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I'm re-reading the book, Terrorist Hunter by Rita Katz, a Jewish woman who grew up in Iraq (and speaks fluent Arabic) and became a researcher for The Investigative Project, dressing like a Muslim woman to infiltrate orthodox Islamic groups operating in America. You can read more about her fascinating story here.

A passage from the book illustrates both the blatant boldness of Islamic groups in the West and the pathetic ignorance of Western media about basic Islamic principles and history. Katz was participating in a rally (dressed as a Muslim) in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC. Two thousand protesters showed up. Journalists showed up too, of course.

Katz listened to hate speeches and "exhortations to violence against Jews." Not Israelis, mind you. Jews. One of the speakers at the rally was Dr. Ayman Sirajuldeen, a member of the Muslim American Society, who led the crowd in chanting, "Death to Jews!" and "Khaibar, Khaibar!"

"Did the journalists gathered here know how chilling this was?" asks Katz in her book. "Obviously not," she answers. "In the next day's papers it got written up as a 'peaceful pro-Palestinian rally.'"

"Kaibar, Khaibar" was chanted at that rally and "many others," writes Katz. "It echoed all over the country, as Israeli flags burned in the background, from Florida to Texas, New York to California, and back to Washington, DC. To an outsider, this chant, 'Khaibar, Khaibar, Ya Yahud, Jaish Muhammad Safayood,' sounded perhaps like a cheerful freedom song. Many journalists told me that this was what they thought they were hearing. But its meaning is somewhat different: 'Khaibar, Khaibar, O Jews, the army of Muhammad is coming for you.' This song originates in a tale from the days of the Prophet Muhammad. As part of his campaign to conquer the Arabian peninsula, Muhammad laid siege to the city of Khaibar, which was inhabited by Jews. After losing several battles to the city's powerful army, Muhammad decided to try a new tactic. He sent emissaries to Khaibar's leaders with a message of peace. As soon as a peace treaty was signed and the gates of the city were opened, Jaish Muhammad, Muhammad's army, stormed the city and butchered every last one of its inhabitants. 'Khaibar, Khaibar' means, 'Let's trick the Jews into making peace with us, and when they accept our offer, let's go ahead and kill them all.'"

Do the journalists know this bit of Islamic history? Do they know that it says 91 times in the Koran that Muslims are required to follow Muhammad's example in every particular? I doubt if one in a thousand knows even that much.

Those of us who have been awakened to the terrifying brilliance of Islam need to step up our game. Our educational campaign needs to be effective and unrelenting. We're in a race against time. Orthodox Muslims are infiltrating and multiplying. The only thing that can put a stop to them is an informed and determined population of non-Muslims. And the only way our fellow non-Muslims are going to be informed is by hearing it from those who already know. That's us. They're not going to hear it at school, in the media, or from politicians. It's just us.

But we've got to be smart about this, not simply passionate. We have to think in terms of small bits and long campaigns. We have to gain and maintain rapport. And we should use the effective tools we have at our disposal. If we do this, we can win.


Anonymous 8:40 AM  

You would be shocked at the level of ignorance that prevails among politicians and elected people when it comes to knowledge of muslims, arabs ,and non-arab muslims(such as iranians, pakistanis ,bangladeshis, indonesians etc), language and religion and culture. I seriously doubt Janet Napolitano knows the difference between Hamas and Humus. Sadly even after the Boston Marathon Jihad a large % of americans still do not think that violence is linked to Islam .When will mr. and mrs american start getting off their butt and do some seriously reading?

bill 9:43 AM  

@the end of the next to last paragraph: "It's Just us". 'Us" need to realize (if most of "us" don't already) that we may never be a larger number of people than we are now, especially if "us' do not become organized to fight this political and legal battle before it becomes a bloody civil war with the socialists, jihadists, "low information people" and federal government on the same side. The "worker bees" in the tea parties are busy educating, organizing and replacing socialists (and worst) elected politicians with Constitutionists. The counter jihadists need to be locally organized, with out a central governing body much like the tea parties are now, but with slight legal differences which I won't discuss here. Just as the Democrat Party is made up of every minority imaginable with promises/lies of more free stuff and influence, the "ABCD" Party (my name for it until there is a better name) can START as an coalition of any and all organizations (existing or to be formed) and local leaders who are Constitutional Conservatives who also understand fully what Islam is. The more conservative groups there are the better; because someday, they will need to come together to form a political party if the Republican Party does not become more relevant to those who have died and would die to actually save and defend the U.S. Constitution. If the people qualified to begin such an organization are waiting for someone else to start it, it will never be started. vin 5 ron et yohaa period con.

Anonymous 1:26 PM  

A little over a month ago, I thought Islam was basically OK and that the jihadists were a few bad apples. The Boston Marathon bombing got me to get off my butt and start doing some reading. Now I'm on a crusade to tell everyone I know. Some of the people I've told have started reading too and will tell more people. Don't give up on growing the movement larger. Surveys show increasing anti-Islamic sentiment in the US. If we can get Americans to see what's happening in Europe and to realize that we're facing the same fate, it will help. But no matter what, don't give up on getting the word out.

-- Joanna

Anonymous 1:28 PM  
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bill 5:37 AM  

I am learning how to start subtle conversations with strangers about politics and/or Islam. If they are not "hopeless", I collect their email address. This activity is "grass roots" politics and needs a dedicated website (or maybe a dedicated spot on this site).

Rob 8:35 AM  

Bill, I like your idea of linking people up who are awake to the islamic threat. I think a good start would be to link up the people from the various websites that counter jihadists frequent, like CW, jihad watch, atlas shrugs, the united west, political islam, front page mag, etc. Of course, as soon as it becomes a visible organization, I'm afraid that it would then become a target of the PC police, including the liberal media, jihadists, even the govt. This could have the effect of neutering the message because of the pressure. In other words, the message could start out that we are trying to wake people up the the threat inherent within islam to the threat of a small minority of radical islamists, etc. However, what you are suggesting must happen if we are to survive this menace!

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