A Liberal With Zero Tolerance For Islam


On the article, Muslims Are Not What Is Wrong With Islam, someone made the following comment:

I am a liberal with zero tolerance for Islam. Having studied this pseudo-religion for three decades, I can say with certainty that there is nothing positive or spiritual about it. Islam has no redeeming characteristics. It is simply a totalitarian, imperialistic ideology with a thin veneer of religion to dupe the ignorant and lull the complacent. I pity Muslims for having been brainwashed, but that doesn't mean that I think Islam should be tolerated in liberal democracies. It is completely incompatible with Universal human rights.

There's no reason why the percentage of liberals (at the moment, 51 percent) who understand the problem of Islam couldn't be as large as conservatives (82 percent) or even larger. If that seems hard to imagine, check this out: Liberals Can Remain Liberals and Still Recognize Islam as a Threat.

Liberals and conservatives may disagree on many things, but against Islamization, we can and should stand united.


Unknown 2:05 AM  

A *truly outstanding* post!

It is blunt like a 20-year-old *chainsaw* - exactly what is needed!
Rarely have I seen the curse of the world otherwise known as Islam put to the sword like this! Not since the days of Charles Martel anyway, and man, could the world do with a few hundred million Martels now......

Excellent stuff!

Walter Sieruk 11:30 AM  

This article was written by a person who happens to be a liberal who is also a thinker, about Islam. So this person might likewise might appreciate the written work of an ancient Greek thinker. His name was Plato. The Greek philosopher Plato is one of the contributors to Western Civilization. He may shed some light into the subject of those people who are shackled in the chains and darkness of Islamic thought. In Plato’s REPUBLIC he gave an allegory of a cave where “the condition of men living in a sort of cavernous chamber…Here they have been from childhood, chained by leg and also by the neck, so that they cannot move and see only what is in front of them.” This can fit into what the Imams do in the mosques and how they brainwash the young people in the madrassa’s by always programming Islamic doctrine into their victims and not exposing them to other worldviews. Furthermore, even in Islamic tradition when Muslims have their newborn child the father whispers words of the Quran into the infants ear so that that Quran verses are the first thing the newborn person hears. This programming process takes place all their lives. These are some of the chains that keep them bound in a mosque [cave]. The chains do not let them reach out for dialectic reasoning and let them examine the evidence both for as well as against, or even question whether Muhammad was a true prophet of God or not, and if the Quran is a hoax or not. As the chains and darkness of the cave blinds and holds the prisoners back from reality, so Islamic propaganda holds back the cognition to reason with the question if Islam is true or not. They are forbidden from even thinking to question Islam. Furthermore, if a Muslim by some miracle wakes up to the truth about Islam, it would be like the man in Plato’s cave allegory who was released from his chains and taken outside to the real world. At first direct light would be painful and disorienting, it would take some time for him to understand what the truth is all about, he even might cling to the shadows and still for a time believe some of the illusions to be real. But he would finally come to know “what he had formerly seen was meaningless illusion.” And that was “what passed for wisdom in his former dewelling-place.”And that the other cave prisoners also needed to see the light [the truth] for he “was sorry for them.” and he would re-enter the cave just to rescue them. Nevertheless, the cave prisoners wouldn’t understand and “if they could lay hand on the man who was trying to set them free.” And if they could “they would kill him.” Likewise, when someone escapes from the shackles of Islam, those still in the darkness of this religion would not understand and if possible kill him for leaving Islam, and even more so if he were to try to enlighten them about the truth about Islam. For these people in Islam are chained to an empty imitation of truth and godliness.

Walter Soeruk 11:33 AM  

Since Plato was brought up ,in my last posting concerning Islam , this is another one. In classical work of ancient Greek literature entitled THE APOLOGY OF SOCRATES it in written that Socrates had said that “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Likewise, in may also be said that “An unexamined religion is not worth believing in.” This is said about all religions. Yet to be specific, in this case, the topic is about the religion of Islam. Furthermore, one man who was as a former a Muslim and had lived in one of the Islamic nations of the Middle East but now he is Christian and an American citizen had explained in a book he wrote that “Driving into depths of the word of reasoned thinking and research in Islamic societies has always been costly. Some Muslim who have done this have even been excluded from their social rights and even sentenced to death.” [1]

[1] ISLAM AND THE SON OF GOD by Daniel Shayesteh page 70.

Robandrews33304 11:48 AM  

No absolutist ideology can allow criticism and survive. Be it communism or some form of theistic belief; because ther's really nothing there. That's why the enlightenment(1700s), happened after the scientific revolution(1600s)--not the other way around.But I think the internet will do what the printing press did in Europe.

As far as liberals are comcerned,I'm a 1960 type of liberal. That is far left. We doubted any form of authoritarianism. So I can't understand todays watered-down version. Tolerance in our day never applied to thing like any form of repressive religion.

Islam would have been thought of as some effort to "put us down"; as we would have said.

compugraphd 9:47 PM  

Robandrews33304 -- I am also a 1960s type of Liberal. Sounds a lot like a blog entry (based on an article I wrote for a local independent Jewish newspaper) I wrote 6 years ago -- http://israelanditsplaceintheworld.blogspot.com/2010/07/i-want-my-word-back-revisited.html

I hope you like it....

Anonymous 5:22 PM  

useless move

even if those person broke free from then chain and then what?
he would be kill before he could continue his life

a man name igarashi died because he translating a novel that critize islam.

Mohammad phropet killed Yazid because he no longer want to be muslim..Mohammad phropet also furious when a jew keep asking him about this new religion. ask means reveal and beang exposed make you piss, don't you?

i spend my life in muslim society and even went madrasa so i know you are doing useless thing.
even if they no longer interested in muslim, so what? should they risk their own life?

Mohammad is psychologically genious. he already beat you in this procedure. do you know why he even brought his early army? to avoid them became uninterested.

what makes me uninterested is when i learn budhism like Tao or confucius, i realize that most of them have nothing to do with war. religious people are not involved in war, except Mohammad. i try to find another person but i couldn't find any. even jesus are not a warlord.

i had a believe that you shouldn't put war & blood after religion. doesnt makes sense. this is why more and more japanese embracing muslim. they are pedhophil lolita and kamikaze and harakiri/seppuku and samourai. the muslim in japan keep rising. i've been there so dont u even believe the lied that been told "japan dont like muslim"
liar and liar
muslim is everywhere
this is why i want to suicide or maybe drink a poison so i could be free....

u have no idea what is like to live my life. spend childhood in madrasa and encounter radical muslim in daily life and born as a woman.
i've been cursed.

Anonymous 11:00 AM  

My friend, you must keep speaking! As a woman i,islam, you can help many other women come to the realization that islam is fraudulent, and possessive, like a jealous man that knows he has little worth, so he makes his wife believe she is the worthless one in order to keep her! I commend you, and feel empathy twards you. I understand your fear, but your voice gives you great power. Keep writing, asking questions, and you will find the correct way. Truth is solid, it never wavers!

Anonymous 11:19 AM  

I welcome any Muslim who wants to kill an American infidel to come try me. I am so sick and tired of white, "liberal" (or otherwise) Muslim apologists, who don't live around islam,never been to an Islamic country, and haven't researched the koranic texts, telling other less informed people that we need to welcome these "poor" "downtrodden" "refugees" into our communities! My city is next in line for pickets, calling for sharia law.... Im getting tired folks! Where are all my fellow countrymen!? ARE WE GOING TO LET THEM HAVE OUR COUNTRY, WITHOUT LIFTING A FINGER!? Get off your lazyboy, out of your comfy and safe computer room, and get to work! They have all but won people!

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