Powerful Muslim Organizations Intimidate Hollywood Producers to Portray Islam Positively


Movies not only entertain, they inform, they influence emotions and they can affect the general public's worldview. Powerful Muslim organizations use harassment and intimidation to coerce Hollywood producers to give their audience a positive view of Islam.

"Organizations which sympathize and associate with jihadists," says Deborah Weiss, are given influence "over what the film industry says about Islam and Muslims." In a recent article, Weiss says, "several of CAIR's former leaders are now in jail on terror-related convictions. Moreover, virtually all of CAIR's leadership supports Hamas and Hezbollah," both of which are designated by the United States as terrorist organizations. "Nevertheless, CAIR is actively instructing Hollywood on how to depict Islam and Muslims. Here are some examples from Weiss's excellent article:

Paramount Pictures’ “Sum of All Fears” was based on a book by Tom Clancy and starred Ben Affleck. The original plot was about Muslim terrorists who shot down an Israeli jet flying over Syria, which was carrying nuclear weapons.

CAIR complained about “negative stereotyping of Muslims” and lobbied to get the script changed for two years prior to the film’s release. Eventually, the villains were altered from Muslim terrorists to Austrian neo-Nazis.

Twentieth Century Fox produced “True Lies,” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis, a movie about an Islamic terrorist and a spy with an unfaithful wife.

CAIR demanded a meeting with the producers. When it was declined, CAIR issued leaflets and held numerous activities protesting the film. Eventually, FOX made a disclaimer stating that the film is a work of fiction and doesn’t represent the actions or beliefs of any particular religion.

“Kingdom of Heaven,” also produced by Twentieth Century FOX, starred Liam Neeson and Orlando Bloom. It concerned the Crusades and the battle for Jerusalem.

To avoid problems, the producers gave CAIR a special pre-screening of the film and hired a Muslim consultant who is anti-Israel and believes America is a racist society. Accordingly, several scenes were cut prior to the film’s release. In the end, the movie was a skewed account of the Crusades, not only depicting the Christians as murderers and hypocrites, but the Muslims as morally superior.

CAIR-NY has gone so far as to demand that CBS stop airing all films, TV and radio shows on the subject of Islamic terrorism, whether fact or fiction, claiming that these “defame” Muslims. CAIR-NY argued that the shows cause discrimination and subject Muslim children to harassment. “Not Without My Daughter,” starring Sally Field, and several Chuck Norris movies were among the films that CAIR wanted off the air. To boycott all CBS radio and TV shows from both the CBS News and entertainment divisions as well as their advertisers, CAIR-NY started an online petition. Consequently, CBS changed the title of a Chuck Norris film, telling the Los Angeles Times in 2003 that in an upcoming film on terrorism it would remove all portrayals of Muslims.

“24 Hours” was a hit syndicated TV series produced for the FOX Channel. It was about a counter-terrorism agent who tried to thwart cyber, biological and chemical terrorist attacks. It won numerous awards, including a Golden Globe and an Emmy. It showed villains from a range of backgrounds, including German, Russian, American and Muslim.

After one episode which portrayed a Muslim family as part of a sleeper cell, CAIR met with FOX to complain. FOX capitulated, cutting additional scenes that presented Muslims negatively. FOX also issued a statement explaining that the show is fiction and assumes people can distinguish fiction from reality. FOX also allowed CAIR to air public service announcements of Muslims from different ethnicities, stating “I am an American Muslim.”

CAIR is not the only Muslim organization influencing Hollywood in this way. 

CAIR and other organizations do all this with impunity and very little resistance because there is not enough pushback from people who know better. And there is not enough pushback because not enough people understand the disturbing nature of Islamic doctrine. That's where you come in.


Analee 7:04 PM  

What kind of terrorism will it be about if there are no Muslims in this movie? And who asked the Aussies if they like being portrayed as neo -Nazis? And the Crusades? I guess only the Muslims worry about how they're portrayed because they know that their "religion of peace" has wrought havoc upon this world for 1000+ years; not too many people worry about how their ancestors are portrayed because they know that people have moved on. If they want Islam portrayed positively maybe they should do something to make it positive (if that's possible) Maybe they should make a movie about the Koran? Tell the true story of Islam - hey many people love violent movies these days; just watch TV.Has anybody ever complained about the myriad portrayals of Jesus? They didn't have to; His reputation is spotless and the movies about him weren' trying to cover anything up.Many of them tell His story straight from the Gospels and all the Hollywood big names couldn' wait to be in them.

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