Support Stopping the Influx of Refugees From Countries With Significant Terrorist Activity


Are you fed up with the radically anti-American opposition to President Trump’s executive order, halting an influx of refugees from countries with significant terrorist activity?

Are you sick and tired of being lectured to and labelled a bigot, simply for prefacing the safety of you and your family over politically correct endangerment?

The following is an open letter to President Trump, created by ACT! for America, which you can sign by clicking here.

Dear Mr. President,

We wholeheartedly commend you for halting the influx of refugees from countries with significant terrorist activity.

For too long, our nation has been weakened by the tyranny of political correctness, and as a result, the American people have paid the ultimate price.

Those who claim there is no evidence to suggest that refugees from these countries with terrorist activity pose a threat are at best, guilty of willful ignorance, and at worst, intentional deception.

There is incontrovertible evidence that refugee populations have been infiltrated by sympathizers of the Islamic State, and have already carried out jihadist attacks against the Western world.

As you know, some of the most recent attacks include…

  • Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan went on a jihadi stabbing rampage at Ohio State.
  • In 2016, an Iraqi refugee Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan was accused of planning to bomb a local mall in Texas.
  • In September 2016, a Somali refugee named Dahir Adan went on a stabbing spree at a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota.
  • Somali refugee, Mohamed Osman Mohamed, was arrested for planning to blow up a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Oregon back in 2010.
  • In 2012, Abdullatif Ali Aldosary, an Iraqi refugee, bombed a Social Security Office in Arizona.
  • Two Iraqi refugees convicted for having aided Al-Qaeda in Iraq to kill American servicemen. These so called “refugees,” lied on their applications, and as proof that the screening process is ineffective, were allowed entry without issue.
  • Both Boston Bombers, the Tsarnaev Brothers were refugees.

We’ve had enough innocent American bloodshed, courtesy of our own tax dollars.

The American people need not be lectured to with baseless and clichĂ© cries of “Islamophobia,” given the indisputable danger we are facing as a country.

These protests taking place around the country, are financed largely by those who have no respect for rule of law, or the average American citizen.

To think that in a post 9/11 world, we should have to tolerate anarchist mobs at our airports, disrupting and scaring passengers as they try to make their way through security gates peacefully, is a disgrace to no end.

Rule of law in this country must be restored and power must be used to benefit the average American citizen, not anti-American mobs, nor the politicians who benefit from enabling them.

So, as our new Commander-in-Chief, thank you for prefacing American lives over political correct endangerment. Please continue to do what is necessary to make America a safer place to call home for all citizens, as your executive action has.

Sincerely, YOU if you click here and sign it.


Walter Sieruk 10:14 AM  

That sign on the above posting that read "Act For America" This actual organizations was founded
and headed by Brigitte Gabriel. Her internet site is . Furthermore about as part of the above article reads about the dangers from "the influx of refugees for countries with significant terrorist activity." Concerning this and also the brutal cruel, malicious and murderous Islamic tradition that many Muslims so very inappropriately call "honor killing. Mrs. Gabriel had written and warns in her book which is entitled THEY MUST BE STOPPED that because of Muslim immigration into America and other Westerns countries there will be a an awful increase in the numbers of those heartless malicious murders called "honor killings" in the United States and other countries of the West. Indeed, they must be stopped !

Citizen Warrior 1:02 AM  

Here's more information on ACT! for America:

And here's more practical things you can do to stop the Islamization of the world:

Citizen Warrior 11:34 AM  

Someone sent this email, and with his permission, I'm publishing it here:

I am 83 years old and have had the disadvantage of being relatively closely involved in three Terrorism type events here in NYC.

The first was in early 1980’s when on a Saturday morning I heard a radio report that some Arab men came to the Iranian Consulate as shot-up the place – 34th floor of 622 Third Avenue. This building housed the offices of Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield. My staff occupied the other half of this floor. This was my baptism, and my entry into physical security as I recommended the implementation of a check-point at the center elevator bank and the use of self-expiring ID stickers for all visitors to that bank.

After retiring from EBC/BS, I was hired as a Processes Control IT Specialist Consultant for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. (I guess you can get an idea of where this is going.)

In addition to some other assignments, I was assigned to the Operations Command Center Project which was interrupted by the February 26th 1993 bombing: the second event.

This lead to my being selected to be a member of the design team for a new Security /System. Man, what a team that was. The net results were a system like no other, and my becoming the Manager of that system’s operations, and the Technical Consultant for all operational and technical enhancements, etc.

That all came to an abrupt, crashing end at 10:28 when I was on the corner of West and Vesey. How I am able to tell you this is indeed a big unknown to me, but here I am after another 6 years performing Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments on all PANYNJ facilities.

So, saying that I support this proposal is an understatement. The devil (problem) is in the details.

You see, you have provided a list of names, and yes, they were allowed into the country, and at a later date did in fact perpetrate some nasty crimes.

I ask, what is there in the proposed procedures, practices and policies that would prevent people like them from being precluded in the future? What line of questioning, what specific screening methods, what diving/dousing rod is to be put into play that can ideally identify an individual from the thousands in line as a definitive risk?

As the language in the Executive Order says, we have some specific times to wait until we get to see some of these details, and then how effectively those details are able to deliver the desired effects.

Time, the curse if it takes too long, or is too short.

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