How to Resist Islamic Encroachment and Still Be Happy


In a scene from the movie, Armageddon, a young couple is on a picnic, just being with each other and feeling in love, but with a tinge of sadness. He has to leave the next day, and there's a chance he won't survive the mission. It's getting dark. This may be their last moments alone together. And if the mission doesn't succeed, the entire human species will be extinguished.

She said, "Do you think there are others in the world doing just what we're doing right now?"

He said, "I hope so; otherwise, what are we trying to save?"

In the counterjihad movement, we know what we're trying to save, don't we? We're trying to save the Western world, freedom and human rights. Why? Because our political systems are the best ones ever invented to allow people to pursue happiness. It is worth protecting. It's worth defending. But do we have to be miserable to do it?

Each of us discovered Islam's prime directive, and each of us felt motivated to help others learn about the basic elements of Islam, and most of us ran face-first into a wall of anger and resistance and argument and judgment and self-righteousness, and our desire to simply help educate our fellow non-Muslims has become a stressful, eternally-upsetting, arduous chore.

Many drop out of the counterjihad movement because of the stress. They've lost friends. They've alienated relatives. Their life has become no fun. They've lost their happiness.

So they drop out. They burn out. They stop talking about it. The whole exercise seems futile, upsetting, and unbearably frustrating. They think to themselves, "It is going to take a nuclear weapon going off in downtown Chicago before these idiots wake up?" And they give up the fight and leave it to fate.

We can't afford to lose these people. We need to not only educate our fellow non-Muslims, but we need to keep the educated ones in the fight with us. We need to prevent the burnout. That means we need to make sure fighting the good fight doesn't make us so miserable.

Another good reason to focus some attention on this issue is that (as every sales organization has discovered) people who are unhappy are lousy at influencing others. Most people are repelled and repulsed by unhappy, angry, frustrated, depressed people. Nobody wants to listen to someone like that. People don't want to be influenced by someone like that. People don't want to become like that.

So how can we remain in the counterjihad and still be happy? As silly as it may sound, this is an important question.

We have one thing working in our favor already: Having a meaningful purpose contributes greatly to a feeling of happiness and fulfillment. And if there is one thing we all share in the counterjihad movement, it is a meaningful feeling of purpose. This is often ruined, however, by living in a permanent state of upset, anger, and frustration.

How can we keep the positive feeling of a fulfilling purposefulness while reducing the negative, stressful emotions? If we can solve that problem, fewer of us would drop out of the fight, and our effectiveness would increase.

I don't think there is a single answer to this question. But we have many things we can do to reduce the stressfulness of our purpose and allow us to feel happier while still being a dedicated citizen warrior. For example:

1. Collect and associate with allies. Stay in communication with others in the counterjihad movement. This lowers the stressful feeling of being an isolated outcast. Find like-minded people on Facebook. Join ACT! for America and attend their meetings. Join Infidels United and check in every day. Knowing you have people on your side, knowing you're not alone, reduces stress.

2. Improve your effectiveness. Add new skills to your persuasion repertoire. Add new approaches. Success is uplifting. Failure is frustrating and demoralizing. So the better you get at reaching people — the better you get at making your message penetrate and have an impact — the less stressful the process is.

3. Use a stress-reduction technique. There are many different ways to directly reduce stress (see a good list of them here). Find one that works for you and do it when you feel too stressed out. It can make a huge difference in your feeling of well-being and happiness. It's healthy too.

4. Connect with people you love. Connecting produces oxytocin, an anti-stress hormone researchers believe is the antidote or counterbalance to stress hormones. One hormone (adrenaline) is for revving up your system to deal with threats; the other hormone (oxytocin) is for calming you down and rejuvenating and healing. Make sure these stay in balance.

5. Avoid talking about or reading about Islam an hour before bedtime. This habit has helped me a lot. It makes my sleep more restful. Try it and see if it works the same for you.

6. Use a mental checklist like cognitive distortions occasionally to clear your mind. It can greatly reduce your feelings of stress and reveal ways to think differently that can prevent stress in the future.

7. Don't try to do everything. Focus on the one aspect of the purpose that interests you most and that you are most motivated to do. Relax by reminding yourself that there are many of us with you in this fight, and we each have our own specialties and inclinations, and trust that all of it will be done. You can focus on the one thing you're most compelled to do and let the rest go. Let others do what they do, and you do what you do.

8. Don't watch much mainstream news. Don't overdo it on the news, period. Especially watching news; it is stressful and can be demoralizing. When mainstream news talks about Islam, the amount of distortion can be downright maddening. Take it in small doses.

9. Do less of the actual persuasion yourself and let DVDs, books, and articles do some of the work for you. Many people will automatically discount what you say about Islam, no matter how much you know, because they don't consider you an authority. This can be frustrating and stressful. But when they watch DVDs showing interviewed experts, they might be more inclined to accept the information. Not only that, but a 90-minute DVD can deliver a lot of information, saving you time and trouble. Focus on persuading people to watch a DVD rather than focusing on persuading them to listen to you about Islam. It's a more efficient use of your time. Learn more about sharing DVDs and articles.

10. Do your best to see things from the other side's point of view. We often get into a right-wrong, us-versus-them, all-or-nothing position, and part of the reason this is stressful is that the world is not as black-and-white as this oppositional stance tries to make it. The other side of this worldwide debate has some legitimate points, and it eases a lot of stress (and makes your arguments more persuasive) to understand those legitimate points and to graciously concede them.

11. Be committed to perpetual learning. Every time something stresses you out, take the time to improve yourself. What can you do differently next time that will make it less stressful? The process of learning and growing itself can give you a lift and reduce stress.

That's our list so far. Please add your own ideas in the comments, or email them to me and I'll post them here for you. Let's help each other fight the good fight and be happy too.

Citizen Warrior is the author of the book, Getting Through: How to Talk to Non-Muslims About the Disturbing Nature of Islam and also writes for Inquiry Into Islam, History is Fascinating, and Foundation for Coexistence. Subscribe to Citizen Warrior updates here. You can send an email to CW here.


Southern Iconoclast 2:36 PM  

I'm one of those who burned out and quit. The counterjihad movement needs to include liberals and atheists. Until it does, liberals will continue to think that counterjihadists are nothing more than the Christian religious right who oppose Islam simply because it's not Christianity or savage Zionistas who hate Islam because they hate Palestinians.

If the message continues to go beyond Islam into Obama bashing, preaching or praying about Jesus, anti-choice rhetoric, anti-socialism rhetoric and other favorite conservative past-times - this movement is doomed.

BTW, your site is excellent with really good information. However, I think terms like fight, warrior, revolution, war, etc...anything with a similarly violent connotation, will continue to keep liberals at bay.

Citizen Warrior 3:24 PM  

Southern Iconoclast, I couldn't agree more. That's why I created Inquiry Into Islam. I already have a large base of subscribers to Citizen Warrior, so I consider my main audience to be people who already know what's going on. But I thought we should have a site for people who don't know much about Islam.

I've kept the "table of contents" for Inquiry Into Islam short and approachable for all kinds of people, and I've kept terms like warrior, fight, etc. out of the discussion. I hope you find it useful.

Southern Iconoclast 7:44 PM  

Awesome blog! Thank you. You are really the most well-organized in presentation and thought - and have the most comprehensive information - and are the most well-spoken blogger I've ever seen. You're awesome, Citizen!

Anonymous 10:07 PM  

lovely kiss in shot

liberty and responsibility can make best kiss..

that's what Abrahalm Lincoln was for...
your blog is similar..

my kisses to you:) as you give me freedom; but now i have responsibility...
thanks for making me realise it

Citizen Warrior 10:08 PM  

Thanks, Southern! Wow.

Since so many bloggers and web sites are focusing on news, I've stopped doing that, and have begun to focus on actions ordinary citizens can take to stem the growth of Islamic encroachment. Of all the possible actions people can take, we've narrowed it down to one: The education of our fellow non-Muslims about basic facts about Islam.

And the barriers to this simple goal are immense. I believe the only way to get through to people is one-on-one. Mainstream news will not reach the ones still innocent about Islam. In fact, no media sources will reach people effectively, because people tend to imbibe information sources that already agree with what they think.

So it will have to be a grassroots effort by each of us to reach the people who trust us. And what I'm trying to provide now are tools to help that process succeed. Luckily, this is my primary field of expertise.

Angela 3:28 PM  

Hi Citizen Warrior,

I actually appreciate the fight, warrior mode. lol.

I just have to figure out how to do this with household items should the need arise (God forbid).

My concern is this: I think the whole reason the world is in this mess in the first place is because we all allowed injustice to run rampant --because it served us.

Now an enemy is using those same channels of injustice and nobody knows what to do.

IN America in particular, with this real enemy on the prawl, ppl can't do racial profiling because they did it to a group undeservedly so. So now it seems unjust to do it. ppl can't even name the group which is doing the crime because they slandered other groups undeservedly so. So now it seems unjust to do that.

Basically, its hard to fight and call this fight a "right, good" fight, when there have been so much fighting and slandering of (insert whatever minority group) or worse, enslavement by the majority.

Are we banning together against a common enemy with the unspoken "truss" that after this threat has been pushed away, then its back to fighting home grown, American injustice of whites vs blacks? Or perhaps Blacks are not included in this battle?

One reason why many AA flock to the side of Islam, which I don't think is good for them but whatever.. is that America -white America- is an historic enemy whereas the new threat has taqqiya on her side (like liberals). So its like a waiting game to get side blinded (or back to slavery --like the Sudanese are experiencing).

Granted, you alone can't say that people of this movement -to fight the creeping sharia into America- are not bigots. You can't guarrantee that. But I just want to put that out there, that there is that lurking concern in the back of Black's mind: Can I join this? Is it to my benefit?

(A quick other question is, can it be to your -you all's -benefit to welcome aboard Black folks who want to do their part in keeping the freedoms of America? I think yes. but that's for another time)

Unknown 5:12 AM  

TY CW, for sharing my comment here. Here is an article that I will be posting as soon as I have time.

Neither BLACK nor AFRICAN By Abdullah Al Araby

I have this short and concise article, and about 10 others, by The Pen vs The Sword publications in a tri-fold brochure format that is no longer available on the site or anywhere else I can find. As soon as I get them scanned and converted to PDF I'll shoot you the links to add to the brochure you have that I snatched from you. :)

Unknown 12:02 AM  

I too have started to question whether it is all worth it, to fight this terrible scourge that can only be compared with the Black Plaque in Europe. I have lost many friends and even my family think I am a nut job. I am ready to give up it is too hard, sometimes with all the bad things that happen in Society I think well maybe this islam rubbish will sort out these problems.

That is the level of despondency that I have attained and I am ready to give it all up so that I can have a measure of happiness and peace and friendship in my life.
The problem with most westerners is that they are too comfortable in life, and to stand up and fight means that they have to put their x-boxes down and put away there nice cars, stop going out and getting drunk every other night. They think that the cost of pursuing the truth is way to hard and to do nothing is much easier and I am inclined after all this time and effort that I have put into this, to agree. I used to post so much in FB on every page that I liked and friends pages but after receiving negative feedback all the time and having to deal with muslim circular reasoning, I have come to the conclusion that I too will now fade into the background. Thank you for a most informative page and good luck

Anonymous 12:01 PM  

Dear CW,

Thank you for your awesome blog and all the energy that you put into it. I am one of the anti-jihadists who periodically burns out. I have been rejected by some friends, family and neighbors. What keeps me going is the knowledge that in the case of jihad, ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is suicide. I am reminded of a warning I gave to someone regarding her husband. "He's a dangerous guy," I said. I was rejected by the entire family and accused of jealousy. When the dangerous guy hired someone to kill her for the insurance money, everyone "forgot" about my warning. And guess what? They still don't respect what I have to say. But saying it means I have no regrets. When I see a blind person about to step over a cliff I shout out a warning. But you know, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink (or think, for that matter). At the end of the day here is what I say to myself--what goes around, comes around. I send around truth and the truth comes right back at me.


Anonymous 8:37 PM  

Thank you, CW. I recently found your site and have found some good material. I'm spreading the word (and links to your site) among my friends, some of which see islam for what it is. I hope the rest will soon too. Cheers from Scandinavia.

Anonymous 4:58 PM  

You are right! The dhimwitism & useful-idiotism of friends and relatives and peers is stressful! Morale can sap as those around you sink deeper and deeper into the quicksand of the politically-correct memeplex, mesmerised by an Islamic Kaa.

Random 12:07 AM  

Even though I spend various times of the day reading about this and thinking about it, I too am concerned about the Happiness Quotient (HQ).

I suggest: save special times of the day or month to deal with it, whether it's an hour a week or a day a month, or ten minutes a day, whatever. Inevitably jihad news bleeds into the rest of your life, but since a lot of campaigning and research takes place on the Web, it is easier to timetable this for a certain section of the week.

WE can also save ourselves the expectation that anjything we do will have an immediate effect. A lot of counterjihad efforts and results are by fiat long term, so it's best to pace ourselves.

THat's what I tell myself anyway! I still get angry by it all, becfasue I perceive that people whose job it is to deal with this stuff are not doing their jobs while being paid for doing so.
This really irritates me! WE have to do their jobs!!

YOur point about not trying to do everything is perfect, exactly what I've been obsessing about.
I detest much of this because frankly it does not accord with my temperament, while I find that if I intiate something in my area of interest I don't mind as much about "doing something", wimpy as that may sound.

best to all.

Anonymous 8:03 AM  

Southern Iconoclast, you say: "The counterjihad movement needs to include liberals and atheists."

Well, I'm a Democratic Socialist and am far more 'liberal' than most 'Liberals' and I am sickened by and worried by Islam, Islamists and their insidious undermining of all the values that make our Western society great. I am also, along with my same-sex partner, not believing in any religion, but we do believe/hope in a good Creator. So not quite an Atheist.

If any here would like to find a place to post comments to help turn other 'Liberals' and 'Atheists' against Islam, join me and a few friends who post on, a progressive site dealing with womens', childrens', gay and animal rights, as well as freedom of speech, religion, press and conscience, but it seems writers there have succumbed to the PC portrayal of Islam and brand everyone who opposes it as right wing extremists, which I certainly am not.

So join Care2 and subscribe to their 'Causes Daily Newsletter' which has all kinds of articles on different subjects and often there is one or two that relates to Islam and you can comment on any of them. Come join us. It's easier than trying to convert and inform your family and friends.



This is not just about the Western Culture... it's a world wide war.
The Jihadist had been a problem of Filipinos ever since.
Read more about Sebastián Hurtado de Corcuera.

Anonymous 2:01 PM  

Believe me, any country doesn't matter which one, If Islam is present, you can find people/community/religion/groups who are sick of it. The connections are already being made on the internet, lets see how they pan out it in real life.

Citizen Warrior 1:18 PM  

Someone just emailed this comment:

I find that studying the great works of civilization that have come from the joy and inspiration of unfettered freedom [opposite of Islam] gives me much encouragement – great works of art, music, science, etc. How amazing [not to us of course] that Islam would attempt to destroy all of this.

Anonymous 8:30 PM  

I'm a relatively new warrior. Read many books (America Alone, Londonistan, Stealth Jihad, Marching Towards Hell, etc.). Went to my first local ACT for America meeting and I was grateful to see a small but dedicated group of people. I think it will be very important to try to remain balanced but as in all "wars" fatigue, burnout, and frustration, and despondency can bring down the most dedicated warriors. I am now VERY grateful to find this site.

Anonymous 12:47 PM  


Ive just read this and im right there, right now. Just cleaned off my FB page at the weekend after the tirade of abuse from friends, ....from the friends I have left, the ones who havent already blocked me. I havent slept in well over 9 months and no, im not pregnant, im stressed past my breaking point. I cannot stop reading, I cant switch off my feelings, I cant pretend things will be ok and I cant do nothing and leave this to others to fight. As I tell others, this is bigger than global warming, bigger than economic colapse and bigger than the cold war ever was. Doing nothing is not a option.........but im burned out. I cry for no reason, I have no one I can turn to for genuine understanding and support and I cant see it ending anyday soon.

This is my worst nightmare because I cant escape it

Anonymous 11:27 PM  

I am so much in hate toward muslims, it is so deep in my mind. I think it is right and only true way to become good american. I ask all good people joint to my sweet , holy attitude

Anonymous 11:16 PM  

I'm a liberal -- never voted for a Republican in my life -- and while I'm Catholic rather than atheist, I'm a progressive Catholic, not a right-winger. So I totally relate to the comments up above about how liberals can get turned off if the anti-jihad movement seems to be all about bashing Obama and promoting right-wing Christianity. But I'm worried sick about what I've been learning about the Islamist agenda. I'm new to all of this and my head is spinning and frankly I'm feeling scared half to death, but I'm so heartened to find your site and know that I'm not alone. So far I've only talked to one of my liberal friends about all this; I was afraid she'd think I was becoming racist, but her reply was that she has suspected all of this to be true for some time. So maybe we liberals *can* wake up and see what's going on. -- K.

Citizen Warrior 12:11 AM  

We would love to see a non-partisan alliance between conservatives and liberals. This is an issue that impacts us all. And we should be united. Check these out:

Unknown 1:36 AM  

Yes good advice about focus. It does not matter if you are pro-choice, anti abortion, pro-gay marriage or against it, Catholic, Mormon, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, athiest the only important issue today is reversing the spread of the most evil thing in history - Islam!!!!

Anonymous 9:55 PM  

Thank you Ross. Isn't that the truth? I've been concerned about Islam for 35 years. No American should have been shocked by 9/11. The experts were on the news, warning that terrorists might attack us. I worried about the Arab Christians leaving the Middle East in the 1990's. I'm sorry that they didn't all get out in time. I'm sorry that my government didn't offer them sanctuary and instead welcomed the same Muslim students who flew into the Twin Towers. I remember a fight with my Muslim boyfriend in 1980. For years I tried to tell people and no one would listen.

Anonymous 9:01 PM  

It makes me happy just knowing that I’m doing everything I can to fight against the people who promote terrorism and allow it to happen. It would be way more nerve wracking for me to sit idly by while Islamic fundamentalists invade my country to prepare for war. I’ve always said that the Koran reads like a terrorist’s handbook, and even before 9/11 I warned people about Islam. Orthodox Muslims have been waging jihad in other countries since the 1970s but everyone I talked to thought the U.S. was immune, 9/11 was a BIG wake up call for them. I just want to thank you for telling the truth about Islam, it’s nice to know there are other people who can see what’s really going on in the world.”

Citizen Warrior 2:25 AM  

You're welcome. How did you know about Islam before 9/11?

Unknown 2:41 AM  

Actually the Wahabis have been plotting the overthrow of the West via infiltration rather than conflict since the 1920's. The First World War shook them. British forces spearheaded by the ANZAC Mounted Division conquered the Ottoman Turks and then the mere return of the "men with the big hats" (Australian Light Horsemen) to Egypt in 1919 effectively ended the Egyptian uprising immediately. The military impotence of the Muslims meant they had to change their strategy entirely... Hence immigration jihad...

Anonymous 1:38 PM  

I heard about Islam after the Iranian hostage crisis, but only took the time to learn about it after the 1993 world trade center bombing. I found out that ever since the US has been backing Israel, Islamic terrorists have been bombing US embassies and targeting US citizens. The only reason people didn't pay that much attention to it is that it wasn't happening on our soil. I also found that they've always used their religion as justification for terrorism, and since then I've always maintained that their religion itself is a form of terrorism. An effective one too, judging by how scared people are to speak out against Islam.

Anyway thanks again, keep up the good work.

Anonymous 4:46 PM  

To anyone feeling worn down or frustrated by their efforts to raise awareness of Islamic Jihad today I would counsel them not to give up hope; there are many instances in history where people had to struggle against implacable enemies in with great uncertainity. This "war" is different to what's gone before, but ultimately it's the same struggle for liberty that's been ongoing for the last 500 years or so.

I remember a few months ago in my country a leading imam was printed in the newspaper asking for certain Sharia laws to be implemented in school classrooms. I saw this and I was absolutely stunned, "What the hell is this?? Who does he think he is?!" In my country islamification isn't as advanced as in others and up to now I've always thought that overall Islam was relatively benign. It would have been easy to ignore this, but I took it as a grave warning and started researching all about Islam and global jihad. It was like going through the looking glass... it's actually made me realise how much I cherish things like liberty, reason and freedom of conscience. Gaining and retaining these rights was never easy and I realised that I really want to preserve them.

I also realised that I couldn't be a preacher and speak out publicly against Islam, it wouldn't work, but I could do my bit by talking to friends that I thought would listen. So I'd say to people who are frustrated, "choose your battles", pick the right people and the right moment and don't go overboard like the post says. See if people are receptive to what you're saying and if you don't seem to be making any progress, you can just leave it, all you're trying to do is raise awareness after all. If they don't want to listen, that's okay too. It's better in the end to use a softly softly approach. Even if they don't want to hear, it still might plant a seed.

So far I haven't spoken to many people but two of my close friends have listened to me. Showing relevant youtube videos can really make the point too. At the end of talking to one, he asked me: "What we do now? It feels like there's nothing we can do." All I could think of was "try telling people who you think will listen, and then we have to be ready for when the real fight starts."

I believe that too, we have to be ready; the Jihadis are playing a long game so we, the anti-Jihadis, have to think that way too. I figured it would be very difficult to make any big change alone, so I have to try to work in small steps while keeping sight of the big picture. That's what they do. The big cause of Islam is to subjugate all of us. Therefore, our cause is to stop them. Don't lose sight of that.

Right now, the biggest advantage the Jihadists have is the way they have managed to deceive large sections of our societies and that many in authority are ignorant or have underestimated them. So the best thing to do anyway is try raise awareness sensibly, any way we can.

And remember too, an event could happen that could change the rules of the game in an instant and make everyone sit up (but really, how many events do you need?). The attack on Pearl Harbor changed the whole course of WWII. Forewarned is forearmed and there will come a time when everybody will listen and when knowledge will be cucial. I think that time is coming soon and I think that many are waking up now anyway. With ever increasing terrorism and the rise of the Islamic State, the true followers of Mohammed might have overplayed their hand before they're strong enough. And I'm sure there will be a time when their smears and slurs won't work anymore.

Also CitizenWarrior, great tips for keeping spirits up, like thinking of other thing before going to sleep. I always try to do that myself. And your piece on the terrible brilliance of Islam is excellent, I'm going to pass that on to a few people.

Ben 11:12 PM  

Dear Anonymous Preacher:
Put on the whole armor of God.

Eat his flesh, drink his blood, swallow hard, recite his prayer and stiffen your spine.

Stand in the pulpet and in a clear, non judgmental voice,read a few scripture verses which teach of God's love, incl. Jn. 3:13.

With those verses of love ringing in the ears of the congregation, read a few Koran verses that speak of Allah's love.

Draw no conclusions; let the congregation draw their own.

After a decent period, a week or two, read the verse where the Lord tells his disciples to preach the gospel and dust off; depart quietly if rejected. Follow up with Sahih Muslim Book 019, Number 4294, their polar opposite.

The next week, read the Beatitudes followed by Surah At-Taubah 9.29. To that, add 9.111, 9.120 & 9.123.

You do the reading, let the congregants do the contrasting & comparing at leisure.

Anonymous 4:07 PM  

Great post, it's true it's stressful beyond all imagining. As mentioned above, the problem is liberals and young liberals in particular have to get on board, without them, we're lost as a society. They will only continue to harden their beliefs and keep these self defeating reactions in place the more the only people they hear from are their ideological enemy. The only mainstream critic of Islam is Fox News which has a terrible reputation and is reviled by anyone on the left. Many others are from other places with clear agendas, so despite if what they're saying is true, it doesn't matter. Christian, Jewish or white nationalist organizations being the only other source saying Islam is bad, while every respectable 'non-biased' source says we're all overreacting and Islam is good is a serious problem. The left has bought the victimhood of muslims and will not relent until it is too late. And even then, the ones who never experience any significant change in their own lifestyles or freedoms will continue to support it, just like some continue to defend communism.

Liberals hearing about Jesus and right-wing social opinions (gays, abortion, etc) will never accept anything from that person or source. Ever. Just like when Muslims try to talk about the prophet or verses when we're trying to have an intelligent conversation about the political implications of an issue, it's the same no-go reaction to a liberal when someone slams Islam while praising Jesus and quoting the Bible. In their mind, you've proven your bigotry and religious agenda. Liberals are loaded with white guilt and hatred, self loathing (sometimes personally but almost always they are ashamed of their own people) and very indoctrinated with the idea that the West has a lot to be guilty for and it created this Islamic mess. You ALWAYS have to remember that.

One trick to helping get liberals to take a second look is be sure to use examples of non-white victims when discussing victims of Islam. The left is very anti-white and there is an attitude that all white people deserve upcommance for being the majority in their countries and pretty much all suffering the world. This is true of white liberals as well. Everything is a racial issue with them, so use that to your advantage. Think like they do before engaging and remember, you can't save them all. You can only plant seeds. And think of the Jews and how much they have had to deal with, being told they don't deserve to live day in and day out from allies and enemies alike. But they stay strong, they've overcome incredible odds and have never given up. Take breaks, just don't have anything to do with it for a few weeks or month to recharge. Islam didn't conquer the MENA in a day and it won't conquer the West in the next few years. They're patient which is one of their greatest strengths. Learn from them and use their tactics against them.

Ann Inquirer 2:16 PM  

Having grown up in the shadow of WWII, I know the elements of fascism which is Islam to a T. I use Facebook and Twitter to spread my opinions and learning (of words I never wanted to know: taqiyya, umma, halal, adhan, Bukhari etc). I create graphics to share, especially to parents whose children are being exposed to this poison in Common Core which is published by moslems. Being proactive accomplishes many of the goals CW listed; especially important to a home bound person as myself is associating with and learning from allies.

AnnInquirer Fb..Twitter

Scurvyd 5:00 PM  

I've been at this for a while, mostly posting comments, articles, and videos on Facebook, commenting on news threads, signing petitions, etc. At times it really seems overwhelming, and, given the never ending spate of bad news about successful islamic encroachment and barbarism, I do get discouraged. Indeed, at times I have gone so far as to unfollow many of the newsgroups and pages I belong to and focus on other, happier things for the sake of my well-being. However, I have discovered two important things over time. First, taking a break and focusing on other things for a while - even if it is a day or so - is refreshing in that my interest in the counter-jihad movement comes back strong and I am re-energized for the fight. It's about that careful balance, biting off reasonable "chunks" to digest and work on, then counterbalancing it with other activities and recreations that intrigue, refresh, and leave you ready for more action in this fight. Secondly, over time, I have found that many people who were originally opposed to my message have come around. Others have also quietly joined ranks. Most just needed time to get it, or to deal with their own questions first. So, don't despair, you are moving things forward. You never know who - or how many people - you are actually reaching. There just may be more than you think!

Unknown 3:05 PM  

Dear Mohammed!

This is a long overdue response to your writings in the 9th century, I believe.

If only you could know what endless misery your beloved Koran has brought us! Indeed, when given the chance, we would be happy to root out your movement even before it began.

Countless women have since been raped, sold or raped and sold in your name. Their genitals have been mutilated in order to give the men more control over them, thus crippling them for life. Tell me, mr Mohammed, where is the logic? Do you consider yourself supreme to the God that you say you represent, by taking away parts of the organs he gave them at birth?

In todays western society you would be considered a severe criminal because you married a 12 year old girl and had sex with her.

When you would be living in my country today, you would have to spend some years in prison because of these filthy crimes.

Countless of your followers tell us your book spells the religion of peace - but at the same time they kill each other almost every day, by the hundreds. Because, as they say, the others do not belong to the “right” muslim groups and they should disappear from this earth.

This is even in sharp contrast to the instructions you gave them in the rubbish that you wrote at the time.

The world would absolutely a lot better off when your followers at the time instead would have ignored you and - perhaps - would have locked you up instead as a very violent and dangerous person. Perhaps they should have put you away for the rest of your life.

By the lack of that possibility I hereby call upon the readers of this letter to burn your drivel. Publicly.

Kind regards, Adriaan

Please reblog this letter forever. We need to stop this ugly movement called Islam to poison our societies. They should not be allowed to go any further to fill our society with hatred between themselves and other religious groups. Everyone should be eligible to a safe life as a person, not as a thing, as is advocated in the Koran. The Koran in its main verses asks to discriminate against other religions and against the followers of any other religion. To mislead them, to abuse them, the list is endless. This is the drivel that muslim children is being fed on a daily menu. There is no reason to "respect" a religion that only persecutes people who have a different faith and which discriminates against women and gay people, people who are not really able to defend themselves, any decent society should have rules in place to prevent this. No person in his right mind should allow a school to poison the minds of their children with this drivel. Please reblog anywhere and be aware of this ugly so-called religion that is really a massive attack on our ideas of equality, freedom and humanity. Read the Koran, if you are not convinced, there are good translations in English to be found anywhere on the internet. Still not convinced? Read the articles on and come back later and tell me. Am I right?

-=stereofect=- 5:21 AM  

Muslims are moving into my community (small town ontario, canada) and are going door-to-door putting leaflets in everyone's mailboxes and even approaching people on the street telling them the only way to understand islam is to "get the facts from the source". They called me a khafir (I had to look that one up) for showing disinterest in what they had to say. We're supposed to go to: for the facts.

Anyone want to weigh in on what me and my community can do to combat this unwelcome intrusion into our lives?

Thank you,


Walter Sieruk 2:24 PM  

As for point number 9 which is "Do less of the actual persuasion yourself and let DVDs, books, and articles do some of the work for you."

Yes, articles and videos are a good idea, nevertheless, the only problem what that is that most people are too sallow be be interested and will usually brush you off if you offer them a video to watch exposing Muslim terrorism , usually with the lamb excuse of "I don't have time." That's rather strange since many of those same people do find time watch a sports game on Television or in a stadium.

This is a reflection of what Brigitte Gabriel, who is the founder of who wrote in her book entitled BECAUSE THEY HATE , when she had written "The West is ignorant and refuses to learn."

Her statement is true as well as tragic and sad

Susan Best 8:58 PM  

Just so you know, Rashad Hussain was recently appointed by President Biden as the United States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom. Mr. Hussain is an attorney, diplomat and professor. He is also a Muslim. When I shared this information with my Facebook friends I didn't have to explain why this was a problem.

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