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I DON'T KNOW what's going on in Terre Haute, but they've got some warriors taking it to the public! Last month I told you about a counterjihadist named Ramachandra who got his letter to the editor published (read it here). Ramachandra just sent me another published letter by someone else: Dr. Anil K. Sarkar.

Sarkar lived in what is now Pakistan when India gained its freedom (he is now 82 years old). He knows unbridled Islam firsthand. And what does he recommend? "Every non-Muslim should read this Koran to know the truth," he writes. I couldn't agree more. Read his letter below, published here with his permission, and when you're done, Take the Pledge and Read the Koran, and get everyone you know to do it too. And then write your own letters to the editors of the local paper. Here is Dr. Sarkar's letter:

The contradictions of ‘peaceful’ Islam

Dr. Khwaja A. Hasan, an ex-professor at ISU, like all other Muslims, is defending Islam in his recent letter published in the paper of March 20. But I have a feeling that the people are waking up and are seeing what Islam is, and they cannot be fooled any more. We have to understand that the human race was never peaceful and for hunting rights and for settlements, the Kings, religious and ethnic groups always had wars.

But Islam, created in the Arabian Desert was quite different, as it claimed that there is no God but Allah and the whole world is Allah’s kingdom. So every non-believer in the world is a rebel, who needed to be converted and on refusal, be killed. So the history of “Peaceful Islam” is a history of murder and rape of the defeated women. Every page of the Holy Koran says how the Merciful Allah condemned the non-believers and how they will end up in hell. Every non-Muslim should read this Koran to know the truth.

The Muslims do not tolerate any non-Muslim among them and even today, no Christian can take his Bible to Saudi Arabia and no non-Muslim is allowed to practice his/her religion in any Muslim country.

During the Gulf War, U.S. soldiers who went to Saudi Arabia to save the Saudis had to cover their cross signs on their shirts, as Islam does not even tolerate a cross sign of Lord Jesus. But still, Dr. Hasan and the Muslims are shouting about the peaceful Islam of Merciful Allah.

The peaceful Muslims conquered India, killed millions of Hindus, destroyed their temples and molested their women, until the British took over India in 1757. On the eve of British departure from India, the Indian Muslims, 24 percent of the population, refused to live with the Hindus in a democratic free India, but wanted their Muslim Pakistan. And still this Dr. Hasan is shouting against the statement that democracy and Islam are incompatible.

And to get this Pakistan, they started to kill the Hindus in 1946, and I narrowly escaped this massacre of Calcutta.

After Pakistan was created in 1947, millions of Hindus were killed and we were driven away from our home in East Pakistan to India. And later, in 1971, when East Pakistan become Bangladesh, about a million of the Hindus were killed, who had no part in the freedom fight of East Pakistan, but were killed simply because they were Hindus.

Killing a Hindu or non-Muslim is a holy act blessed by Allah, and the killer will go to heaven to enjoy 72 virgins. But Dr. Hasan’s family stayed on in India and he had his education there to be a professor at ISU and nobody said one unkind word to him or his family. And naturally he has to shout about peaceful Islam.

A word against Islam or Muhammad will invite sure death from the “peaceful” Muslims.

— Anil K. Sarkar, M.D.

Terre Haute

When I asked Dr. Sarkar for permission to post his letter above, he wrote:

Surely you should publish my letter. I know the history and human psychology, so I am afraid that the non-Muslims will not be fully aware of the danger from Islam.

Unless we wake up and leave everything else behind and work together to contain this peaceful Islam, the world will become Allah's kingdom. War and violence will be conterproductive as they will only make the Muslims united and more determined to fight.

Our uneducated leaders must accept my suggestions and forget the cold war mentality and join with Russia and China and together we must stand against the Muslims, but they should not know that we are trying to contain them. Be friendly, have exchange of population in Chechnya, Kashmir, Sudan, Nigeria, the Balkans and the other areas to make the Muslims happy. Then boycott them, no VISA or contact. Why should we live with the Muslims? Just isolate them. DO NOT SELL any grain or anything useful to them and buy less oil. US grains are keeping the Muslims alive to fight against us. They have not enough food or jobs but only Allah and the Koran and leave them to feed on them.

Yes, by this method, we can bring the brainwashed and misguided segment of our human family to us as friends. And only then they will burn their Koran and leave Allah to where he belongs.

Think about it.

Anil K. Sarkar. MD


Damien 6:44 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

I'm glad that you're finding stuff like this, by other people who may never have even heard of your blog. It lets me know that there are a significant number of people out there who will speak the truth and not cower in fear. It must also give you hope as well. Have you ever thought about writing a letter to the editor of any major news paper or magazine, yourself on the subject of Islam?

Citizen Warrior 12:27 AM  


I have thought about it, but haven't done it, mainly because I don't read any newspapers. So I would be starting from scratch. But for people who read a paper regularly, it is a great avenue to reach a lot of people. Most letters to the editor that get published are responses to articles published in that paper.

- CW

Damien 8:59 AM  

Citizen Warrior,

But if you're not reading newspapers or magazines, how did you find out about what these people wrote?

Citizen Warrior 12:56 PM  

People told me about it.

Anonymous 1:52 PM  

I'm of the opinion that Islam corrupted Muslims. I get tired of hearing the 1% of radicals. The so called radicals are the mainstream, it is the moderates who are really the radicals because they are not following Islam.

Citizen Warrior 11:33 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Excellent news opinion.

It would be a great idea if everyone would read "True History of Islam, Muhammad and the Koran". It campaires the Koran with Bible passages, exposes all "gibberish" and abrogating previous peaceful verses with violent ones. A real eye opener.

Sudsie 6:26 AM  

It is true that people like Bin Laden only constitutes 5% of Muslims, but that makes roughly over 6 million people, that is almost a whole nation. I find the so called liberals devoid of any knowledge of history. I am a liberal myself, but I am simply not ignorant when it comes to Islam.I think Dr Sarkar is dead on. But unfortunately, most people would choose to ignore this blog.

Anonymous 6:25 PM  

i cant wait for my 72 virgins ..woohoo !

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