21 Interviews in 21 Days With the Best of the Counterjihad


Elsa Schieder is making her interviews available again, starting Monday, March 18. These are interviews with 21 people who care about what is happening with Islam in the West and are doing their best to wake people up about the dangers.

You will hear the personal stories of famous people like Robert Spencer, Bill Warner and Nonie Darwish — and of less famous people who are also doing important work, like Chris Knowles, Andy Miller, and the interviewer herself, Elsa Schieder.

What got people to be awake to what is happening?

What have they learned?

What keeps them going?

What have they found most effective in reaching people?

What are their hopes and fears?

Note: these are reruns. Starting in late April, Elsa will be doing new interviews.

Click here to register: http://worldtruthsummit.com/.


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