Important Speech by Geert Wilders Coming Tomorrow


LAST WEEK Geert Wilders gave a speech in Rome, sponsored by the Magna Carta Foundation, an Italian think tank. Tomorrow I will publish the entire speech, which is long, but well worth reading (and sharing).

Every year, the Magna Carta Foundation invites "an eminent international personality" to give a keynote address on a topic on the agenda of public debate, before an audience composed of members of the political, economic, religious, cultural and scientific Italian leadership. With this keynote address, Magna Carta opens its annual course of studies, conferences and publications.

They chose Geert Wilders because he is leading the awakening of Europe. He says what few other public figures have the courage to say. He educated himself on Islam's doctrine and is willing to speak honestly about it, even though it endangers his life.

I signed up for Google News Alerts a few years ago, using the keywords "Geert Wilders," and the number of news stories about him has steadily increased. Of course, most of the headlines describe Wilders with derisive descriptions like, "Right-wing Racist, Geert Wilders Says..." But his message is being heard by more and more people.

Although he is constantly vilified by the press, he continues moving forward, speaking honestly and calmly and reasonably, continuing to try to help people understand, and that is what we must do.

Please read Geert Wilders' speech. Print it out and take the time to read the whole thing. You won't be disappointed. This is the best speech I've ever seen by Wilders.


philip.zhao 5:55 PM  

Is this the speech entitled" TIME TO UNMASK MUHAMMAD" ?

Citizen Warrior 6:05 PM  

No, Philip, but that's a good title. It's called "The Failure of Multiculturalism and How to Turn the Tide."

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