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We received an email today that prompted the creation of a new web site. I am publishing this email with the author's permission. The email said:

Thanks once again for the great information (The Wilderness Years).

I am making very good headway (because of the high quality of your information) in helping to inform my circle of friends to the threat of Islam.

I would like to send / post to my Facebook page this article and the tweaked version to other friends can I do this as a stand alone article without the references to "Citizen Warrior" and "An inquiry into Islam?"

I am getting a good result with people if I take the approach of "softly softly" I am finding friends and family members very cautious regarding anything to do with Islam.

Everyday I am amazed at the difficulty people are having in grasping the issue.

In fact the attitude of denial which Churchill faced and is prevalent today with politicians / churchmen and the general public of all persuasions is possibly more interesting than the whole subject of Islam.


Gordon A Cooper snr,


In response to Mr. Cooper's note, I created this: History is Fascinating. Share it at will. It was a good idea for the same reason that Inquiry Into Islam is useful (read more about that here). But this would allow you to share the article without it being immediately rejected because it seems anti-Islamic.


Walter Sieruk 10:36 AM  

Brigitte Gabriel who is the founder and head of an author of the book entitled THEY MUST BE STOPPED was on television last night on FOX NEWS and she was right on the mark when she stated that "Obama is more interested in protecting the image of Islam then he is in protecting the safely of the American people." Let's face it, Obama has a strong case of denial concerning the violent nature that is so much part of the essence of Islam.

tranquil 8:06 PM  

The "An Enquiry into Islam" site is very good for newcomers who know very little about Islam and who might be scared off by a more "frontal and direct" site.

Islam "is what it is" and I'm finding that a simple matter-of-fact approach is proving to be very fruitful.
Heck, our task is made even easier when Muslim leaders accidentally *admit the truth* as happened here -

I'm very strongly pushing the fact that Islam is an *ideology* too.
This site helps with that -

Along with that, you can mention the *large* number of areas of everyday life that Islam covers, none of which could be considered to come under the aegis of "religion".
Inheritance law, for example.

( CW - a post showing that Islam is an ideology could be a good idea.
Just a thought. )

Walter Sieruk 10:57 AM  

This bring to mind that in Nigeria those Muslim mobs are burning many churches in that country because they so much object to those cartoons of Muhammad that are printed in that french publication in France. This show two things. First, this shows just how absurd and irrational some Muslim can be . For those churches in Nigeria have nothing to do whatsoever with that French magazine publication of those cartoons in the country of France. Second, this violent and outrageous behavior by those Muslims who are so enraged by those cartoon published in that this burn down those churches Nigeria, of all the strange "reasons" only show the the saying may be true Which is that "Evil is always looking for an excuse."

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