Who Should We Consider "Oppressed?"


Garry Trudeau received an award last week for his Doonesbury comic strip. In accepting the award, he criticized the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists for "attacking a powerless, disenfranchised minority," "ridiculing the nonprivileged," and accused them of hate speech.

In a New York Times Op-Ed, Ross Douthat eloquently pointed out that when armed Muslims murder journalists, it is an egregious moral error to label the journalists as the oppressors. One has to be appallingly and ludicrously blinkered — blinded by one's own ideology — to be unable to recognize the vast moral difference between drawing a cartoon and murdering the cartoonist.

To help give your friends and family greater moral clarity about the problem of Islam, I recommend sharing with them Douthat's Op-Ed from the New York Times: Checking Charlie Hebdo's Privilege.

Read more about Trudeau's speech here:
Why Garry Trudeau Is Wrong About Charlie Hebdo
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Walter Sieruk 12:31 PM  

One group of people who may be considered oppressed the the people who are force against their will the "live" under the cruel tyrannical Islamic dictatorship of the regime of the mullahs ,ayatollahs and other Muslim tyrants who rule Iran. For this oppressive regime in Iran goes by the title of a "republic" that is one thing the this oppressive Islamic tyranny is not .For a real republic is from the Latin meaning res-public "the property of the people." Thus this oppressive Islamic regime is even false in its name. Furthermore of such harsh and heinous oppression the Bible reads "I was the tears of the oppressed - and they have no comforter; power is on the side of the oppressors. Ecclesiastes 5:8. Likewise. Proverbs 15:15 teaches "All the day of the oppressed are wretched..." [N.I.V] This Islamic regime of Iran is one of the many examples of the extreme oppression of Islam.

Walter Sieruk 1:19 PM  

Who might we consider "Oppressed" ? How about the people who are Muslims who are thus trapped in the a thought control system that allows no independent thinking of the individual. This is Islam. As for the idea of the oppressive of tyranny. Being that of Islam. Which is a religious/political oppressive system of total thought control and also has much power over the thinking and lives of millions of people around the world. How sad ! How tragic ! Moreover, in this type of oppression the words of Thomas Jefferson just might be fitting.For Mr. Jefferson had stated "I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

Unknown 6:33 AM  

Well Spoken. Walter. Very well spoken. The question of who is the oppressed is very valid.
However, one does not kill someone, nor give them so many threats that they are in fear of their lives. On an individual basis, one can pull an order of protection against someone who is perceived as a threat. If you cannot install an order of protection against a people because they are legion, then the a regiment is inverted, or at least, rendered ineffective. At that point, one becomes the hunted. Yes, freedom is a responsibility. But can a responsibility be bullied and cajoled with murder? Is murder ever righteous?

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