What Should Be Done?


In an extended conversation about Islam with a friend of a friend, after quite a bit of writing back and forth, he asked, "What do you think should be done?" What you'll read below is what I wrote back. The reason I'm publishing this is because I think many of the people you talk to about Islam in your conversations haven't given it much thought and don't really know what kind of solution you have in mind, and I think sometimes they react in a way that rejects the solutions they assume you must have in mind. So it's worthwhile to let people know what you think ought to be done about it. They might have an easier time listening to what you have to say about Islam.

One of the things my friend of a friend mentioned was how comforting it is to know that most Muslims don't like terrorism. With all that in mind, here is how I answered him:

That's a good question. What is the solution? I think basic knowledge would be a good first start. Most people know almost nothing about Islam, even in the CIA and FBI. Even among politicians. I don't know all the solutions we'll come up with, but I know we'll make better solutions if we know what we're really dealing with.

If more of us knew more about Islam, I think we'd be less likely to make mistakes like foolishly allowing Sharia law to be written into the constitutions of both Iraq and Afghanistan. That was a big mistake. I don't believe it would have happened if more non-Muslims had read the Koran.

When someone in Afghanistan was going to be killed for converting out of Islam (apostasy is illegal, punishable by death under Sharia law), the U.S. State Department said, "Hey, what are you doing? Your constitution says you have freedom of religion." To which Afghans said, "Yes, freedom of religion within the bounds of Sharia law." The people in the State Department didn't know what they were dealing with.

So I think we need to at least know. That would be a start.

I think Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Norway are on the right track: They have explicitly banned Sharia law.

And I think another good thing to add would be a flex fuel bill. It has the potential to significantly cut off funds to Saudi Arabia, which is a major source of our problems with Islam. They fund madrassas and mosques around the world, and because they pay for them, they control what is taught there, and they are teaching orthodox Islam: Hatred of non-Muslims, political action, Sharia law for all, etc.

According to this article in the Wall Street Journal, Saudi Arabia controls an unbelievable 90% of the world's Islamic institutions. We need to cut off their money, and introducing mandatory flex fuel capabilities in cars sold in America would allow fuels to compete, which would bring down prices and take money away from Saudi Arabia.

We need more people who know more about Islam so that we can have more and better solutions to its growing influence.

I don't really want anything from Muslims. I want non-Muslims to stop pretending the problem doesn't exist. I want non-Muslims to discover that Islam is not a religion of peace and stop trying to pretend it is.

The biggest Muslim organizations in America — ISNA, CAIR, MSA, etc. — have all been created as arms of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the largest international Muslim organization in the world. And the Muslim Brotherhood has said, in internal documents, that violent acts of terror are tactically foolish against America. They think 9/11 set their agenda back because it caused Americans to learn more about Islam. So they have revamped their strategy to keep a low profile, to infiltrate, to undermine and to sabotage. Terrorism against America doesn't work. We're not the kind of people who cower in fear and comply. Overt acts of violence against us make us aggressive.

Anyway, the fact that many Muslims "hate terrorism" isn't as comforting as it ought to be.

And I agree with you, we should not overreact. And we should completely reject collective punishment, abandonment of reason, and we must keep the rule of law. I am advocating first and most importantly that people read the Koran. I think non-Muslims should know what's in it, mainly because so many non-Muslims assume they know what's in it and are dangerously mistaken. And I think you really have to read the whole thing to get the full impact of this amazing doctrine.

I don't think advocating knowledge is an overreaction.

I think in hundreds of little ways, once non-Muslims know what Islam is about, all the political insinuations of Islamic law into Western democracies will be curtailed, without bloodshed and without hatred. It will just be stopped because we would understand what is motivating it, we would understand what's behind it, and we wouldn't want any part of it once we knew what it was.

The Muslims-in-name-only can go on about their lives without any trouble — and without even knowing anything is going on. The active, orthodox Muslims will find themselves curbed whenever they try to limit freedom of speech or infiltrate the FBI or any of the other things they've been able to get away with because so few people know even the most basic information about Islam.

One place we differ is that you think things are already getting better, and I think things are getting worse. Muslim infiltrators with a political objective (Islam's prime directive) have gotten into the military, the FBI, the CIA, and actually advise President Obama just as they did with former President Bush. Why? Because even people at that high level believe the nonsense that Islam is a religion of peace. Muslims are gaining control of cities in Europe, the "radicals" are regaining control in Turkey and Egypt, they are gaining control of Lebanon, Malaysia, and Indonesia. They are exerting influence over American media, Hollywood movies, what's written in American textbooks, and it goes on and on and on. Not much is getting better. And lots of things are getting worse. And I'm an optimist!

I think your attitude that "things are getting better" is just another way to try to put this issue in a box so you don't have to worry about it any more. Throughout this conversation you seem to have tried your best to come up with anything you could think of to avoid having to accept the existence of something you don't want to be true. It reminds me of that scene from the first Terminator movie.

Kyle Reese has been sent back from the future to protect Sarah Connor, but she thinks she will just get away from the terminator and go on about her life. She was refusing to get it. Didn't want to get it. Does this sound familiar?

Kyle finally grabs her wrists and yells at her: "Listen! That terminator is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely WILL NOT STOP — EVER — until you are DEAD!"

At that point, she doubled over. All the breath went out of her body. It looked like she'd been punched in the stomach. She finally realized her situation. She stopped resisting it and started thinking about what could be done about it.

It seems to me you're not there yet. You still think you can go on with your life and ignore it and everything will be okay.

But it will not stop. It will keep getting worse until it intrudes in your life in a way you can't ignore. You're a smart man. I believe some day you will get it, and it will hit you hard. But after that point, you'll stop resisting it and start thinking about what should be done about it.


Manish 6:15 AM  

in midts of libya news, you are still very focussed.

There is nothing to be optimistic about as things getting worse but optimism comes from knowing fact that you are right and you have power to spread the truth and increase intensity of spread of such messages which speak of action and not to stay in box of feel good!

Thus its clarity what i see in all your posts. A calm and neutral state - to think with zoom in and zoom out and thus appeal more. Now it rests only on us non-muslims, whosever understands the message to start the action on our part

Anonymous 7:05 AM  

More than this has to be done. I frequently cite your endorsement of Robert Spencer's Shinto Directive solution.

But this is essentially what Atatürk did, and today we are paying the consequences of him allowing the seed of Islam to remain, even though he essentially reduced it to private worship as did MacArthur.

The Qur'an has to be recognized as a text that contains the seeds of violence and hatred. As long as it is read as the word of God, it will be an inspiration to terrorism and jihad.

This is only an observation, as I do not have a solution either. Perhaps it would work if the violent passages were outlawed.

That would be a tall order, and it would raise of question of the mechanism to accomplish that. It also raises the issue of what's left after the violence is removed.

In reading An Abridged Koran, it becomes evident that even in the earliest Suras, Muhammad's bad attitude towards others is manifest.

Bill Warner also talks about a major portion of the Koran following what he calls the Koranic Argument, a pattern of violent threats against those who did not believe Muhammad:

- A description of the threat or violence

- Who is threatened

- What they did to deserve the violence

- How they are wrong

- Words from Allah to support his messenger, Mohammad

According to Bill, the Koranic Argument content of the Mecca Koran is about 63 to 70%, and 12% in the Medinan Koran because in Medina, actual violence replaced the threat of violence.

A potential solution would be to declare Muhammad a Fallen Prophet and only authorize the Meccan Koran as a recognized sacred text for personal worship.

Although it would be an improvement to see the Medinan Koran removed because of the loss of violence, we would still be left with a supremacist religion without a Golden Rule, and which would continue to foster bad attitudes towards others.

CaptainKudzu 12:22 PM  

The problem with banning Sharia in the United States is that you can't single out one religion. Under the Constitution, you would have to ban all forms of religious law or none.

Please visit and subscribe to my blog at captainkudzu.com

Anonymous 7:07 PM  

Capt Kudzu - your thought is not correct. The Constitution protects religion and worship. It does not protect religious law. The Constitution asserts that it is the Supreme Law of the Land.

According to Bill Warner's study, Statistical Islam, Islam is not a true religion because it is about 65% political. It's a 10-page study for free download here:


Citizen Warrior 1:02 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

You’re missing probably the most important point. What do we do about Islamic ‘birthrate jihad’. Their sheer numbers will overcome all others in this century. Who wins the popular vote when that happens? What happens to this planets resources? And why don’t the tree huggers care?

Citizen Warrior 1:08 AM  

We just got this email too:

Dear Warrior,

Great column!! I'm forwarding it to everyone I know who reading and/or talking about Islam. I agree with you - your friend of a friend shouldn't be comforted knowing that all Muslims don't agree with using the tactic of terrorism; I would worry if any of our local policemen didn't believe in carrying guns. Are those anti-terror Muslims going to stand up for me against their fellow Muslims? Or stand up to shield me from Islamist terrorists? I doubt it.

Citizen Warrior 1:10 AM  

And we also got this comment:

What should be done? Everyone should watch this movie especially Obozo and Hillary.

There is a new documentary movie out titled "Iranium." The movie details Iran's nuclear ambitions, its funding of worldwide terrorism to spread Islam and their goal of "death to America."

The U.S. has no defense against a nuclear armed Iran. As an example, nuclear weapons can be launched offshore from a cargo ship and if exploded above ground the electromagnetic field will fry all electronic equipment. In one year 9 out of 10 Americans will be dead.

A counter nuclear attack is not a deterrent against Iran launching nuclear weapons (watch the DVD.) Iran is very close to having nuclear weapons, they have tested missiles to carry these weapons and have successfully exploded warheads above ground.

America needs to act now as this is very real, the end game is near. Google www.iraniumthemovie.com.

The 'movie clip' unfortunately only shows the Iranian peoples dissatisfaction of their religious fanatical leaders. With the $10.00 coupon your cost is $9.95 for the DVD (to cover the cost, etc. of making the movie.) An absolute must watch factual DVD. Our politicians are downplaying the real threat to America, the end game for America is running very short.

Citizen Warrior 2:17 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

You nailed it. I've been keenly aware of this insidious threat since shortly after 9/11, when I realized Islam bore looking into; I just wish people, especially people in power, were not so willfully blind. Keep fighting the good fight - I'm right there with you.

SummerRain 1:28 PM  

Someone sent me this blog & now I am enjoying the aricles. Thanks for writing so well & with great detail for facts.

Traeh 7:59 AM  

Robert Spencer wrote that the Australian Mark Durie's "extraordinary book stands as a vital wake-up call to the world..."

Spencer was referring to Durie's The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude, and Freedom. For non-Muslims, the book is perhaps the best single introduction to Islam. It's very readable, not long, and a masterpiece. It's simultaneously the easiest, and yet the most scholarly. It's both the hardest-hitting (even harder than Robert Spencer, I'd say), and yet the most compassionate. To see how Durie pulls that off, you've got to read the book.

Among other things, it reveals many of the canonical hadiths that drive the supremacist project.

By the way, I'm posting a Qur'an in chronological order at www.chronquran.blogspot.com. Each Qur'an chapter there will have a link to Robert Spencer's commentary on that Qur'an chapter.

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