A Movie About Muhammad: One of Our Most Important Battle Fronts


Ali Sina, Frank Burleigh, Eric Allen Bell, and others have said that when a critical mass of non-Muslims know the story of Muhammad, Islam's expansion will come to a screeching halt. Orthodox Islam will shrink back — it will be pushed back by non-Muslims who understand what Islam really is.

My personal experience has borne this out. When I do nothing more than tell stories about Muhammad, it changes the way my listeners feel about Islam, without any arguments or strife — without anyone trying to "defend Islam." There's nothing to defend. I'm just telling a story.

I think this means that as simple as it sounds, this is one of the most important goals we should aim for: To get an epic, high-production movie made about Muhammad's life, perhaps based on Burleigh's book, It's All About Muhammad. Getting this movie finished and into theaters will be difficult to do. It will create an intense amount of resistance. But I believe it will advance our cause as nothing else can.

As it says in The Good Must Associate, there are at least three tried-and-true strategies we should be applying: Gather allies, coordinate efforts, and concentrate force at a decisive point. The creation of an honest movie about Muhammad's life is a decisive point we should concentrate on.

Once people understand what Islam really is, everything else will be relatively easy. We'll just say no. When orthodox Muslims push for concessions, we'll say no. When they want special accommodations, we'll say no. When they want to put Islamic countries on the United Nations Human Rights Council, we'll say hell no, are you kidding? When they ask for handouts (aid from wealthier countries) we'll say no. When they want to immigrate into our countries, we'll say no. When they want to join the military or teach the FBI how to deal with the "Muslim community" we'll say no. When a politician who is in any way conciliatory toward Muslims wants to get elected, we'll say no. When programs on television try to portray Islam as a religion of peace, nobody will watch it and it will be booed off the airwaves. When a Muslim advocacy group tries to put whitewashed lies into our children's school textbooks, we'll say no. When a lawyer tries to get Islamic law applied in any form in our countries' courtrooms, we'll just say no.

In other words, every place Islam tries to expand or advance, it will run into a wall of certainty about its real agenda, and it will find no way forward.

All of this and more can come about when the general population understands what Islamic doctrine really says. And almost none of this can come about as long as the population remains ignorant. This is our battle ground. This is where the fight is being waged, and it is being fought by ordinary citizens. You and me.

In our own private lives, we can increase the number of no-longer-ignorant people. And we can keep our minds on this goal of getting a movie made. If you know of a producer, a friend of a friend in the movie business, a playwright, or if you can in any way aid this effort now or any time in the future, try to advance this goal. Islam needs to be exposed for what it is. And a good movie of Muhammad's life would be the best way to accomplish it.

Someone just left a link in the comments to an interview with the author of Son of Hamas who wants to create a movie about Muhammad. Check it out: Time to Expose Muhammad.


Anonymous 7:17 PM  

I will commit $1,000 to this effort via Pay Pal. This movie must be made.

Anonymous 11:01 PM  

Yes movie is great conduit for information, however a Hollywood graded movie for the time being is a pipe dream, it is not just about millions dollars of production cost, but the safety of actors as well. Pretty sure they will receive dead threats and some of them will actually be murdered.

I suggest to start with high quality cinematic animation movie. Initiate a donation campaign to raise fund, hire a pro team. I think a half a million should be suffice.

The movie must be 100% factual based.

Then we can perhaps hire the animators: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93xY06Sh7FE

Anonymous 11:20 PM  

I'm pretty sure Mosab hassan yousef has already done this. It's probably already completed and it will probably be released after his live action adaptation of "The Green Prince"


Unknown 8:28 AM  

Plan is Solid, go for it
It must have many quotes from the quarn and hadiths
Love it

Citizen Warrior 1:24 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

I may have mentioned tis before, but Dinesh D'Souza seems like the perfect one to ask. The story of Muhammad has never been done, it would clearly be original and D'Souza would like that. It's controversial, D'Souza would like that and would not be afraid to go with it. Whoever does this will be famous; I think D'Souza is generally rather humble, and likely wouldn't be so attracted to this, but it doesn't hurt. There's money it, and I suspect there are a good number of supporters that could help out with financing (all of us), although a major studio won't touch it, but Dinesh just might - and with D'Souza's stature, it WILL get seen.

Citizen Warrior 1:25 PM  

I think Dinesh D'Souza is a great suggestion. I will ask him about it, and anyone else with any connection to him should ask him too. The more people who suggest it to him, the better.

Anonymous 2:34 PM  

If we are worried about the safety of actors, then use only voice actors and alter their voices and create computer animated characters. Computer animation has come a long way and can be made very realistic.

Ben 3:40 PM  

Mel Gibson is crazy enough and rich enough to do it.

Dr. Sina and Mossab Yusuf claimed to have screen plays and be in production, to start filming two years ago. I suspect they ran out of $$. The brother of the creator of Muhammad's Believe It Or Not comic book also has a screen play, no producer will touch it with a ten foot pole.

Imran Firasat has a couple of good animations, one on Moe and one on his marriage to Aisha. Look them up at Real Islam TV

There is another possibility, as a spark plug. It would require lots of participation and coordination, but has real potential.

To be continued.

Ben 3:54 PM  


Think about: medieval passion plays and Haloween Hell Houses. Until PC hit the fan, European churches usta do passion plays. In recent years, churches have run Haloween displays.

Individual churches could create their own brief plays, each based on a few hadith.

Once scripts are created, they could be shared among churches.

The best performances could be videotaped and uploaded to YouTube.

Act19 Ministries has the skill sets required.

Once the movement gets going and begins to grow, it can be ramped up.

There is one resource that may be difficult to tap, but it has aweson potiential: Scottish Rite Masonry. The Scottish Rite degrees are theatrical. They have experts in costumes and makeup. They have members who can memorize and deliver lines.

Since the fraternity is apolitical and broad minded theologically, it can not directly participate. But that does not stop individual members from becoming involved.

Unknown 5:20 PM  

Dinesh D'Souza is an excellent choice. If he will put his name on the marquee, I think I can raise the money to produce the picture. I should be animated, to protect the actors and locations from Islamic terrorism. We all know that the Religion of Peace does not take criticism very well. This isn't the Broadway musical, "The Book of Mormon" where adherents have a sense of humor about themselves. This is WAR. If someone with marquee value will come on board, I would gladly stick my neck out and make the calls to some equity investors and do my part. I've raised millions of dollars for motion pictures so far, and this would be by far the most challenging, but I'm up for it.

Citizen Warrior 1:22 AM  

Thanks Eric. I will let D'Souza know. Maybe we can get a collaboration going between you, D'Souza and Yousef. I want to see it already!

Citizen Warrior 12:30 PM  

Ben, Frank Burleigh also suggested an animated film in the final chapter of his book, "It's All About Muhammad." Page 480.

But I think although it may be difficult to find actors, it might not be impossible and an epic film with real actors would make the filmmaker and everyone in the film famous for all time. Some people are willing to risk their lives to be that famous.

Citizen Warrior 1:24 AM  

We just got this email, and we're sharing it with his permission:

If there are problems with getting the movie made, we could use it to our advantage. We simply need to tell politicians and journalists that a movie will be made based on Burleigh's book then give them a copy. Then tell them they can't afford to ignore this. But for the moment I'm going to promote the book among ordinary people. That is a tactic we can use later.


Citizen Warrior 1:25 AM  

Brad also emailed this, and with his permission, we're sharing this great idea:

Also, it's worth encouraging people to go to their local bookshop and order Burleigh's book. Even if they don't get books from that publisher; they might reconsider after 20 different people come in asking for the same book. Money talks.

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