Seeing More Headscarves


When I was a kid, I never saw Islamic-style headscarves worn by anyone in my town. I first saw one a few years ago. Now I see them all the time. And it bothers me. Does that make me a racist?

People all over the free world are seeing the same thing, and are feeling disturbed by it. Concerned. Frightened even. Does that mean we are xenophobic bigots? The answer is no. I'm sure there are racist xenophobes among us, but for those of us aware of Islamic ideology and Islamic history, the reason we are uncomfortable with a growing number of Muslims in our midst is simple and reasonable: It has traditionally spelled doom for the existing culture. Islam annihilates cultures.

Islamic headscarves are indicative of ideology. If a Muslim woman believes in Islamic ideology, she will wear a headscarf. A headscarf is one of the few publicly visible signs of Islamic devotion. And if she believes in Islamic ideology, she will probably have lots of children and indoctrinate her children with the ideology too (Islamic texts encourage fecundity and indoctrination). And Islamic ideology is dangerous to non-Muslims. The higher the percentage of Muslims in a given population, the more dangerous they are (because of Islam's rule of numbers).

But I'm not a bigot or a xenophobe, and here's how I can tell: When I see a Hindu woman in a headscarf, it doesn't bother me a bit. Hindu ideology is not dangerous to non-Hindus. When I see a Buddhist monk, I don't feel concerned. If I saw a growing number of Buddhist monks in my town, it wouldn't bother me at all.

And I'm not a racist. If I saw more and more Japanese people in my town, it wouldn't disturb me at all.

It's the ideology. Anyone who understands what it says in Islamic texts should be concerned at the growing number of Muslims in our midst.


Anonymous 3:10 PM  

So then we should all start wearing tri corner hats... lol

ZZMike 5:58 PM  

That's it exactly. The hijab of itself is a pretty fashion accessory.

The swastika is an ancient Indian symbol.

Both are now symbols of ideologies that are opposed to western (in one case) and democratic (in the other).

There's a related story, Muslim staff given branded hijab:

"Muslim staff at Ikea's north London branch wanting to wear a headscarf to keep in with their faith have been given a hijab bearing the firm's logo."

Employees in many of Formerly Great Britain's stores have been warned, or fired, for wearing a Christian Cross. England's ancient symbol, the Cross of St George, is also banned in many places, particularly hospitals.

Anonymous 8:51 AM  

Religion, like charity should stay at home, the only reason for flaunting it is to cock a snook at other religions.

Sabra 8:48 PM  

dear Anonymous,

hijab IS the headscarf. What you're referring to is Burqa (full cover incl the eyes) or Niqab (full cover but exposes the eyes).

In my view full Burqa is the scariest and the greatest sign of oppression of women - that not only can not a hair of their head be seen, but not even their eyes! Damn them for having beautiful eyes!!!

Anonymous 11:21 PM  

No, traditional and orthodox Catholics wear hair coverings too. All Islam sees when it looks at the Western world are loose, scantily clad women. Perhaps if we all wore hair coverings, Christianity would be an inviting option to convert to.

Unknown 8:10 AM  

@ Anonymous

No, traditional and orthodox Catholics wear hair coverings too.

Can you show me where orthodox Catholics are forced to wear hair coverings, under threat of physical harm? When you're done with that evidence, show me the evidence of where Catholic teaching commands this.

You know as well as I do that my comment and question to you will be ignored.

Unknown 8:29 AM  

Here in Sacramento, CA, now at the COSTCO, a female wearing hijab clerk (definitely Middle Eastern) serves at one of the checkout stands. Knowing the contents of the article above, it totally creeps me out... I, a Kafir have purchased several YELLOW 3 inch Smiley face pins (available online). I am definitely wearing it TO COSTCO from now on. It cannot be considered OFFENSIVE to Islam and lets THEM know that we KNOW what their submission game is. Wear it on your left front shoulder to distinguish yourself as a Dhimmi Kafir as was required by the Dhimmis in ancient conquered civilizations.

Walter Sieruk 8:31 AM  

Yes, it may truthfully be said the Islam is an ideology. It's thus very important to defined what kind of Ideology Islam really is. So it may be keyboarded that Islam is a religious /political ideology that has total tyrannical control over the thoughts and lives of millions of people around the world. With this stated the wisdom of some of the words of Thomas Jefferson may apply very much to all this. For Mr. Jefferson has declared "I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

Anonymous 10:03 AM  

I am a Christian - and wear a headcovering that may be mistaken for a Hijab. I agree with you Anonymous.

Christ Follower 1:37 PM  

That is an athiest perspective. The Christian perspective is to share the good news about eternal life. We want as many as possible to join us with God.

Anonymous 8:22 PM  

What we are seeing today more and more is a manifestation of what's called Cultural Marxism. I suggest viewing a YouTube video on what is Cultural Marxism to have a better understanding of what is happening to western civilization. The advancement of Islam in the west is only a part of it.

Unknown 5:40 AM  

@ Anonymous

"I am a Christian - and wear a headcovering that may be mistaken for a Hijab. I agree with you Anonymous. "

Can you show me where any sort of Christian is forced to wear hair coverings, under threat of physical harm? When you're done with that evidence, show me the evidence of where Christian teaching commands or condones any such thing.

Just like the first Anonymous ignored these questions and requests for evidence, you know that you will do the same thing.

Anonymous 6:12 AM  

hindu women don't wear 'headscarves', they cover part of their head with their sari(which is what they are already wearing anyway) and that is considered 'traditional', as in 60-70 years ago, when a woman would quickly cover her head when a man she didn't know was in her vicinity. nowadays it doesn't really happen

the muslim women wearing headscarves(niqab, hijab, burka) are a separate piece of clothing which is worn any time they are out of the house..

Unknown 6:56 AM  

Can anyone tell me why mary is wearing a head scarves does she look scary to you to

White Anglo Saxon 12:20 AM  

Hey Walter,

I like the quote from TJ. I'm a big fan of the founding fathers. But to quote Jefferson in that context when he himself was a slave owner? I'm not so sure that makes your point.

True Blue 6:44 AM  

That is being ridiculous. Who is behind that?

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