Dividing and Conquering


We are making ourselves easier to conquer by dividing ourselves into two opposing camps — liberal and conservative. It is a self-defeating division. Many liberals understand the problem of Islam and many conservatives do not.

More conservatives than liberals understand it, but does that mean conservatives should reject all liberals as allies? It doesn't make any sense. More brown haired people than blonds understand that Islam is a threat. Should blonds be rejected, ridiculed, or categorically dismissed because some blonds don't get it? Too many counterjihad information sources are also counterliberal, insulting and alienating liberals from this important cause.

Not all liberals are part of the problem. And some conservatives are. Let's not divide ourselves that way. It only serves the enemy. Let's aim for unity against this shared threat.

As Bill Warner recently said in an introduction to his Politics of Extinction video:

In a war you don’t need friends, you need allies. This distinction is important, because you have to like a friend, but you don’t need to like an ally. Under the threat of annihilation we need to see that all Kafirs are in the same boat. All of those threatened with extinction are Kafirs. Politics makes strange bedfellows, so atheist, Protestant, Buddhist and every other flavor of Kafir must work together to survive.

In Muhammad's day, his enemies didn't unite against the Muslims while they could. They squabbled with each other and Muhammad added rumors to help them distrust one another, allowing the Muslims (who were far outnumbered) to defeat the non-Muslims. We should avoid a repetition of history. We should unite against the Islamic ideology, and we should do it now.


Ah Clem 11:27 AM  

As a liberal myself, I must say that Peanuts cartoon is an excellent example of the problem of cultural relativism, AKA moral relativism, on the left. I sometimes use the word "libtard" in describing the cultural relativist left too. It's less descriptive than "cultural relativist" though.

Twitter user "Desi Liberal" has put together a fantastic summary of a recent Twitter debate between some atheist ex-Muslims advocating for LGBT rights, and a gay leftist more interested in not "insulting Islam" than in advocating for LGBT rights everywhere, including Islamic societies. It's an absolutely remarkable example of just how twisted a viewpoint can result from the cultural relativist ideology.

One interesting aspect of the critics of Islam on the left is that many of its most prolific activists are ex-Muslims. Most of them have family who are still believers, so they are sensitive about negative generalizations about Muslims as people. After all, wouldn't you be offended by someone making negative generalizations that target, among others, your loved ones? Think about that when making alliances. I saw one such ex-Muslim activist ("NiceMangos") block a conservative activist for having tweeted "Muslims have bad morals". After discussing it with her, she would have been absolutely fine with "Islam teaches bad morals". Still a bit too PC for my taste, but I do understand her reasons.

If you're interested in reading more from liberal critics of Islam, I'd recommend Ali Rizvi's blog. He was born in Pakistan, educated in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and is currently living in Canada. I plan to buy his book, "The Atheist Muslim", as soon as it comes out.

Citizen Warrior 12:03 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Instead of "politically correct", perhaps "perceptually convoluted" or "perversely conformist"

Instead of "politically incorrect", perhaps "politically informed" or "perceptually independent"

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