Have You Been Arguing About Refugees?


In the following article from the Center for Security Policy, you will find something that can help you in those arguments. It's worth reading. And worth sharing. And it has plenty of linked references for any skeptic you may be discussing this issue with. Here's the article:

Who the ‘Syrian Refugees’ Are — Not All of Them Are Syrian

And here's a sample from the article:

Europe, which is dealing with the brunt of the Syrian-refugee crisis, is contending with massive amounts of fraud committed by its refugee population. Many aren’t even “refugees.” Rather, they are “migrants” as defined by international law. A recent United Nations report indicates that only about half of the people entering Europe in this flood are from Syria. Europeans officials have raised concerns that about one-third of these self-identified refugees are lying about being Syrian in order to win residency.
Syrian passports are highly sought after by people hoping to enter Europe. For as little as $250 and a few days of waiting, you can buy a fake Syrian passport. Syrian passports are effectively worthless as identification, because of the thriving black market and a lack of records from the Syrian government.
Read the rest here: Who the ‘Syrian Refugees’ Are — Not All of Them Are Syrian. And share it.


Unknown 5:15 AM  

I have said this before and I am sure that other people have at least thought it if not actually said it.
Syria, an Arab Muslim nation with all of what that means, muslim superiority hatred of anyone that is not an Arab Muslim, must have been the most racially and religiously diverse nation in the world when looking at all the "REFUGEES" flooding over from Syria into Europe. I also wonder why they are coming to Europe which they hate whilst they are nearer to safe countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait, all of whom have the same religion and culture. Of course we have to bear in mind that none of them are wanted in any of those countries and are not allowed access to them.

bloggerz 1:59 PM  

Keith I strongly beleive that the main reason that muslims are coming to Europe is all part of their agenda to subjugate western countries.

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