Infidel Lives Matter


The following was written by Eric Allen Bell, originally published on Faith Freedom here. You should make sure you're sitting down as you read it, because it will blow you over with its intensity and direct honesty. 

Bell is a writer, filmmaker and media adviser, living in Los Angeles, California. While making a documentary about the construction of a 53,000 square foot mega mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, he attempted to expose “Islamophobia”. But he had an awakening, which you can read about here. When he stated publicly that Islam was the biggest threat to human rights in the world today, his writing was banned from being published on the Daily Kos and after created a petition to silence him. But he has not been silenced. 

Okay, are you ready? Here's Eric Allen Bell:

About 1,400 years ago a mentally ill illiterate desert dweller, a Jew-hater suffering from auditory hallucinations, dictated a best seller entitled “The Holy Quran”. Out of this book came a tyrannical political system and a fanatical religious ideology called Islam. The word Islam means “submission”. The Quran also produced a brutal legal system called the Sharia. Since the author of the Quran, a blood thirsty rapist, pedophile and slave owner named Muhammad, first began his homicidal mission – to force the unbeliever to submit to Islam – approximately 270,000,000 people have been killed in his name.

Today, the leader of the most powerful country in the world, Barack Hussein Obama, has declared Islam to be a religion of peace and told the United Nations that, “The future has no place for those who would slander the prophet of Islam”. We are in big trouble. The leader of the free world is more concerned with protecting the feelings of the followers of Muhammad than protecting the lives of his majority Infidel incumbents. Somehow in all that channel changing chatter, the voices are mostly absent which say that Infidel Lives Matter.

As the public education system in America slowly celebrates Islam more and more, while whitewashing its horrific history, we raise a generation who have forgotten that Infidel Lives Matter.

Every Islamic hellhole on the globe today is the result of brutal Quranic conquest. History has forgotten that those who are now forced to submit to Islam in those nations used to be Infidels. They were allowed to speak up and object to the sadistic teachings of Muhammad, until enough of them had forgotten that Infidel Lives Matter.

Remember, the word “Islam” literally means “submission” and its stated mission is to force the entire world to submit to Islam. Remember that today Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, although a careful read of the Islamic scriptures makes it self-evident that Islam is really more of a political system, with some religious overtones. Remember and don’t forget that you are free to say whatever you want about Muhammad, in print in pictures and in film and you do not have to submit. Remember – when they twist your words, tarnish your reputation, call you names and threaten your life – that Infidel Lives Matter.

Over its 1,400 year bloody history, after the followers of Muhammad attack a land for Islam, they build victory mosques. Since the Twin Towers were hit by devout Muhammad maniacs on 9/11 – new mosque construction in America has nearly doubled! The writing is on the wall for all who have the courage to see. This rapidly growing phase in the cultural expansion of Islamic Law in America is made possible by the silent voices – the voices that should be shouting from the mountain top that Infidel Lives Matter, but instead would rather not know what a mosque even is.

Since 9/11 there have been approximately 25,000 acts of brutal Islamic terrorism. That means on average several per day, taking the lives of roughly 2,000,000 people. And after each act of Islamic brutality, political leaders and media talking heads immediately change the narrative, to warn us about an imaginary wave of “Islamophobia” rather than to just come out and say that Infidel Lives Matter and we have finally had enough. No. Like the wife who cannot leave the wife beater, we make excuses: “He didn’t mean it” and “He wasn’t really being himself” and “He is trying to change” and “Well, maybe I deserved it”. But the fact is that Infidels do not deserve the bullying of Islam but a bully will not back down until he is defeated – and this bully will not be defeated until enough of us come to realize that Infidel Lives Matter.

The Islamic President of Turkey said that “The mosques are our barracks”. Turkey is a country with more journalists behind bars than nearly any other, while enjoying the reputation of being the most moderate Muslim country in the world. What is meant by that quote, about the mosques being barracks? And what is a mosque exactly?

A mosque is place where the Sharia is taught. Sharia is brutal and sadistic and runs counter to human rights. A mosque is a place where sedition and treason are taught, and this runs counter to the preservation of American values, ideals, and our very survival. A mosque is a place where superstition is taught, and this runs counter to reason and rational thinking. A mosque is a place where Islam, meaning “submission” is taught. And submission runs counter to Liberty. Liberty means that you own you. Liberty is one of the founding principles upon which the free world stands. Islam and Liberty cannot coexist. It’s a zero sum game where only one can win – and we can only win when we remember that Infidel Lives Matter.

Islam is anti-human rights, anti-reason, anti-liberty and anti-free speech. Islam is the most intolerant belief system in the world! Nothing is more xenophobic than Islam. Islam is the biggest hate group in history and its target is the Infidel. And we as Infidels must destroy Islam and destroy it absolutely if we are going to leave a free world to our children and grandchildren. We must end Sharia in our time. And we must take control of the media narrative until the message becomes abundantly clear that Infidel Lives Matter.

Islamic blasphemy laws dictate that no one, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, be permitted to criticize the pedophile prophet Muhammad. And recently we have seen yet another wave of brutal attacks by devout followers of Islam against those who would simply draw a picture of his image. Islam is the ultimate tyrannical system – its body count unmatched by any other. And the history of Germany in the thirties and forties has shown us what happens, when we take too long to finally respond appropriately to tyranny. Islam and freedom cannot coexist. Islam has to go because the cruel must not dominate the civilized world and because Infidels Lives Matter.

I started writing this article after taking in the news of the latest shootings in Denmark, aimed at a conference on free speech and blasphemy laws. And in that same afternoon, as I put the finishing touches on this, a news story just broke out that the Islamic State just executed dozens of Christians, beheading them, following the commandments of the Quran.

Islam teaches that no government is legitimate unless it submits to Islam. And Islam is what is taught in mosques. Mosques teach sedition and treason. Therefore, the logical, reasonable and appropriate action for law enforcement is to raid all mosques in America. Arrest the Islamic Clerics and interrogate them. Determine if they are teaching what Islam preaches, with regard to forcing the world to submit to Islamic Law (Sharia). Tolerance of those who seek to destroy our way of life will be the death of us. A radical enemy requires a radical response. And we can tap into that radical quality in ourselves, the one which demands personal freedom, only when we know in our hearts and we believe that Infidel Lives Matter.

Infidels, which are those people who do not submit to Islam, are being tortured, raped and killed, all over the world, at an unbelievable pace – their Infidel heads on stakes and blood flowing in the streets, as churches and synagogues are burned to the ground, atheists executed and homosexuals hanged.

But if you were raised by a Baby Boomer or a Gen Xer in America, there is a good chance you were raised to be ashamed of being an American. And you very likely believe that we deserve what the terrorists are doing to us. And if you continue to hold this belief, you will eventually lose your freedom. Don’t let anyone take your sense of self-worth away. If you are an Infidel then you are someone who has not yet been forced to submit to Islam. And if you want to retain this freedom then it is crucial you know it and see it and say it and believe it that Infidel Lives Matter.

The supporters of Liberty have made the world a better place. In the past 30 years, poverty, starvation and illiteracy have dropped dramatically as the result of political and economic systems which value personal freedom. Islam is the enemy of personal freedom. Wherever Islam thrives, the world becomes a living hell.

The time has come to draw a line in the sand. The time is now for people of courage and conviction to rise up and say “enough”. We must stop tolerating that which is intolerable. We must stop trying to coexist with that which seeks to destroy us. The tyrannical teachings and fanatical followers of Muhammad are a plague upon this world. And the only hope for destroying this plague are the Infidels. Infidels are the hope for humanity. And so now, more than ever, Infidel Lives Matter.

Infidels of the world, it’s time to heed the call. The Information superhighway is our battlefront. Get onto Twitter. Get onto Facebook. Spread articles which tell the dirty secrets about Muhammad. Post videos which expose the radical truth about moderate Islam. Share offensive picture memes of Muhammad. Use social media to spread information around the world. You can do it and you must do it because freedom is paid for in installments, by each generation. Spread the truth about Islam far and spread it wide and spread it like Napalm. The enemy of Islamic brutality is Information. Become a soldier of the Information Age and carpet bomb the internet with information. Don’t just think about this. Do it. Because Infidel Lives Matter.


Anonymous 12:18 PM  

Good article, Eric. And to think you once wrote for the daily kos and jabba the michael moore. Welcome.

livingengine 6:42 PM  

Eric Allen Bell?
This guy is made out of baloney.

Remember the bounty?
Remember his "movie"?
Remember his crazed statements about Jesus, "Evangelicals", and Jews?

Remember his lying about his New Age beliefs?

I do.

Only a fool is going to promote this guy.

Anonymous 6:53 PM  

David Christopher has saved some of the online exchanges he had with EAB in Murfreesboro. You can see here, he is exactly the same guy today that he was in 2011. He has only found a new group to con.

Take a look at these comments about Eric Allen Bell, and think about what you are doing.

livingengine 6:58 PM  

I only began speaking out in earnest against Eric Allen Bell after encountering so many other people who were alarmed by his fraudulent behavior. I reported him to the FBI, and EAB flounced out of the Counter Jihad Movement a few hours later. I am not kidding about this guy.

livingengine 7:09 PM  

Eric told Israel National Radio that four Pakistani newspapers were calling for his death. It is not true. @10:00

It's not true.

Greater Kashmir is not calling for his death.

The Kashmir Monitor is not calling for his death.

The Daily Times is not calling for his death.\10\01\story_1-10-2012_pg3_5

The Express Tribune is sympathetic to Eric, and not in any way calling for his death.

Listen a little further, and you will hear him say his case is working its way up to Eric Holder. He is a pathological liar.

Eric has referenced a "bounty" for ten million rupees, but it is actually for one quadrillion rupees, or over 18 trillion dollars. This is ridiculous.

He used all of this in his appeals for money to make a movie about himself. This is fraud.

livingengine 7:12 PM  

@20:39 EAB lies about his New Age beliefs.

Look - He never told us he branded his site as New Age.
"Global One TV: Online Spiritual Television for a New Age"

In light of all this, it should come as no surprise that Eric engaged in fraud during the months of Sept-Nov of last year.

Eric has lead people to believe there is a fatwa on him; there is no fatwa on Eric Allen Bell.

Eric has used misleading language, twice, to get people to believe he was under FBI protection; he never was.

livingengine 7:31 PM  

" Ramtha is loony. And I do not support Federal funds being used to research prayer or positive thinking or anything of that sort. I'm not quite sure where Larry got that from, except probably a lot of assumptions. Amazing."

Here is where I got this from -- the Institute of Noetic Sciences web site.

Eric is working for the New Age. It is the only thing that he is true to. He never ever criticizes this completely fraudulent movement.

He is an experiment you can try. Talk to Eric Allen Bell, and give him the opportunity to identify himself as a rational person, someone interested in science, and reason.

Then ask him about the connection between the movie "What the Bleep", and Ramatha.

I have done this already at Jihadwatch, and I have his responses, that are in writing, where he completely, completely side steps Ramtha's connection to this movie. He did this twice. I have the screen shots.

livingengine 7:35 PM  

"It is a shame that Eric [Allen Bell] has run off the rails and started making all these bizarre comments. This one [attacking Pamela Geller] is bad enough -- then there were the antisemitic ones. We are fighting for freedom and the defense of human rights, and his infighting and paranoid conspiracy mongering is worse than counterproductive. He is not an ally." - Robert Spencer

I have the screen shot of this statement by Robert Spencer.

Citizen Warrior 11:52 PM  

I didn't know any of this about Eric Allen Bell. The honesty I was referring to was what he said in his article, which, you have to admit, is very honest.

Citizen Warrior 12:01 AM  

I was just looking at Eric Allen Bell's Facebook page, and he seems all in for the counterjihad. I'm perplexed:

Check it out and tell me what you see.

Walter Sieruk 10:50 AM  

It may be worth noting. That in the newspaper today Thomas Sowell did have a good point when he wrote about the current President of the United States. For in that article Mr.Sowell explained "We will be lucky to get through the remainder of Obama's term without a major catastrophe from which we might never recover."

livingengine 11:36 AM  

I have checked it out, and found that Eric does not believe in free speech, or freedom of religion.

He has a serious lying problem, and is relentless in misrepresenting himself.

To fully understand Eric one needs to go to his website. Here one will find that Eric Allen Bell is a hard core New Ager.

Eric loves the New Age, and will never talk about it the way he talks about other groups.

Unknown 11:43 AM  

I have been cyber stalked by Larry Estavan, aka Living Engine, since 2012.

- Eric Allen Bell

livingengine 11:51 AM  

Go look at Eric's page on Internet Movie Database.

No one has ever seen ANY of these movies. "American Infidel" has a cast list that includes people like Pamela Geller, and Robert Spencer.

Neither Spencer, and Geller have any idea of what he is doing. They never sat for him, and have no connection to this "film".

I have the screen shot where Eric states that he will never make this movie, but there it is on IMDb as if he did make it.

EAB has the ethics of a gypsy, and has run an on-line psychic reading service called "Fate-in-Focus". Indeed, I have the screen shots of him advertising for online psychic readings on his Globalone website.

He defrauded the CJM in 2012, and is now a competitor. Again, I have the screen shot of him saying he is a competitor, a rival.

He is NOT one of us.

Citizen Warrior 1:37 PM  

Bell is a "new ager?" I don't care. He is reaching people with the core message about Islam: It is dangerous to ALL of us non-Muslims. Some people cannot be reached by religious people. Some people will not listen to you if you are a Jew or a Christian because they'll assume you are simply biased in favor of your own religion and you're "bashing" another religion.

We need EVERYBODY involved in waking up non-Muslims. We need atheists talking about it, New agers, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and on and on.

livingengine 3:49 PM  

The CJM does NOT need frauds, and gypsy swindlers in the movement.

If you had met Breivik before he committed his atrocities you might have been favorably impressed.

Of course, as it turns out Breivik was here to discredit the CJM, and is what Eric is about also.

He has said the CJM has to be wrestled away from Evangelicals, and that Jews are controlling the world.

He is not just New Age, he is a FRAUD.

Citizen Warrior is out on a limb, and out of touch. He doesn't know what is going on, and can not tell friend from foe.

I repeat - CW does not know what is going on.

livingengine 3:52 PM  

Pamela Geller is bad for the movement - Eric Allen Bell

livingengine 3:53 PM  

Eric Allen Bell is a Crackpot!
"Makes me rethink why it is that certain spells seem to actually work."- EAB

livingengine 4:02 PM  

Be sure to read the comments.

livingengine 4:07 PM  

Why does Eric Allen Bell's LinkedIn profile say he is the CEO of Bell Media Canada?

livingengine 4:13 PM  

If you have a person who wants to be a spokesman for the CJM, but who also does not believe in free speech, or freedom of religion then that person is misrepresenting him self. Eric Allen Bell is relentless in misrepresenting himself. It is time people started calling him out on this.

livingengine 5:11 PM  

Here is another page that gives a link to Bell Media website that goes "404 Not Found". It just goes on, and on like this. He just isn't real, at all.

livingengine 5:11 PM  

Here you will see Eric Allen Bell say he gets his "livelihood primarily from various media projects". Really? Where? Where is his website? For someone who is an internet whiz, and a self promoter if I ever saw one, there is NO web presence from Eric in this regard -- none. I am warning you about this guy!,112373,page=5

livingengine 6:34 PM  

Here is Maryam Namazie

You might think that she is a part of the Counter Jihad Movement. She uses the same language, but on a closer look one finds she is Pro Palestinian, and attacks Pamela Geller, and Robert Spencer in her "reports".
She is not one of us.

Eric Allen bell has also attacked Spencer, and Geller.

There is no point in linking to these things, but many Nazi groups are anti-Islam, but they are not part of the CJM. No decent person would promote them just because they are anti-Islam.

Just because someone is anti-Islam does not make them part of the CJM. It is also important to take into account what the person is supportive of.

Eric Allen Bell has been unrelentingly hostile to the Counter Jihad Movement. He is against free speech. He is against freedom of religion. He has publicly insulted Robert Spencer, attacked both Spencer and Pamela Geller calling them tools of the Religious Right, he has lied about his own beliefs, and what his plans are.

Citizen Warrior has no idea where Eric gets his money from, who the members of his group are, or what Eric's background is.

I can say this because NOBODY knows who Eric is, where he comes from, what he does for a living.
His background is a complete cipher, but one thing is clear -- he is hostile.

livingengine 6:36 PM  

Eric has a long, long, long history of anti-social behavior, and this is not a dead letter.

"A couple years later, after spending time in Juvenile Hall, a mental hospital and then finding myself in a group home for troubled teenage boys, I started to have a bit of a revelation. I had come home from school having stopped on the way back to meet a few friends and smoke weed – something I did a lot of in my teenage years but is not a part of my life today. When I got back to the boy’s home I was very stoned. I turned on the TV set and found myself watching the channel 18 on UHF. For several hours a day this station showed nothing but talks given by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi." -- Eric Allen Bell

livingengine 6:45 PM  

LinkedIn lists Eric Allen Bell as Past:Vice President, Operations & Development at Roark Media, Inc.

Roark Media owns Cable 6 in Virgina which appears to be a tabloid news, or yellow journalism TV broadcast that covers the local political scene.

They inspire a visceral reaction, and they have been successfully sued in court.

Martinsville Commonwealth's Attorney Joan Ziglar has sued Media 6, two of its employees and a jail inmate for a total of $5.1 million, claiming that she was defamed by a letter written by the inmate that appeared in the "buzz" publication, according to her attorney.

Ziglar's attorney, R. Lee Livingston, filed the suit Wednesday in Roanoke Circuit Court. In all, it lists six defendants - Media 6 Inc., Roark Media, the "buzz," Cable 6 operator Charles B. Roark, Cable 6 employee ErrolI W. "Kip" Wallace Jr. and Zakee Prestige Jahlil Tahlib, according to court records. Roark Media and the "buzz" are affiliated with Media 6.

A state Supreme Court panel soon should decide if the court will hear Media Six and Charles Roark's appeal of a $75,000 defamation judgment Martinsville Commonwealth's Attorney Joan Ziglar won against them in December.

Cable 6's owner Charles Roark is a kleptomaniac.

Impulse-control disorder blamed for his thefts

ROANOKE -- Cable 6 operator Charles Roark was ordered Wednesday to serve 90 days in jail for stealing compact discs from a Wal-Mart last fall, but the judge held out the possibility that Roark can pay his debt to society and continue to work at the same time.

Maybe this is why Eric no longer works at Roark. I doubt I am going to find Eric defending Roark's kleptomania.

Nevertheless, apparently, Eric Allen Bell can expect a favorable recommendation from Mr. Roark.

I am warning you about this guy.

livingengine 6:57 PM  

Eric Allen Bell has repeatedly maligned me on line saying I am, among many other things,a Muslim, a homosexual, and "emotional unbalanced".

Well, take a look at the trailer to the movie he made about his life, and tell me if you don't think that is a better description of him.

I have never been in a mental institution, Juvenal Hall, or any of the rest of what comprises Eric Allen Bell's life experience.

Why is he telling people that I am crazy. He gives no evidence of this because there is none.

He tried to get his followers to provoke me into saying something that could be used against me in a court of law, but it didn't work. I have the screen shot of him saying this. He is not a defender of free speech.

I can back up everything I am saying with hard documentation.

livingengine 7:28 PM  

This is a partial list of traits of dangerous cult leaders. Eric Allen Bell meets all these criteria.

· He has a grandiose idea of who he is and what he can achieve.
· Has a sense of entitlement - expecting to be treated special at all times.
· Is exploitative of others by asking for their money or that of relatives putting others at financial risk.
· Is arrogant and haughty in his behavior or attitude.
· Has an exaggerated sense of power (entitlement) that allows him to bend rules and break laws.
· Publicly devalues others as being inferior, incapable, or not worthy.
· Is frequently boastful of accomplishments.
· Needs to be the center of attention and does things to distract others to insure that he or she is being noticed by arriving late, using exotic clothing, overdramatic speech, or by making theatrical entrances.
· Doesn’t seem to listen well to needs of others, communication is usually one-way in the form of dictates.
· Haughtiness, grandiosity, and the need to be controlling is part of his personality.
· Behaves as though people are objects to be used, manipulated or exploited for personal gain.
· Anyone who criticizes or questions him is called an “enemy.”
· Refers to non-members or non-believers in him as “the enemy.”
· Acts imperious at times, not wishing to know what others think or desire.
· Has “magical” answers or solutions to problems.
· Is superficially charming.
· Habitually puts down others as inferior and only he is superior.
· Has a certain coldness or aloofness about him that makes others worry about who this person really is and or whether they really know him.
· Treats others with contempt and arrogance.
· Doesn’t seem to feel guilty for anything he has done wrong nor does he apologize for his actions.
· Believes he possesses the answers and solutions to world problems.
· Believes himself to be a deity or a chosen representative of a deity.
· Rigid, unbending, or insensitive describes how this person thinks.
· Tries to control others in what they do, read, view, or think.
· Uses enforcers or sycophants to insure compliance from members or believers.
· Doesn’t think there is anything wrong with himself – in fact sees himself as perfection or “blessed.”

Citizen Warrior 8:48 PM  

I was trying to follow some of these links by living engine, and looked to see if I could find Robert Spencer's quote. I couldn't, but in looking I found the following comment by Eric Allen Bell at this web site:

Here's what Bell wrote:

Eric Allen Bell said...
Hi, me again -

After securing more backing for my project, I was able to run paid ads on YouTube and dramatically drive up the metrics. I don't apologize for that. Actually, I think it's an effective way of reaching people. Much of this was done immediately after the news broke that the Boston Bombers were in fact Islamists.

There are many people who are furious with me for my comments regarding Christianity - to the point of being nearly psychotic about it. They feel they are owed something for reading my blogs, following me on Facebook or sending in a donation towards the film.

I was useful, coming from the Left, as someone who saw the light when it came to Islam. But as soon as the truth became known, that I find fault with religion in general, many people felt betrayed and said I was "not to be trusted". From a logical perspective, this simply makes no sense. It's irrational.

CAIR (LoonWatch) is trying to smear me by saying I am "antisemitic" and the rapture-ready crowd, within Counter Jihad, have accepted this as fact and used it to attack me.

It's quite simple. I'm being attacked because I have criticized Christianity and Judaism. This has triggered an irrational response in some, but certainly not most, religious people within Counter Jihad.

When I said that a huge chunk of the Counter Jihad movement is comprised of people who are actually on a religious crusade, the honeymoon was over. I went from poster boy to outcast in a heartbeat.

I'm not asking for donations, selling a book, running for office, etc. I'm indifferent to how the Religious Right perceives me.

I continue to stand behind what I said however - that so long as our movement has the flavor of the rapture-ready religious right, we will never be taken seriously by the general public. We cannot blame the "Liberal Media" for this, as they allow Bill Maher and Sam Harris to speak freely, often and at length, criticizing Islam, on major news networks. If we are aligned with the likes of Pat Robertson, if Eric Stackelback cannot find a way to get the word out without that CBN logo at the bottom of the screen, we will always be seen as religious zealots, engaged in a contest of religions.

Our own lunatic fringe is what damages our credibility. And ironically, it is that same lunatic fringe which accuses me of being crazy and a liability.

Citizen Warrior 8:51 PM  

Gary Fouse, the person who runs the web site I linked to above, was responding to some things living engine posted there. Here's what he said:

Living Engine,

I recognize that not everybody in the counter jihad movement agrees with Bell. I am not aware of the anti-Semitic charges you raise, but would be open to seeing them. One of my causes is fighting anti-Semitism. I know that Bell proclaims to have no faith and I don't agree with all of his statements about religion in general.

It is also unfortunate that in-fighting sometimes results within our ranks. (I am not completely innocent in that regard.) We have many different ideas on how to fight this battle and how not to. Our occasional squabbles are unfortunate and only help the other side.

I am not up to speed on the divisions that may exist between Bell and Geller and Spencer, so I
can't comment on that.

As for making a fool of myself by posting things about him last year, and "promoting him", I don't think I did. That's your opinion. I felt that he had an important message to spread with his knowledge and experience with the Murfreesboro mosque. In addition, I was concerned that he was wrongfully accused of being linked with the infamous video and that he received death threats.

I hope I have explained my position.

Citizen Warrior 8:53 PM  

As long as we're obsessing about Bell, here's another interesting comment by Bell from that same web site:

Larry Estavan (Livingengine):

I have never made anti-semitic comments. I simply said stated I object to the theology of Judaism and that the tribalism, in some circles, is elitist. Sue me. The vast majority of Jewish people do not engage in the tribal elitism I have described. But the concept of "God's chosen people" is the height of arrogance. Criticizing Judaism is not off limits and it is not synonymous with antisemitism. I object to Christianity. Does that mean I must therefore hate Christians? Your logic is flawed.

I have never been in an FBI safehouse. I was in something of a safehouse, and the FBI was involved, but that does not add up to "FBI Safehouse". There were death threats, but to the best of my knowledge no formal "Fatwa"' as such. The money I collected for my movie and safety was around $2,000 and fell way short of what I personally I have spent on these items. Absolutely no one has asked for a refund of their donation or accused me of fraud. Your allegations are baseless.

The fact is, you post comments on every single Counter Jihad blog out there, repeating the same obsessive compulsive drivel about me, constantly, and have done so for over a year now. Please go back on your meds.

- Eric Allen Bell

Citizen Warrior 8:56 PM  

Living Engine,

The message seems more important than the person. Is there something in the ARTICLE that you take exception to?

Citizen Warrior 9:00 PM  

And please send me the screenshot of Robert Spencer's quote, or a link to it. I can't find it anywhere on the internet.

livingengine 1:06 AM  

Zachery -- give you your email, and I will send you the Spencer quote.

Citizen Warrior 2:14 AM  

Thank you:

zackery.lee.martel at gmail dot com

livingengine 2:25 AM  

" After securing more backing for my project"

What does this mean? Was the project "American Infidel"? The movie that he will never make? If it is, what happened to THAT money? Where does he get his money from?

" I was able to run paid ads on YouTube and dramatically drive up the metrics."

I make Youtube videos about the counter jihad movement that are not about myself, unlike Eric whose videos are self promotion pieces. I paid 30$ for about 5,000 views.
Eric has over a million views on his puff piece, so he may have paid around 6,000$. For a Youtube video? "Metrics"? This guy is a narcissist.

livingengine 2:26 AM  

" Actually, I think it's an effective way of reaching people. Much of this was done immediately after the news broke that the Boston Bombers were in fact Islamists."

Eric's video is about him, not the Boston Bombers.

" They feel they are owed something for reading my blogs, following me on Facebook or sending in a donation towards the film."

I am warning you about Eric, and his ethics which are very different from what you might expect. He was begging us for money, selling his car he was so broke, his friends and family were turning their backs on him. So, he received a lot of support. I know this because I have the screen shot of his "big, big thank you" to all those who were keeping a roof over his head. And, then without warning he flounced out of the movement, cursing God, Jesus, and Christians. Oh, and no movie from him either.

livingengine 2:26 AM  

" many people felt betrayed and said I was "not to be trusted". "

Eric Allen Bell is a liar. He lied about his New Age beliefs on the Jamie Glazov show, he lied about me on his Facebook page repeatedly, he used misleading language about his status with the FBI, he lied on Israel National Radio about the death threats, and his case working its way to Eric Holder, he is lying on IMDb about his "movies". I'm sorry, but it just goes on and on like this.

" this simply makes no sense. It's irrational."

Ertic Allen Bell is neither logical, nor rational. He is a flaming New Age crackpot. Go to Globalone, and look for yourself.

livingengine 2:27 AM  

" CAIR (LoonWatch) is trying to smear me by saying I am "antisemitic""

Go to Loonwatch and look at one of Eric's followers taking him to task for his remarks about Jews. Eric's lack of personal responsibility is just infuriating. Search "Eric Allen Bell Jews", and see this side of him for yourself.

" It's quite simple. I'm being attacked because I have criticized Christianity and Judaism."

Eric is an obnoxious phony, and has been for many, many years now. Go look at his movie trailer.

" I went from poster boy to outcast in a heartbeat."

He left! He left, and no one forced him out. He keeps on trying to spin this yarn. I am not having it. I was there.

livingengine 2:27 AM  

" I'm not asking for donations, selling a book, running for office, etc."

He was asking for donations, he was writing a book, he was positioning himself as the leader of CJM, and he still is.

" so long as our movement has the flavor of the rapture-ready religious right, we will never be taken seriously by the general public."

Well, maybe, but the answer is not to add the flavor of the crackpot New Age movement to the mix.

" Our own lunatic fringe is what damages our credibility."

Eric Allen Bell is forever seeing other people as crazy, or lunatics, or unbalanced. Please go look at his movie trailer. Go read "I am Resurrection" . Eric Allen Bell has a lot of baggage, and it shows.

" But the concept of "God's chosen people" is the height of arrogance"

The height of arrogance? Eric Allen Bell is not only arrogant, he is ignorant. He simply doesn't know what he is talking about, but he is hostile. That much is clear.

" but to the best of my knowledge no formal "Fatwa"' as such."

There never was a fatwa, and he knew that then, and he knows it now. He declared a fatwa on himself for money. That is fraud.

" Absolutely no one has asked for a refund of their donation or accused me of fraud."

I only began to speak out against Eric after I kept encountering other people who were concerned about Eric also, people who had sent him money, and were dismayed to see him apparently making a movie about himself. I contacted experts, and they assured me that this was fraud, and gave me the contact information for the FBI. He left the CJM within hours of my reporting him.

" repeating the same obsessive compulsive drivel about me"

I am not engaging in a fraud campaign that includes a phony bounty, misleading language about my status with the FBI, lies about death threats in newspapers, lies about Eric Holder, lies about my New Age beliefs. I am just not doing anything like this, but he is. He doesn't like me talking about it, and that's why says this kind of thing.

Bottom line -- he's busted.

Citizen Warrior 2:11 AM  

Eric, contact me, would you? I want to ask you something.

zackery.lee.martel at gmail dot com

livingengine 3:49 PM  

Did the Muslim Students Association make Eric Allen Bell LIE about the "bounty"?
Did the Muslim Students Association make Eric Allen Bell LIE about his New Age beliefs on the Jamie Glazov show?
Did the Muslim Students Association make Eric Allen Bell LIE on Israel National Radio about death threats in Pakistani newspapers?
Did the Muslim Students Association make Eric Allen Bell LIE about his status with the FBI?
Did the Muslim Students Association make Eric Allen Bell LIE about his "movies" on IMDb?
Did the Muslim Students Association make Eric Allen Bell LIE about Robert Spencer, and Pamela Geller being tools of the Religious Right?
Did the Muslim Students Association make Eric Allen Bell LIE about me being a Muslim, a homosexual, and crazy on his Facebook page?
Did the Muslim Students Association make Eric Allen Bell says the Counter Jihad Movement needs to wrestled away from "Evangelicals"?
Did the Muslim Students Association make Eric Allen Bell say that Christianity is an impediment to the evolution of the human race, and needs to be replaced with New Age spirituality?
Did the Muslim Students Association make Eric Allen Bell say in front of a radio audience that Robert Spencer was "not so smart"?
Did the Muslim Students Association make Eric Allen Bell say the Counter Jihad Movement is a front to advance Christianity?
Did the Muslim Students Association make Eric Allen Bell say that Pamela Geller is bad for the movement?

This is what Eric does. He looks for scapegoats. He has done this with Christians. He did it with Loonwatch. He did it with Nihad Awad when he told his followers that Awad was trying to kill him, and now it is the MSA.

I am not buying any of this, and I strongly urge you reject this as well.

He is not one of us, and is here to do harm.

Unknown 7:52 PM  

Infighting is what can destroy any movement. Do we all agree that information needs to be distributed regarding the truth about Muhammad? Do we all agree that if Americans were better educated about Islam, that they would get behind doing something about this? If so, our differences within Counter Jihad are not nearly as important as what we have in common - a commitment to preserve the freedoms those who went before us fought for.

Unknown 2:05 PM  

Read what the man said in the article and tell me what isn't true because as harsh as it is ,I can't find any significant fault with it .The words are true regardless of who wrote it and honestly , I don't care . And for the record ,I am an atheist ,pot smoking , beer guzzling conservative .More potentially damaging than anything in Bell's past is infighting and bickering about the messenger as the message floats away in the wind .

Unknown 4:41 PM  

Infighting is counter productive.

Unknown 4:43 PM  

I am a Media Adviser by profession. If I spend the money of my backers, who have entrusted me to make articles and videos, which tell the truth about Islam, available to those who would not otherwise see them - this is a calculated move. These days I spend my own money, in order to maintain autonomy. I have reached literally millions of people iwth this message. I do not apologize for my message or my methods. We are at WAR.

livingengine 2:00 PM  

The last issue of Counter Jihad Magazine is out now! See the full expose' on EAB here.

Anonymous 9:01 PM  

These comments by livingengine are utterly ridiculous and amount to no more than killing the messenger. Who gives a shit whether Eric Bell is a New Ager, transgender, or a woman? He is telling the absolute truth here. If a convicted felon in a movie theater cries out "Fire!" and you can see the flames, are you going to sit complacently in your chair because you know he killed someone? Hell, no! You're going to get your ass out of that theater. Same situation here, Mr. Living Engine. Stop throwing around your red herrings. Nothing is important here except the truth of what is written.

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