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In a previous article (here), we mentioned that Chime For Change is helping to marginalize, discredit, and disempower orthodox Islam without attacking Islam directly. It's an organization dedicated to empowering women globally. The official byline is: "Chime for Change promotes education, health and justice for girls and women everywhere." So, of course, what they end up exposing and working to change most of the time is the application or promotion of Sharia law around the world. They never say it like that, and that's probably a good thing because it can penetrate our overly-sensitive society without any resistance or stigma.

A good target to aim at when talking with your friends and family is to get them to sign up for Chime for Change's free updates here. It always helps to have a specific target in your conversations — something you're persuading toward. It makes you more persuasive. And a small expression of commitment (like signing up for free updates) makes people more committed to the cause (read more about that here). Taking the small action of subscribing will influence your friend's feelings toward our cause because of the principle of commitment and consistency.

Recent updates at Chime for Change included the following articles:

Getting Away With Sexual Abuse in Jordan
I Am Nirbhaya (about a movement in India to stop rapes)
Kashmiri Women Claim Their Rights
Acid Attack Survivor Wins Millions on Quiz Show
Rising Up Against FGM in Kenya

The organization and the stories are not anti-Muslim. They are pro-women's rights. But, of course, without ever focusing on it, the things they focus on inevitably run up against the biggest barrier to the positive goals: Sharia law. Even though the stories are not focused exclusively on Sharia or Islam, but are focused on women's rights around the world, what the organization is mostly fighting against is orthodox Islam.

We urge you to get involved with this organization. Share their articles with your friends and family. Encourage them, at the very least, to sign up for the updates. Help nudge your friends and family to make this small commitment to the principle of women's rights. It could very well grow into an explicit commitment to stop the spread of Sharia. But even if it doesn't, any actions taken to give women rights will weaken Sharia's ability to spread.

Chime for Change has a lot of celebrity involvement, including Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Salma Hayek, which always helps appeal to a certain segment of the population, giving it a very mainstream (rather than fringe) appeal. Let's use this organization to get more of our fellow citizens involved in the cause of freedom.


Walter Sieruk 12:30 PM  

This article does bring to mind that Robert Spencer in his book THE POLITICALLY INCORRECT GUIDE TO ISLAM on page 77 he informed the reader that "As long as men read and believe the Quran, women will be despised,second class citizens.'

thor42 9:09 PM  

This is an *excellent* idea and excellent tactics CW!

Even the most left-wing preachy "PC" people in the world will support a project like this because it is primarily aimed at helping women. The *great* news for us is (as you say) that in raising the status of women around the world, such projects "paint Islam into a corner".

Islam *despises* both education and women - the very areas that this project targets.

Islam can *only* survive if it manages to retain a critical mass of ignorant people *and* if it manages to con enough "useful idiot" left-wingers in the West to support it.

It is a race between Islam's "keep the masses ignorant and con the lefties" and our "educate the ignorant".

The *two* things in our favour are (a) we speak the truth, and (b) education is a one-way street - from ignorance to wisdom.

Islam has *got* to maintain the "dam" of ignorance to stop education from leaking out. Every article critical of Islam - every forum post against it - pokes a tiny hole in that dam.

In the age of the internet and cellphones, the "dam of ignorance" CANNOT last for ever.

Some day, some week or month, it will *burst*
and Islamic countries will be completely overwhelmed and flooded with the truth - that Islam is a fraud and lies.

Anonymous 3:51 PM  

I think we need to hand out some information on this at a local screening of Honor Diaries, given that the film allows lies about Islam not supporting honor crimes against women. We need this quickly because the screening is less than one week away. CW, what do you suggest we hand out?

Citizen Warrior 2:46 PM  

This might be good:

But it is also possible that it might be a good idea to let that little misleading fact go without a challenge. Here's my reasoning: The demographic that is most ignorant about Islam are also in favor of women's rights. This film addresses an important women's rights issue without alerting the unsuspecting that it is anti-Islam. If these unsuspecting viewers are not alerted to this fact, they are more likely to share the film with their equally ignorant friends, allowing this information to spread. They can find out later that Islam has something to do with it. That doesn't need to be said up front, and in fact, if it is, it seems likely that they won't share the film with their friends. Something to think about anyway.

Anonymous 5:55 PM  

There are so many causes I've never heard of that it's unsettling. Public awareness needs to be amped up if they are to be have sufficient effect

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