Counterjihad Heavy Hitters Struggle to Reach People Too


Do you sometimes have trouble getting through to people about Islam? Do you sometimes wonder how it's possible not to understand very basic things about this issue? You're not alone. In the video below, two of my favorite counterjihadists — Jamie Glazov and Raymond Ibrahim — have a discussion about how hard it is for them too:

It's important to keep up with the news. It's important to understand the principles of the Islamic ideology. But the limiting factor preventing an understanding of Islam from becoming widespread and mainstream is breaching this listening barrier. The biggest issue among counterjihadists should now be how to get through to our fellow non-Muslims about the problem of Islam.


Unknown 5:31 PM  

This stuff is so fascinating and no one cares. That"s part of it too. It takes time to understand it. It does not fit well in a sound bite outside of the head chopping. People don't understand that everything they do is part of Islamic law

Citizen Warrior 8:13 PM  

I'm sure there are some who really don't care. But most people care about their own freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and an ideology founded on hate that is expanding into their own country.

If you find that "no one" cares, change the way you communicate about the issue. You can communicate it in a way that nobody will care, or you can communicate it in a way that arouses their desire to do something about it. Many people in the counterjihad have encountered the same trouble trying to awaken their fellow non-Muslims, and we've been collecting ideas that will help you:

Tools to Help You Educate Your Fellow Non-Muslims About Islam

Please share these ideas with your fellow counterjihadists. We NEED to get through to people. We cannot rely on people who don't understand enough about Islam to understand the significance of the issue. It is WE who must make that clear to them. It's up to us. And failure is not an option.

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