Informative PDF Flyers on Islamic Supremacism


THE LINKS BELOW go to PDF documents you can print out. These were created by Civilus Defendus to post as flyers, or to hand out to people who want more information. These PDF documents will print perfectly — just the way they were originally typeset — on any printer as long as you have an Adobe reader, which you can download for free here: Download Adobe Reader.

Civilus Defendus is the author of Citizens' Declaration of Threat & Plea for Relief, and a recipient of the Citizen Warrior Hero Award.

The original four-page flyer has three useful documents: Liberty Vs. Sharia, The Four Stages of Islamic Conquest, and The Muslim Brotherhood. The pages are well laid out, informative, and easy to understand. Click on the links below to print them. Note: It will take longer to call up these links than it does normal links because your computer has to open the Adobe Reader.

Or you can print them individually:

And here's another excellent flyer by Civilus Defendus: Call to Action.

I'll be putting a link to this page in the Citizen Warrior sidebar so you can come back any time and easily print a few more.

We need to concern ourselves with Just One Thing: Education About Islam.


Unknown 5:54 AM  

Thank you for your work!
I found you over TheWhiteROses Germany, they have a very informative video clip.
Can I have your flyers in German?
Would you allow me to translate them?
Best wishes from
Ralph Lauriolle
Mainz on Rhine, Germany

Citizen Warrior 11:48 AM  


The flyers were made by Civilus Defendus:

I will send her your request and email address, and she will undoubtedly get in touch with you.

Obbop 3:03 PM  

My anti-Islam blogs are akin to a multitude of efforts upon the Web to warn others of the perils of the Islamic Death Cult that seeks to conquer the world.

A multitude of efforts trying to counter the very powerful and effective tyrannical elite-owned mass media and entertainment industries that make excuses for and, at times, actually supports the barbarian hordes invading Western countries.

I placed links to this site in my blogs. Thank you for your efforts at trying to save Western civilization from the invading barbarian filth.

Civilus Defendus 8:38 PM  

Citizen Warrior, thank you for the nod and links. I hope to update these resources over the next year. You do so much for the cause of freedom of conscience and human liberty! I applaud you! ~CD

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