Islam's Ideology Exploits Human Weaknesses


As I was reading F.W. Burleigh's book, It's All About Muhammad, it became crystal clear that the same human failings that are now allowing and even aiding the rise and expansion of Islamic forces in the world were also at work during Muhammad's time. Muhammad could have been easily stopped when he had only a few followers in Mecca, but the Meccans were afraid of Muhammad's uncle and didn't think Muhammad was much of a threat anyway.

Muhammad could have been stopped in Medina before he grew very powerful. Muslims were greatly outnumbered for a long time. But the residents of Medina had business to attend to and were content to let somebody else stick their neck out to deal with it, and besides, what was Muhammad and his weak little band going to do? Take over the whole town? As a matter of fact, they eventually did.

The more Muhammad asserted his willingness to murder, the more scared the Medinans were to speak up — which caused their poets (their equivalent of our modern day political cartoonists and Op-Ed writers) to silence themselves out of fear, which hindered the Medinans from expressing their mutual feelings of rising discomfort, which might have joined them together into a united resistance against their common enemy. So the Muslims were able to defeat and eliminate one tribe at a time until they ruled the town and imposed Islam on anyone left alive.

This is a deadly ideology, and it is "clever" in the same way that viruses are "clever." Deadly viruses are efficient and functional in a way that makes them hard to defeat.

We're going to have to be smart. We're going to have to muster our courage to act, and to prevent ourselves from giving up in despair. And we're going to have to unite as many of us in this cause as we can. The stakes can't get any higher.


Anonymous 5:37 AM  

this is so much true today people are afraid to speak out against the disgusting ways of the muslims for fear of being called racist

Anonymous 8:01 PM  

If a business refuses to take down its bacon ads during Ramadan its inviting a jihad attack. If someone says openly NO i do NOT accept sharia or muslim supremacy they are setting themsleves up as targets. We have a group of people who bully us all with terror and there is no recourse. If we say anything aginst them at all how do we know one of them wont target our store, church, bus stop with violence? We all live in fear. Im afaid to write letters to the editor complaining about articles that paint islam as peacful and muslims as victims bcs I dont want to get on a watchlist of some sort. what has this country come to? We have to fight islam/jihad underground.MEANWHILE, the leader of the new black panthers calls for killng whites and there is no outrage. The MSM is on the side of the muslims. The left hates America so much they will ally with islam bcs they know Islam will destroy western civilization. Feminists defend muslims womens "right" to wear a hijab....even though muslim women have no rights, even though islam does FGM. The left hates America so much it will ally with islam even though islam hates gays! We are battling islam AND the leftists who want to destroy America. The left coddles islam as a tool to bring down traditional America. People! Please wake up! We were doing so well before obama. Racism was FADING. Now all we hear about is race while obama hosts terrorists in the wh for his ramadan dinner and imports muslims by the thousands. His goal is to ruin America.


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