The Value of Reading the Koran


Someone left a comment the other day on A Message To Peaceful Muslims. It is clear and succinct and says it all. Here it is:

"I am currently reading the Koran, and am a non-Muslim. I am looking to find positive and enlightening aspects of this book and can find none. It is all commands to get rid of infidels; it is a book based on fear and death. I was looking to find something of a great read in it, but sadly I can find nothing of value."

If you haven't yet read the Koran, take the pledge and read it. Everything you say about Islam thereafter will ring with authority.


Anonymous 5:28 AM  

I read it. I agree it's all about hatred and death. The only "good" things in it are directed exclusively at muslimes and muslimes only. Of course that excludes any muslime that is a different kind of muslime - sunny/shiite/amidiya/etc. they are considered heretics and worthy of only death. death death death, islames stock and trade.

Anonymous 7:14 AM  

Reading the quran is akin to listening to the outpourings of a psychotic fantasist.
islam is self defeating, it wants to destroy every none believer but has not reckoned who will be the host for this parasitic mind set, once only muslimes exist.They saw the branch of the tree they are sitting on.


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