that *one* good way to defuse that is to point to France (with its 751 "ZUS zones" - the no-go areas that are very dangerous for non-Muslims).
These zones were *set up by the so-called "non-violent" Muslims*.

All they had to do was to move into an area in large numbers.
Property values then drop (allowing even more of them to move in).
The locals moved out and *presto* - a part of the country is conquered.
*No guns or bombs needed*.

Heck, the French *government* even has the ZUS zones on its website! This PROVES that these zones - set up by the "non-violent Muslims" - are *dangerous*.

Two links about these zones -

Citizen Warrior 6:51 PM  

I heard from someone in Canada talking about the same thing. The reason non-Muslims move out when Muslims move in is because Muslim men start harassing women who are uncovered, and harassing non-Muslims in general. It becomes less and less worth the trouble to live there, so people move away, leaving the territory to Muslims.

Herman Van Keer 4:35 AM  

Unfortunately: not only in France but in EVERY Western country, the same thing happens: mozlim enclaves.

Only France admitted it officially.

Some areas in the UK have 'sharia police' on the streets!!!

But if citizens build a similar police, they get arrested because they are members of a 'private militia'!!

Go fugure!

Herman Van Keer 4:41 AM  

I just heard from a friend: his son was harassed by some young mozlims, thinking it was OK, until his son, knowing judo exchanged some googd punching... then they fled (4 against 1 - typical)

Not only that: his daughters are often harassed by the same kind of mozlims, because of their Western attire.... GO FIGURE PEOPLE!!!
And this type of harassment has been going on for YEARS - I have been told similar stories....

mozlims dictating us what we should wear or do IN OUR OWN COUNTRIES.

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