Does ISIS Follow Islamic Teachings?


He calls himself Brother Rachid. His father is an Imam and Rachid himself has a degree in religious studies. He grew up as a Muslim in Morocco. And in the video below, he responds to the statement, made by President Obama and many others, that ISIS is not Islamic.

Does ISIS Follow Islamic Teachings?

Share it with your friends and family. No objections they come up with will be valid.


Walter Sieruk 7:46 AM  

There are also other internet sites ,such as, which have some postings which do show from the Koran that all the violence and wicked actions committed by the ISIS thugs are in accordance with the teaching of the Koran.

Unknown 6:34 AM  

Brilliant idea CW. I am going to make a banner for my "public outreach" booth with the question.
Do you know what JIZYA is?

Hopefully will attract a lot of people as it is non threatening.

Walter Sieruk 7:25 AM  

To add to what I keyboarded yesterday one article on this subject on the site is entitled "Not in my name: A campaign of disinformation and deception." October 18, 2014. The article gives a list of the many ways that the ISIS thugs are behaving according the instructions of the Koran. Just to give only four of the many things given on that list are "ISIS is torturing the infidels as per teachings of the Koran 22:19-22" and "ISIS are engaging in crucifixion as per command of the Koran 5:33" Also "ISIS is beheading opponents and infidels as per teaching of the Koran" and "ISIS mistreats women treats them as inferior and as sex-objects as per teachings of the Koran."

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