Don't Slack Now — Our Efforts Are Working


WE'RE IN a difficult fight. Many of our own fellow citizens are resistant to hearing about Islamic Supremacism, and until a large number of us know about the terrifying brilliance of Islam, we can't protect ourselves from its relentless encroachment.

In any difficult fight, it is important to celebrate the successes, to keep up our courage, to prevent discouragement. And to answer this need, in a recent article at, Phyllis Chesler listed some of the recent successes in the free world:

1. Canada explicitly spelled out in its citizenship guide for immigrants that it will not tolerate barbaric practices, spousal abuse, honor killings, or female genital mutilation. This is a specific injunction against the importation of Islamic practices.

2. Canada recently sentenced Yusef Al Mezel for
threatening serious violence against his daughter.

3. Britain just created a special police unit to deal with honor killings. They are empowered with the authority to find and bring back any British citizen who has been taken against her will to "a foreign country such as Pakistan. The special unit can hide potential victims of honor killings with a witness-protection-like program.

4. Scotland Yard has begun to reopen legal cases that they now suspect were honor killings (they didn't have such a category at the time the case was first tried). Europeans are reawakening their desire to protect the hard-earned rights of their citizens — including the daughters of Islamic immigrants. They're slowly finding the limitation of blind multiculturalism, and discovering we in the free world have a culture and it's worth defending.

5. New debates are arising across Europe about how much Muslim encroachment should be allowed and where the line should be drawn, particularly on issues like welfare handouts, honor killings, the building of new mosques, wife beating, and forced marriages.

This barely scratches the surface. The tide is changing, as you can see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. It is slow-going because so few non-Muslims know anything about the teachings of Islam. As more people find out, the momentum will increase.

So don't stop your efforts. We're having an effect. But you know from personal experience that a vast majority of our fellow citizens still know almost nothing about Islam, and some of what they think they know is dead wrong. So keep up your education and persuasion efforts.

Some people have told me the media needs to do it. They implied, "I'm just one person and I can't reach a vast audience, and since that's what we need, it's futile to try." But
nobody made a greater mistake, wrote Edmund Burke, than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.

Here's how it's going to work: You educate your friends and family, even if it takes a year. Some of them educate
their friends and family. The process starts to accellerate. The market for this kind of information will grow, and the media will respond (they follow the money), and the process will accellerate even more. As more people understand what's happening, the pressure on politicians will increase to change policies to protect our freedoms.

This process is already well underway. What can you do to help? Start here: What One Civilian Can Do To Stop Islam's Relentless Encroachment.


Anonymous 1:52 PM  

More great news from Switzerland today.

It was put to a vote and 57% of citizenry voted AGAINST any new islamic minarets in their nation.

Hello, how about the rest of the world now use common sense and realize the real danger muslims pose to free people?

The small again show they can also turn out to be the strongest.

I hate wishy-washy politicians and people.

Damien 7:41 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

I'm glad the article I sent you cheered you up. It is good news. I was actually considering sending the other article you just linked to, before I realized that you already saw it.

I heard about them banning Minarets in Switzerland

Here are a couple of interesting commentaries on the subject.

Swiss Voters: Stop the Minarets! by Claude Cartaginese.


To minaret or not to minaret? That is the question. By Lexcen

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