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I am halfway through a great book entitled, It's All About Muhammad, by F. W. Burleigh. It is a fascinating story. Muhammad comes alive, as does the town of Mecca and the characters who lived there. I first learned about this book from the author himself. He wrote me the following email (reprinted here with his permission):

Dear Citizen Warrior;

I wrote an illustrated biography of Muhammad that was recently released: It's All About Muhammad, a Biography of the World's Most Notorious Prophet. It's very detailed and based primarily on a close study of 20,000 pages of the canonical literature of Islam. Additionally, it contains 25 illustrations, half of them "depicting" atrocities Muhammad committed.

I would like to know if you would be willing to review it for Citizen Warrior, as it offers an abundance of ammunition to push back Islam and is a good supplement to your excellent book, Getting Through.

I believe this book is distinctive from anything that has been published about Muhammad to date:

For one, it is illustrated. It is also thorough, with nearly 500 pages of biographical details written in such a way that the reader is brought into the action. It's almost like a novel, but it is factual and based on the wealth of anecdotal materials about Muhammad found in the canonical literature. It is supplemented with 47 pages of chapter notes that prove that nothing is invented. It gives a good sampling of the weirdness of the source material.

Among other things, the bio shows the connection between the events of Muhammad's life and the Koran and demonstrates that the Koran was like a blog that Muhammad maintained for 23 years. Quotes from the Koran are woven into the narrative and show the time of origin of many of the most hate-filled verses of the Koran — echoes of Muhammad's hatred.

Perhaps what is most different about the book is that with its illustrations it offers itself as an example of an approach to dealing with Islam — in the short term and in the long term. In the Epilogue, the book argues that the best weapon that can be used to push back Islam is the truth about Muhammad, but presented in docudramas and feature film. As you are well aware, the truth about him is grotesque. Muhammad in fact committed almost every crime listed by the International Criminal Court as constituting a crime against humanity — all indictable offenses based on the evidence that can be found in Islam's literature. The epilogue suggests a film project in which Muhammad and his cronies are put on trial for crimes against humanity.

Islam contains the seed of its own destruction, and this seed is the truth about Muhammad. Your book, my book, and books by many other people who understand the insidious nature of Islam are necessary and important for waking people up. However, how many people read books? Not that many, meaning that their impact at best is trickle down. Yet what is needed is to bring the masses of humanity on board for an informed push back against this evil. Informed people are motivated people.

This can be best accomplished through the graphic presentation of the truth about Muhammad — the truth weaponized. The truth is the weapon, the horrific details of Muhammad's life the ammunition, the Internet and TV and ultimately the movie theater are the delivery systems.

I'd be happy to send you a complimentary copy, but I realize your address is not something you would likely give out to anyone — not even to the president of the United States of America!

If you would like to have an idea of the book, you can check it out at There is a sample chapter posted, Chapter 23: The Final Solution, which has to do with the massacre of the Qurayza Jews. Also posted are the introduction, the list of illustrations, and the Table of Contents.

Your book and your blog are first rate and put you on the front line of the struggle against Islam. I am a late comer to the fight, but here I am along with a ton of ammunition.


After I started reading the book, I wrote to the author and said: "I'm enjoying your book tremendously. Well done. You must have been reading about Muhammad for a long time. What first got you interested in the subject?"

Here's what he said (reprinted with his permission):

9/11 was the spark. Before that I saw Islam was something screwy, more a disease than a religion, but didn't know much about it or Muhammad and really didn't want to.

After 9/11, I began looking into it, but sporadically, then in 2006-2007 I decided a truthful biography was needed with illustrations thrown in as a way of telling Islam to go screw itself. But I didn't have time to jump into it. However, the next few years I figured out what I needed to learn was in the original literature, so I began acquiring everything I could get my hands on...all the books in the bibliography and a lot more. Fortunately, translations of important books were getting published by then, like the Life of Muhammad of al-Waqidi, first available in 2011, which is the definitive original work of his raids and battles.

Then I took a deep breath and began to study and write full time in 2011, almost day in day out. It involved tearing apart about twenty of the most important volumes of the original works, which means scanning them page by page, and then reading them line by line, often many times, to extract the content, and breaking everything down into many thousands of mini-files to I could keep track of hundreds of characters, events, concepts, you name it, so that when I wrote I had all of this stuff at my fingertips. This was something I did as I wrote. Characters were extremely important and I developed quite a number of characters in the book. I compiled big files on a lot of Muhammad's friends and enemies. When you know enough about them, you can see them as believable three-dimensional people you can identify with, as real as anyone you hear about today in the media. All this was accompanied by reading supplementary work that was worth studying....the works of 19th and 20th century Christian and Jewish scholars were invaluable for understanding where Muhammad got his ideas and how he modified them to suit his delusions about himself. I read the Koran multiple times, dissecting it so that I could tie in events in Muhammad's life to specific verses, and on and took about three years of hard work like that to get to the end of it, and then months of rewriting and editing until it read well.

We are in a war for survival. Islam has destroyed entire civilizations and ours is not immune from destruction. It will take the efforts of millions of Citizen Warriors to keep that from happening, and I've signed up for the duration. Writing It's All About Muhammad was only boot camp.


In a later email, the author sent me more information about how he wrote the book. This is what he said:

I undertook an extensive study of Islam a number of years ago and as a result of these studies produced a comprehensive biography of Muhammad, the creator of Islam.

Given that I put 10,000 hours of work into this, I consider myself an expert not only in the biographical details about Muhammad, but also Islam. And that is because Islam is all about Muhammad. Know Muhammad, know Islam. Nothing that happens anywhere in the world that is related to Islam is unrelated to Muhammad.

Why is this important? Why should it matter what a guy named Muhammad did in the Wild West of Arabia 1,400 years ago? He's dead and now dust. He may be dust, but what he created is not dust. What he created is a militant ideology that seeks to impose itself worldwide, and it is making rapid advances where it is least resisted.

Islam's followers model their behavior on Muhammad's. And they follow the commands of his Koran. They believe God dictated the Koran to him and all of its commands to commit violence against people who rejected him.

It is the assumption of all of the work I have done that Islam is irremediably violent and always will be because Muhammad was irremediably violent. He would never have gotten a lasting following by peaceful proselytizing. He was only able to succeed through violence. He created a powerful ideology of sanctified violence using sex, booty, and fear of hellfire to rope people in and keep them roped. ISIS and the nauseating atrocities it perpetrates are not aberrations. ISIS is Islam 101, the Islam of Muhammad.

Islam creates chaos and strife everywhere it goes. Live even for a day in the Middle East and you will see what will come eventually to where you are now — unless you do something about it. But how can you do anything about it unless you know what it is about? You have to know your enemy and your enemy is not al-Qaeda, or ISIS, or Boko Haram. Your enemy is what is in the head of these people and the man who put it there. Your enemy is Muhammad.

To know the truth about him is to have a weapon to defend yourself against what he created. The truth about him is grotesque. It is a story of cruel barbarity, assassinations, mass murder, plunder, enslavement, and on and on. But relatively few people know anything about it, yet the truth about him is the seed that ultimately will bring about the destruction of what he created.

Read It's All About Muhammad, a Biography of the World's Most Notorious Prophet.


Anonymous 5:37 AM  

"Mohammed" probably didn't exist as an historical person, but only as a mythical construct of the savage male of that day and time. Islam is much ado about nothing and nobody.

Greg Hamilton 6:59 AM  

"the truth about him is the seed that ultimately will bring about the destruction of what he created."

I could not agree more with this statement. It is so true. Muhammad's behaviour is repulsive to universal human morality. If our leaders and media would spend more time exposing the truth about Muhammad instead of covering for him, Islam's edifice of violence and lies would crumble into dust and the world would be saved from its menace.

Walter Sieruk 8:29 AM  

A well researched book about Muhammad in this post 9/11 world may ,indeed, be very important. More important still are the teachings and warnings of Jesus concerning false prophets. For Jesus not only warned of false prophets but predicted more of them coming after he left the earth. For Jesus in His Wisdom taught "Beware of false prophets ,which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." Matthew 7:15. The Bible further warns that "many false prophets are gone forth into the world." First John 4:1. [K.J.V] That Muhammad was one of those false prophets may be sen inthe Christian internet site

Unknown 11:27 AM  

for Free book; Killing prophet Muhammad go to:

Anonymous 6:35 AM  

I think the exposing of the sinister actions of Muhammad will most likely curtail future enlistments but those who are already captured in his deception will stay. They know much about Muhammad and they want to be evil like him, deceived into believing that God is all approving of their evil deeds. Allah may approve, but not God. Allah is not God.

Citizen Warrior 12:50 PM  

Our purpose here on Citizen Warrior is not to curtail future enlistments into Islam's army. Our purpose is to awaken the NON-Muslim population. Orthodox Muslims are making gains ONLY because non-Muslims are so ignorant about the true nature of Islamic doctrine. When that changes, it will be the beginning of the end of Islam's expansion.

Tim 12:34 AM  

"You can safely assume that you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do." - Anne Lemott
I think the focus on Mohammed should be oriented towards a focus on psychopathy, it's generic characteristics, and then dropping them into the context that Mohammed faced. Psychopathy creates both the motive for Mohammed to create Islam, and the means. It makes everything that happened fall into place. Characteristics of psychopaths see here:

Mohammed was an orphan from age 6. That he was born into a high cast but also a society that practiced vendetta law. Vendetta law is revenge based law. One's protection is reliant upon immmediate kin. As an orphan in a vendetta society, legally speaking, Mohammed was on the lowest rung in his society.

One of the most defining characteristics of psychopaths is they fear others dominating over them. This creates the only thing they do value: domination of others. As a psychopath, from a very early age, Mohammed would have been obsessed with trying to figure out how to reverse his status from being on the bottom to being on the top.

In the Mecca he was born into status was conferred to 1) Tribal and Clan leaders; 2) Custodians of religious sects and; 3) Poets (at the time writing had only just arrived and so poetry was the customary form for remembering facts, having and spreading thoughts - Mohammed would have attempted to cultivate his abilities here from an early age. In the event Mohammed combined all three: He created and lead a tribe, based upon belief, which he propagated through poetry. What's most notable is that the entire purpose of creating the religion was political - promoting him. Theologically Islam introduces nothing new except Mohammed is God's prophet, everything else is derived from Judiaism, Christianity, Paganism or Zoroastrianism. Furthermore Islam has no ethics other than everything is allowable if it helps expand Islam. But to create a religion and false testimony of God requires a capacity to lie unflinchingly, a contempt for people you lie to.

Mohammed’s epilepsy is probably not material to his motives. One merely needs to arrive at the conclusion that he was a psychopath, an orphan, & Mecca was under vendetta system of law. The latter 2 are most definitely true & the former is at least a 1 in 25 chance. As a psychopath Mohammed would have been impelled to seek dominance.

The tells:
Islam means submission. He ordered assassination to people who mocked him is also a tell. The fact that Islam's God hates the same people Mohammed hated is a tell, as Lemott's quote suggests, he created God in his own image. That makes the religion and it’s God Mohammed’s alter ego. Submit to Islam and you submit to Him. Domination achieved. He married into money - that did not satisfy him. He moved to Medina and was infranchised in high office and that did not satisfy him: he had to go out on raiding and banditry raids, (theft) which lead to murder, and war. The fact that he did not prepare for his succession is also a tell - he didn't care what happened after he was gone. Islam begins, ends and is saturated in psychopathy.

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