Muslims Mass-Murdering Non-Muslims is Not News


When non-Muslims kill Muslims for being Muslim, it is news around the world, and talked about for weeks. But Muslims slaughtering non-Muslims? That's just business as usual. It's like saying, "207 million pounds of air pollution went into the air today, as it does every day." It's not news. Not many people talk about it. Ho hum.

I know that it's also true that non-Muslims feel weird talking about Muslims murdering people for being non-Muslims. It feels discriminatory to talk about it. Racist, even. And some are, of course, concerned about what others will think of them.

And I know many people — politicians, journalists, etc. — are hesitant to speak openly or honestly about the incessant murder of non-Muslims because it's ugly, controversial, job-threatening, and unfashionable. But I think it's worth pointing out that it's also nothing out of the ordinary. Muslims murdering non-Muslims goes on all the time, and has been happening for fourteen centuries.

I am hoping that you still find opportunities where you can to educate your fellow non-Muslims about Islam. And I thought this idea might be something you can work into your conversations where appropriate: So much to-do is made when Muslims are murdered simply because they're Muslims because it is rare. And people hardly mention it when non-Muslims are murdered by Muslims for being non-Muslims, partly because it happens all the time.


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