A Cry of Despair From Malaysia


WE RECENTLY received another email from Jasmine in Malaysia. We've posted something from her before. This time she wrote:

I just cried when I read from Stop Islam's Relentless Encroachment the article called You Will Be Muslim" posted Feb 10 2009.

Why some American schools allowed Islamic teachings when Christian teachings are sidelined? Why Oh Why?

Why not Christian values, passages from the Bible (and also Christian History, like the inquisition & crusades); Islamic ideology, passages from Koran and Islamic History taught in shcools?

Christians have learned from the Inquisition & Crusades. But Muslims? Keep on persecuting infidels?

Ya, I read that Islam was in Spain 800 years and Christians survived. Sure, survived at a heavy price like higher taxation & I guess some other injustices as well.

Why do Americans allow this??? I just can't believe what I read!!!

I'm so disillusioned - like there is no hope. I also viewed all the 7 youtubes forum by Brigitte Gabriel. She knows better as she was from Lebenon.

Here in Malaysia, all we can do is pray. We cannot question. At least in America there is still freedom to voice out like what Brigitte is doing.

As for the Geert Wilders trial, I am watching very closely.

Have the West & America give in to Islam??? If they have, then the whole world is gone.

I answered her with this simple statement: "No we have not given in. There are those who are actively fighting against it, and there are those who are completely ignorant of it. Very few who are
aware of it have given in. Very very few."

This is similar to the situation on board Flight 93. The three other planes flew into buildings, killing everyone on the plane. The passengers believed the Islamic supremacists who said they would land the plane safely, so they stayed in their seats. They didn't know any better.

But the passengers aboard Flight 93, with only a
little more information, realized what they were up against and they fought back. It took the Muslims two years to plan their attack; but forty strangers were able to defeat their plot in a half hour.

What is needed is more people who
know the goals of Islam and the method (waging jihad by gaining concessions). Once enough people know, the rest will be easy. Wield your freedom of speech and get the word out now. Start here: Just One Thing.


Damien 1:58 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Yes a lot of us are fighting it, and I'm really glad. The west is not going to go down without a fight.

In fact, have you ever heard the term war makes strange bed fellows?

Richard Dawkins is now worried that the fall of Christianity might help the spread of Islam, and he now see more danger in Islam than Christianity. In fact, if the author of "The God Delusion" is serious, you might even see him joining forces with christian organizations to stop the Islamifaction of Europe and the west.


Anonymous 2:17 PM  

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