The Universal Imprisonment of Women in Saudi Arabia


Rebel with a cause.
Please read and share the following Wall Street Journal article about a woman who dared to drive in Saudi Arabia. Her story illustrates Islamic fundamentals in a low-key and mainstream way — in a way that is shareable with just about anybody.

And her story also demonstrates that the power to keep every woman in Saudi Arabia under house arrest is held in place by oil money. This is something everyone in the free world needs to grasp.

We can undermine the power bestowed on Islamic fundamentalists by oil money and simultaneously strengthen the free world's economy and national security by introducing fuel competition.

The article: The Woman Who Dared to Drive.


Walter Sieruk 8:03 AM  

Robert Spencer said much in his stort sentence from his book THE POLITICALLY INCORRECT GUID TO ISLAM. Which on page 77 reads "As long as men read and believe the Quran, women will be despised , second class citizens."
Lets face the facts, Islam is a religion of misogyny.

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