Ban Sharia in the UK: Urge All UK Citizens You Know to Sign This Petition


A petition has been launched, entitled: “Sharia Law and the use of Sharia courts within the UK should be prohibited” The deadline is March 10th, 2016, So far the petition has more than 21,000 signatures already. But 100,000 are required to discuss the matter in The House of Commons. Here is the petition:

Sharia Law and the use of Sharia courts within the UK should be prohibited.

Please get this link to as many sympathetic British people as possible. (For UK readers: Email friends, have the link on a sheet of paper, and when opportunity arises, for example, pass it on). If Sharia can be stopped, much more can be able to be done.

With 100,000 signatures, it will be discussed on the floor of Parliament, in a proper session, in public. To hammer this point home: We'd be the first Western country in which the elected representatives have to discuss Sharia publicly in the National Assembly.

If you have friends or relatives in the UK, please urge them to sign this petition. There are far more than 100,000 people in the UK that want Sharia courts banned from Britain. They only need to know this petition exists.

Any support, distribution, awareness you can drum up would be of immense help. EVERY VOTE COUNTS. The link again is:


D Cripps 7:21 AM  

Article on the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal (MAT) may be of interest...

"Unlike most sharia councils and tribunals, MAT has legal status under the 1996 Arbitration Act and its rulings can be enforced by the courts."

Unknown 11:03 PM  

It is oppression and unfair to women this is law is outdated. This is not the dark ages. And he had no right to want to enforce the law .

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