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MOST SITES that write about Islam (and are written by non-Muslims) are offensive to a lot of people, and some of them are people we need to reach. If the only people we try to educate are people who already know what we know, of course, we're just singing to the choir and essentially wasting our time.

We need ways to reach people who feel an aversion to anything that smacks of bigotry. That's why I want to turn everyone onto the web site, An Inquiry Into Islam. The purpose of the site is to provide us — people who already know about the terrifying brilliance of Islam — material to share with people who don't know much about it.

I copied several of the best articles from Citizen Warrior to the new site, but then I assiduously edited them for a new audience: For someone who is deeply skeptical of any criticism of Islam, for someone who thinks it is racism or bigotry to criticize Islam, for someone who wants the straight story but is skeptical of anyone who seems even the slightest bit "conservative."

The web site is set up with a very limited number of available articles, and that won't change. All the articles are at the top right of every page, so navigation is extremely easy. The sight looks bright, clean, and simple. It is as user-friendly as I could make it. I also made it as unbiased and neutral in its point of view as possible.

I invite you to poke around and send me suggestions on improving it. Do I say anything that has too rough an edge that might turn people away? Let's make this a tool we can use to help awaken the people in our lives to the incredibly surprising truth about orthodox, mainstream Islam. I hope you can find good uses for it.

Check it out: An Inquiry Into Islam.


Book Solutions for Liberty 3:50 PM  

Great work; invaluable resource. Thank you so much for this service.

Anonymous 12:13 PM  

I really love that site. I always keep it open in a browser window for giving out quick links on forum posts and emails, and occasionally review the articles again myself.

Sometimes it not what you know, but how you say it. I was really glad to see that you are trained in Carnegie. I listened to How to Win Friends and Influence People on tape many years ago and was really impressed by him. How the world has changed in the interim.

Anonymous 3:29 AM  

It is in my opinion one of the best informative websites on islam, and ive been visiting hundreds over the years. Not necessarily the most complete one, but very well written.

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