Why Stop Mosques?


Here are articles about mosques:

What's the Big Deal About Mosques?

A Concession That Should Not Be Granted

Gavin Boby: The Mosquebuster

Answers to this objection: "Mosques and Synagogues and Churches Have Stood Side-By-Side in Peace in the Middle East for a Thousand Years"

Of Mosques and Men: Reflections on the Ground Zero Mosque

Undercover at London Mosque

Mapping Sharia

The Wahhabi Invasion of America


Anonymous 1:33 PM  

Totally agree. Also Muslims Students Associations on college campuses that are funded by taxpayers dollars should not be allowed. They are places where proselytizing takes place.

Anonymous 6:42 PM  

Saying that MSA should not be allowed is a good idea. How and who is going to stop them from operating on campuses. The people who control and run the Universities love them.

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