"We Can't Go to War With 1.3 Billion Muslims!"


This is another installment of the series, Answers to Objections. This objection is not usually spoken out loud, but it's a central fear lurking behind much of the resistance you get when you talk about Islamic doctrine.

When you're talking to people, you want them to accept the simple fact that orthodox Islamic teachings are very straightforward, and they call for intolerance and violence toward non-Muslims and an unrelenting effort to make the world submit to Shari'a law.

Some people you talk to will put up every objection they can think of because they don't want to accept this premise.

If they articulated their fear, it would sound something like this: "For God's sake, that CAN'T be true, because it would mean we would have to go to war with 1.3 billion Muslims, and we can't do that!" Some people actually say it out loud.

Like many of the objections, this one is a great opportunity to insert a little more information into a brain that is likely almost entirely empty of any facts about Islam. Here are some possible responses you can give:

1. Luckily, we don't have to go to war with all of them. Most of the people who are now Muslims never chose to be so. Their ancestors were almost all forced to be Muslims. Their ancestor's whole country was conquered and Shari'a law was imposed. Shari'a puts pressure on everyone to be Muslim, and not just in name only. It is against Shari'a law to skip the five prayers a day or skip fasting during Ramadan or skip paying zakat (alms to the mosque). In other words, the practice of orthodox Islam is enforced by law, so after a few generations, it would be hard to think outside of being a Muslim, especially when the penalty for leaving the faith is death.

But what this means is that many of them would choose to live their lives without the constant domination of Shari'a if they had the option. So even if it came to war, we wouldn't have to go to war with 1.3 billion.

2. What would you go to war to do? I mean, why would you think a war would be necessary?

3. We don't need to go to war, we only need to change some of our own laws and some of our own foreign policies. And sometimes we wouldn't even have to change them, we would only need to start enforcing them. For example, it is illegal to try to overthrow the government or to even plot to do so. It is sedition. It's already against the law. And yet in three-fourths of the mosques in the U.S., jihad is being preached. Jihad means "the struggle to bring everyone on earth under the law of Allah." In other words, preaching jihad is sedition.

And jihad is an essential element of Islam. It is a core tenet. This isn't some fringe teaching that nobody cares about. This is a central purpose of Islam.

If we want the orthodox Muslims in our country to stop working to undermine and overthrow the government, we will have to make a distinction between the political aspects of Islam and the religious aspects of Islam, and we'll have to stop people from committing sedition. We don't need to go to war. We only need to educate enough non-Muslims so that no more politicians ignorant of Islam are voted into office. The one thing that needs to happen is education.

4. The problem is not with Muslims, so we don't have to go to war with them. The problem is not even with Islamic doctrine. Our problem is the abject ignorance of the majority of non-Muslims. Because of this ignorance, the West is conceding its freedoms. Let me illustrate the principle with victims of sociopaths. In the comments on an article about sociopaths, most of the commenters are victims of sociopaths, and they tell their stories about what happened to them — they were conned out of their life savings or they were married to someone who abused their children or one of their parents deliberately drives them crazy, etc. But two of the people who have commented are themselves sociopaths, and their comments illuminate an important principle.

The point of view of most of the victims is that they don't understand how sociopaths can be so mean or cruel or heartless. The point of view of the sociopaths is that they don't understand how normal people can be so naive as to trust everyone, so foolish as to never protect themselves from someone who has already proven to be dangerous, or so stupid as to sign over the deed to their house!

Same with non-Muslims dealing with orthodox Islam. Okay, so it's a Muslim's duty to strive for the political goal of establishing Shari'a law throughout the world. That's what they do and the "true believers" will never stop trying. But we don't have to allow it! They are only making progress toward their goal because we let them. We trust them. We make treaties with them. We allow them to immigrate. We make assumptions about them (like they must be just like us, their religion must be similar to other religions we know about, etc.). We are conceding our freedoms. They are not taking our freedoms. We are forgoing our own self-preservation. We are voluntarily giving away our ability to defend ourselves.

The problem is not with them, it's with us. We don't need to go to war. We need to stop being stupid, and that can't happen until more people know some basic facts about Islamic doctrine.

Most of the people commenting on that sociopath site said they were surprised to find out there was even such a thing as a sociopath. The phenomenon of "everyday sociopaths" is not very well known. People know about psychopathic serial killers, but most people don't know there is such a thing as people walking around in ordinary lives who have no empathy for others and cannot develop it, people whose only goal in life is to win and dominate, people who feel no pity or remorse and who have no emotional conflict when they are cruel.

Some of the people who told their sad tales were married to a sociopath for years without ever realizing such a person could exist, so they were totally frustrated, anguished, and confused by their spouse's behavior, and of course, in their ignorance they made one stupid, self-defeating mistake after another.

The free world is doing the same thing with orthodox Islam's relentless, self-serving aggression — making one stupid, self-defeating mistake after another (read more about that here). The stupidity must stop. The only thing missing is enough people who have at least a passing familiarity with basic Islamic teachings.

Okay, that's four possible answers to the objection, "But we can't go to war with 1.3 billion Muslims!"

I would appreciate it (and so would future readers) if you could come up with better answers than these, and post them in the comments below this article. We can pool our resources, pool our intelligence, and help each other do the one thing that must be done: Educate our fellow non-Muslims.

The above was excerpted from the book, Getting Through: How to Talk to Non-Muslims About the Disturbing Nature of Islam.


urbanadder22 10:31 PM  

We don't have to go to war with Moslems. We have to keep Islam from taking over our institutions, forcing us to accept Islamic law, and accomodate Moslems in their demands for special rights.

Stopping Moslem immigration into the United States is the first and most important step to keep Islam from supplanting our Constitution.

Moslems already in the U.S. who want to make us into an Islamic state must be removed from the country.

Citizen Warrior 11:46 PM  

Well said, UA22.

Anyone wishing to stop Muslim immigration should sign this petition and convince everyone you know to sign it. The higher the population of Muslims in a country, the larger the number of them who will want to achieve Allah's objective: To institute Shari'a law.

Traeh 7:05 AM  

This site is outstanding.

Citizen Warrior 1:25 PM  

"The way to gain influence among the Muslim community is to control the mosques," Steven Emerson says. "The way to control what people think in the Muslim community is to have the right imam preach the right message. So by acquiring these mosques the Muslim American Society gets the right to appoint the imam and distribute the message they believe is necessary to spread Islam around the world."

Emerson is the author of six books, and co-author of two more. His television documentary, "Jihad in America," won the 1994 George Polk Award for best Television Documentary, and top prize for best investigative reporting from Investigative Reporters and Editors.

He is also the Executive Director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), a data-gathering center on Islamist groups.

Emerson frequently testifies before Congressional committees on al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and other terrorist organizations.

Anonymous 6:57 PM  

We should form an alliance and bring to them war. These people only learn by force so force should be given. This is one instance where education is not the answer. The answer is total and unforgiving force

Anonymous 6:43 PM  

Are you kidding we can't win the war against 1 billion person even if we become ally with russia

Anonymous 2:55 AM  

We could wipe them off the face of the Earth right now! We could go war and we better wake up and fight soon. You cannot coexist with people whose doctrine requires the death of everyone else. The doctrine is the problem. .

Walter Sieruk 10:39 AM  

It needs to be understood the the foundation of Islam is based. Which is Islam is based on falsehoods. One of which is that Muhammad was a prophet of God. To be even more clear, it may be that Muhammad wae actually a prophet but the important thing to understand the Muhammad was NOT a prophet of God or sent by God. Instead Muhammad was a lying ,deceptive false prophet sen by Satan to lead many people astray. Jesus,in fact, did predict ans warn about the coming of such men as Muhammad.For Jesus warned "Beware of false prophets,which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." Matthew 7:15. The Bible further warns that "many false prophet are gone out into the world." First John 4:1. Furthermore, as for the Quran,one way to explain the truth about this deceptive book is to understand that the early Christian Church had the Gospel of Christ, First Corinthians 15:1-8. In contrast what Muhammad gave the world was in reality another gospel. The information had come ,at times, through an angle that eventually went into the compostion of the Quran[another gospel]. Such a thing was forseen about and warned about in the Bible. For the Bible reads "Though we ,or an angel from heaven, preach any other gosple unto you let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, if any men preach any other gospel unto you than ye have recived, let him be accursed." Galatians 1:8,9. [KJV]

To find out more information about Jesus, the Bible ,Muhammad and the Quran there is the Christian internet site answering-islam.org

Anonymous 11:04 AM  

This is a load of racist bullshit. Firstly Muslims don't all pray. They don't all follow the religion properly so why would they want sharia law. I'm from the UK and trust me there are extremists out there but the people who are born into the religion are not as practicing as the converts. I think the only problem anyone has against Muslims is the terrorists they are they only problem which needs to be attended to. Instead of america secretly funding them america should stop any activity that would cause harm to others. America is the cause of most problems because its all a conspiracy. And whoever said that Muhammed is a false prophet that is not true. The false prophet Jesus warns you about is the anti Christ u dumb shits Islam warns u about it too. And note that in the Quran translation it is called the anti Christ too as it is in the bible. When the bible was written/sent Jesus told the Jews/Christians about a final prophet and many false prophets. The final propjet being Muhammed. Basically no one is actually going to force sharia law because it is against Islam anyway. The prophet muahmmed said you have to live by the law of the land. So if people are trying to force sharia law in other places that are not Muslim countries then it goes against Islam. No one remembers how the Jews were tortured by the Nazis. They were christian. No one wants another war. You all think that you want a war so you can wipe out Muslims , but what has every single Muslim in the world done to u. Just BCz a few Muslims are total jerks doesn't mean the whole race is. And lots of people leave and enter Islam all the time not many have been killed. You think going to war against Muslims is gonna do something. All its gonna do is ruin everyone's lives. You weren't alive for the previous wars so you won't have experienced the conditions no one wants another war. It just shows how many people want to murder other innocent people that they don't even know. I don't understand why we all can't just live in peace. america fund Israel weapons and shit to fight Gaza. If America didn't there wud be no fighting. If america didn't make that film the interview north Korea wudnt have threatened to nuclear bomb them. America is asking for it. Just don't judge people Bcz they are not always what u think they are

Citizen Warrior 1:23 PM  

Islam is not a race. It is an ideology. So criticizing the ideology, which is followed by people of every race on earth, cannot possibly be racist.

We're not criticizing Muslims, we're criticizing the Islamic ideology, which of course, is not followed by many who call themselves Muslim.

In a free country, criticizing ideologies and religious doctrines is not only allowed, but necessary to keep a free society. As soon as something cannot be criticized, it can grow and become dominant. A lack of free speech, a lack of permission to freely criticize anything leads easily to tyranny. The first order of business for any tyrant is to limit free speech. If people cannot speak to each other freely about something, they cannot collectively resist it.

Amboyduke 12:06 AM  

First time I've seen this site...!

ronyvo 8:40 AM  

"We can't go to war with 1.3 billion Muslims".
I say why not? 1.3 billion Muslims went to war with 6+ Billion non-Muslims.
Besides, I believe that Islam is going in to war with Islam. The vast majority of Muslims have left in dark, by not allowed to ask questions about their faith. Now, thanks for the internet, is different.

Warren 6:52 AM  

we can and we must NOW

Kevin 8:40 PM  

Yes. We can go to total war and win

1. Setup defense lines in Europe with a shoot on site policy for people attempting to cross borders illegally.
2. Setup defense lines in Middle Africa with same policies.
3. Destroy all water and food production in all countries practicing Sharia Law. No negotiation. If they were crass enough to implement Sharia Law then goodbye water and food.
4. Destroy energy production in the middle east which will leave all non-middle east oil producing countries to make a lot of money. (Russia will like this one).
5. Destroy all medical production facilities to produce common drugs.
6. Give zero aid to immigrants and migrants from those counties that practice Sharia Law.
7. Blockade their ports
8. Totally obliterate Mecca and Medina to sent a very clear message
9. Partner with China to clean the 150M in the east of China
10. Partner with Russia to clean the southern areas which will be another 150M.
11. Partner with Europe of the clean up of no-go zones with mass deportation. Give the the Isabela option - 3 days. Convert, Leave or Die.
12. Freeze and covert all assets to fund the military and war on the heathen Islamic countries that practice Sharia (i.e. the majority of them).
13. Force the entire Islamic nations to abandon the teachings of intolerance or face destruction of infrastructure.
14. Sell rich land plots to western poor families. Train and arm them to hold the land. Think American West or current Israel policies. Let's just take the oil fields away from ISIL.

War is not a humanitarian game. In WWII we destroyed the enemies capacity and will to fight. It is the same here. Islam (the perverted movement from a warlord who whore guidelines for his generals) has been at war for 1400+ years against non-muslims resulting in 250M deaths across India, Africa and the ME. It is time to counter-punch like the west did in the crusades. But, this time a lot harder at the magnitude that will make the Imams understand true war.

Anonymous 4:34 AM  

War is coming not in a far away country, it will be in your towns and streets.
The problem is its the one religion that will not live or exist with any other, simple terms if you aren't a Muslim you are 3rd rate lowest thing on the planet who they can kill because you are a non believer.
not saying all of them are like that, but ask there view on drawing muhammad, they soon show there colours
So whats next, 2 things the government wont face it or acknowledg its got problems, so normal people start to vote for far right, I think your find thats happened write now in France, Germany Britain all over free countries of Europe.
Look to past ho know the futur, history is like fashion it will soon be back in.
How can we stop it, personal I think its too far gone wheels are turning running down hill out of control.
Harsh measures are need, and one who preaching hate deport all of the family and all money house car is used to fund projects for charitys, and shools and hospitals,
education is the only way to beat this, and pray time that some become westernised soon.
peace out

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