Heat-Seeking Missles for Citizen Warriors


BILL WARNER, the founder of CSPI, publisher of An Abridged Koran, A Simple Koran, and Mohammed and the Unbelievers (among others) has created a powerful weapon for those of us trying to do the most important thing (sharing what we know with non-Muslims who know nothing about Islamic doctrine).

Those of us trying to introduce people to those teachings of Islam that are dangerous to non-Muslims have a problem, don't we? Not many want to hear it. Even
listening to you talk about it feels wrong to many people, like the conversation is committing a social blunder of some sort — maybe bigotry. Or racism? Religious intolerance?

Somehow we've got to get the word out and get around this cultural immune system. Bill Warner has found a way. One day he realized there is one aspect of Islamic supremacism that people will listen to: A story of someone being victimized. Especially someone they identify with. So he has recently come out with five new bulletins:

Bulletin of the Oppression of Women

Bulletin of the Annihilation of Asia

Bulletin of Jew Hatred

Bulletin of Christian Persecution

Bulletin of the Annihilation of Culture

These bulletins are available via email. Each bulletin has two major things going for it: First of all, each one appeals to different groups of people, so you can share it with, for example, your Jewish friends, and it will be especially appealing because they will naturally identify with the victims of, in this case, Jew hatred.

The second thing is that there is no mention of Islamic teachings. It is just news. But of course, people are bound to become curious and they'll go to Political Islam and there they can learn all they want to know about why these groups are being hated or persecuted or annihilated.

But in the meantime, the information can get through their defense system because it says nothing about Islam up front. They have nothing to resist. In fact, it plays into the compelling appeal of victimization. It's brilliant.

I recommend you subscribe to all five bulletins and then forward the bulletins individually to the people they would most appeal to.

This is a powerful weapon in the war of ideas. It will allow us to widen our reach — to introduce the topic to people who might otherwise have been impossible to approach. It's a welcome addition to our arsenal.

To sign up for the newsletters, go to Political Islam. Subscribe to the newsletters in the left sidebar.


Anonymous 10:38 AM  

Thank you so much for all of your works to help us combat islam. All of your works are so helpful and so very important for our country.

I have twittered this, linked it on facebook and I've added it to a new network called Patriots for America.

I'll also crosspost it one of my vox blogs and on myspace.


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