Islam Must Be Spread By Force


In his book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades), Robert Spencer wrote: "Some of the modern-day Islamic thinkers who are most revered today by jihad terrorists taught (in no uncertain terms) that Islam must impose itself by force upon non-Muslims — not as a religion, for that would violate the Qur'an's dictum that 'there is no compulsion in religion' (Qur'an 2:256) — but as a system of laws and societal norms. They taught that Muslims must fight to impose Islamic law on non-Muslim states, relegating its citizens to dhimmi status or worse."

This is Islam's prime directive. It is the Big Goal. Not to convert the world, but to subjugate the world, to bring everyone under Islamic rule.

Remember this distinction, and use it in your conversations. Generally speaking, people don't willingly submit to subjugation. They resist.

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Walter Sieruk 11:27 AM  

This article has a very good title. Which is that "Islam must be spread by force." That says a lot. For the real reason that the most effective way to spread Islam is by the power of might is because the imams ,mullahs and the other proponents of Islam , though the will never acknowledge it, is that Islam has so few genuine reality based arguments to uphold it that many Muslims ,in throughout history and even today, that they feel the need to use the brute force of violence to get "conversions." In other words, Islam has little to no actual foundations in logic or reason to make it stand so the Muslim clerics encourage the followers of Islam use extreme duress to obtain "converts." For faith in Islam is base on strong emotions and powerful feelings and not logic or reason. As for faith in Islam, this is a reminder of what Benjamin Franklin had printed in his publication of POOR RICHARD'S ALAMANACK. For it reads "The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason."

Anonymous 3:58 AM  

Supremacy of Sharia is supremacy in diversity of rules under one God Allah who determines various Sharia laws to each people, in order to test and make them tolerant in common goodness and competing in goodness for all.
Islamic Supremacy is internal theology of Muslims. Supremacy of Sharia is about a common ground among good people of the world.
Quran 5:48. For each of ye We prescribed the Sharia law and the rules. Had Allah willed, He would have made ye one nation united in religion, but He intended to test ye in what He has given ye; so compete ye for good.

Robandrews33304 9:39 AM  

Always good to get things from the sorce. This letter is from Mohammad to Heraclitus, Emporor of Byzantium:

"Now then,I invite you to Islam (surrender).Embrace Islam and you will be safe". (Sahih Bakhari--4:52:191).

Lissan al-Arab Dictionary:ISLAM;From the root verb 'Istlama', meaning 'submit','give in','surrender'.'Peace' is another derivitive.

The above two quotes are from a University of Southern California study on Islam, done in cooperation with the Muslim students union.

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