CAIR Launches Satirical 'ISLAMOPHOBIN' Public Awareness Campaign to Challenge Anti-Muslim Bigotry


The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation's largest Muslim "civil rights and advocacy organization," today launched a satirical public awareness campaign to challenge "the growing Islamophobia in America."

In its new social media campaign, CAIR is distributing "ISLAMOPHOBIN®," a mock-medicine designed to "cure" Islamophobia and includes a television commercial for the product. (NOTE: ISLAMOPHOBIN is actually sugar-free-chewing gum.)

ISLAMOPHOBIN is available for purchase at



The above was part of a press release CAIR put out today. They will never stop and they are out to win. But the truth is all in our favor. All we need to do is reach people with the facts, which they can verify to their heart's content. 

We need to be smart. We need to be effective. And when we finally get someone to understand the problem of Islam, that person is permanently immune to Islamic disinformation.

Learn more about how to talk to people effectively: Tools to Help You Educate Your Fellow Non-Muslims About Islam.

Learn more about what else you can do to expose, marginalize, and discredit orthodox Islam: What You Can Do About Islam.

CAIR describes itself as a "civil rights and advocacy organization" but it is nothing of the kind. Find out what CAIR really is: Islamists Fooling the Establishment.


pkeyrich 9:36 PM  

How funny!

The video tells us to consult a doctor to see if it's right for us!

The web page and back side of the packaging tells us to STOP taking it IF we find ourselves liking migrants, warming to Muslims, etc. why STOP when there's positive results (from CAIR's viewpoint)?

On a side note, Islamic teaching is that mind altering substances are to be avoided, yet they suggest their own brand of mind altering substance, albeit ficticious, yet profiting Islam.

Stephanie 2:55 PM  

“Isamophobia” — a cure by Dr Spencer

Walter Sieruk 8:04 AM  

On the internet site back on June 5, 2013 an article entitled "How Muslims Defend Islam: Understand Islam." The writer Abid Ali explained that even the slightest criticism of Islam,however mild, might invoke violent reactions from Muslims. In other words, faith in Islam is based on strong emotions and feelings and not logic and reason. So the writer further explained that "Even [the] most educated Muslims are highly deviod of reason when it comes to their faith and talk like a moron...If Islam is true it can stand the test of reason." What Mr. Ali wrote about Muslims blind unquestioning faith in Islam does reflect what Benjamin Franklin printed in POOR RICHARD'S ALMAMACK .Which is "The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason."

native joe 8:09 AM  

If only they could see their shortcomings as well as they point fingers. They should be showing Muslims how to get along better when they move to the west.

Unknown 2:31 AM  

yeah, these arab never really know how to integrate into the community. they rather be with their own clan, never learn to speak the local language and still not being grateful they live in a peaceful nation. I'm not from the US but I seen many arab in my country living this way & I'm sick of it. I don't hate the religion I am irate by the ego of these immigrant.

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