Islam's Relentless Encroachment in Malaysia


MANY OF US forget that when we fight for freedom, when we speak up about Islam, even when when we initiate legislation for our own country, we are giving hope to millions around the world who live in countries already too far gone, where it is almost impossible to do anything about Islam's relentless encroachment because Islam has wormed its way into the government and started making laws intended to protect Islam and diminish or eliminate all competing ways of life.

We received the following message from a woman named Jasmine who has written to us before:

Thank you Citizen Warrior. I'm from Malaysia (click on the map above to see a larger image), a Muslim majority country. Population is: 60 to 65% Malays, 20 to 25% Chinese and Indians about 10 to 15%.

All Malays MUST be Muslims. No freedom of choice for the Malays on religion; a sizeable proportion of the Indians are Muslims and some Chinese are Muslims.

If a non-muslim (usually a Chinese or Indian) wanted to marry a Malay, he/she has to be converted to the Islamic faith.

Our constitution says we have religious freedom. But slowly, the majority is pushing for Shari'a law. Recently, the government forbade the use of "Allah" in the Malay language, citing all Malays are Muslims and the use of "Allah" will confuse the Muslims.

BUT in East Malaysia, (Sabah & Sarawak States), the indigeneous people speak the Malay language. These Malay-speaking indigenous people are mostly Christians. Therefore when the Malay-speaking indigeneous people worship, the word "Allah" is used. They also use the Malay version of the Bible.

The court actually ruled that "Allah" can be used in the Malay language in translating or worshiping. There is mayhem, churches were attacked with one badly burnt on the ground floor. If you want more news from Malaysia, link to this site:


Jasmine (I have changed her name at her request) also sent me this article: Malaysia and the Myth of Islamic Tolerance.

Sometimes when I read about how Islam works, how they gain power by gaining concessions until they have enough power to begin establishing laws, it all seems abstract or distant until I hear from someone to whom it is happening right now, and it makes it all too real.

In our quest to stop the third jihad, we need to be effective. The Islamic supremacists are not messing around. They are actively trying to influence governments all over the world to become more Islamic, and they are
succeeding in Malaysia and many other places, including Egypt.

We must stop their encroachment. How? What can you do? I love that question! There are a lot of effective things you can do. Join ACT for America, get others to join, sign up for their newsletter, and sign up to give them a monthly contribution. Also, talk to people about Islam. Teach them what you know. And if you don't know much about Islam or if you don't know much about influencing people, tell people about the Girl Effect.

For many more ideas about how to defeat
the third jihad, read What Can a Civilian Do?

Let's get it done.


Mark @ Israel 4:27 PM  

Islam has really penetrated into Malaysia and it's something that is difficult to stop but I guess it's not yet too late. Something can still be done especially that there are still existing Christians in the country except that they are being persecuted. I just hope that they survive through everything the Muslims are doing against them.

Anonymous 4:11 AM  

Interesting article....but lacking in substance's.The word "Allah" is not malay word,it is arabic term for god.The malay word for "God" is tuhan.Those christian malays in sabah and sarawak,who speak's,should they be using the malay word”Tuhan”which means god in malay.If their mother tounge's arabic,like the coptic christian in middle east,it is accetable.Why do some missonary christian insist they use arabic word "allah" in a malay bible???

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