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Many people use Facebook to educate their friends and family about Islam, but what happens? They often post information and are met with...complete silence. Or with hostile responses. Often several of their friends or family join in to criticize them for posting such "racist" or "bigoted" articles.

Do you have this experience? It's very discouraging and upsetting. It can make you feel isolated and alone in your commitment. You can feel ostracized by your own inner circle.

But you know you are in a key position to educate your fellow non-Muslims about Islam, so you don't want to stop trying. You know that if you don't reach these people, probably nobody will. They won't get any good information from the news sources they read or watch (because people tend to seek information that resonates with their own beliefs), and they won't get any opposing opinions from any of their friends (because people tend to choose friends who agree with them). You may be the one last hope we have of reaching these people with genuine information about Islam's prime directive.

This article has some suggestions to help you fulfill your commitment effectively.

First, it will really help to gain some allies. Join a counterjihad group or two or more on Facebook, and when you see intelligent comments on posts there, visit the person's page, and if they seem like a good person, "friend" those people. Include a message to them that tells them you would like an ally.

Let's be allies for each other.

And when you see your new friend post something good on their personal page, give it a thumbs up or a positive comment, and they can do the same for you. Let your family and friends see that not everyone thinks as they do.

And if someone criticizes a post of yours, your new Facebook friends will probably add their own comments on your side of the argument, helping you feel less alone. This has a tremendously positive impact on your own psychology, and it has a positive influence on the person who made the negative comment (because of the principle of social proof). It will help change minds.

Another thing that will help is to add something to every link. Don't just post a link as-is. Use these tips to make a good-looking post, but also add a comment at the top that helps your family and friends understand what the implications are or why it's important to read it. Be simple and clear. Be calm and informed. Don't rant. Go out of your way not to give the impression you are an angry, hating person. It is an easy impression to give when your family and friends are multiculturalists who vehemently despise criticisms about Islam. So make a strong effort to understate your case and be as reasonable as humanly possible.

Post facts. Post specific examples. Post local stories. And don't do too many. No more than once a day. Be extremely selective. You don't want people to hide you because you dominate the postings too much. So be highly selective and only post the very best items. Don't post anything that's only "okay." Let's be smart about this, not just committed and enthusiastic.

You're trying to reach people who don't already believe as you do. If you post a lot, you may gather a lot of friends but they all already know enough about Islam. Those aren't the ones who most urgently need to be educated. So be selective about what you post.

And don't only post about Islam. They will think you are obsessed. Post other things that are interesting.

And use good timing. The best times to post something are Saturday and Sunday mornings. Post your very best things on those days — one per day, but make it a very good one. Save up your best things for the weekend. More people will see what you post on the weekend mornings, and they're more likely to have the time to read them.

The second best time to post something is in the early evening on week nights.

Let's use Facebook to advance the cause. And return the favor to your friends by not only posting, but checking your "home" page and seeing what your friends are posting and respond, support, help them argue too. Let's use the power of social proof to help change minds.


Akshar 12:01 AM  

Approach is the key as you had put forward earlier.

Being Proactive but not reactive.

David Beebe 1:27 PM  

Thanks for the great information, I want to try to educate people who just don't know enough about Islam because they rely on the things like TV news and newspapers to bring them that information, it just will never come from those sources.

Anonymous 3:39 PM  

Thanks CW and, I agree that to educate our people is a cause close to my own heart and the correct way to go at this time. To show the true meaning and deeds of Islam is imprative to saving the best of civilization to date.

Islam is the "Great Destroyer" of people, places and our right to pursue our individual and collective freedoms. They are a negative force in our world and would rather steal what they want rather than to provide these things for their own people.

The proof is in our courts all over the world.

Unknown 6:26 AM  

Great information

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