Islam is Encroaching on Japan?


We've got several petitions to stop Muslim immigration to various countries. See them here. But a reader and active counterjihadist sent the following email asking for a petition for Japan, which we have since created. He is a scientist who travels extensively and speaks many languages:

A tiny seed grows into a mighty oak; a rotten seed grows into a giant Demon of Islam. Currently in Japan there are Islamic groups. There are native Japanese who have reverted (lol) to Islam (you see, the Islamists start with the premise that everyone is Muslim and that they have strayed away and that they are really not converts but about the gall of supremacism).

It is happening in other places too. Some of the local Islamist goons are passing out cards to unsuspecting naive Hispanics inviting them to revert to Islam, the cards bear the picture of the Sphinx and pyramid of Egypt, as if Islam has anything to do with those ancient mysteries, built by an antediluvian advanced civilization and another humanity before ours. In fact it was a fanatical Islamic ruler in Egypt who tried to deface the face of the Sphinx, leaving us with the quintessential scarring on the enigmatic face of the Sphinx!

Sorry, I digress, but back to Japan...the native converted Japanese are of a particularly aggressive strain, they see in Islam a facsimile of the Bushido, the samurai blind obedience essence which somehow appeals to the tribal instinct of this genre of Japanese youths. IMHO, I think these Islamized Japanese pose a danger in that they may succeed in starting a sort of wildfire conversion rage among the disenchanted or disaffected Japanese population. Japan is a rather tribal society behind all that facade of modernity, Shinto and Buddhism will still prevail, but as some sociologist once said, you only need a small % ..2 or 3 % ? of a society who are aggressive and determined to change the the society either into something good or something evil. In pre-Hitler Germany, many Germans were scoffing at the nationalistische arbeiterspartei and thought Hitler was a kook, but once the determined Nazis seized power the rest of Germany had to follow the pied piper, if not just to survive!

Islam is a global threat period. Currently though not on the radar, there is much Islamic activity in South America, what with years of unfettered Islamic immigration into those countries coupled with corrupt governments and sometimes grinding poverty and disenchantment with Catholicism, etc. That continent is just ripe for the Jihadists' picking. Lately a Muslim managed to fannagle his way into becoming the president of Belize, there was a mighty influx of Muslim immigration, etc. into that country. Brazil is another hotbed for Jihadist organizations, and of course Venezuela's idiotic Hugo Chavez is flirting with the fascist Iranians and other unsavory Islamist groups.

Wherever muslims immigrate they carry the seed of destruction with them. Our extremely idiotic and ignorant news media like Newsweek were showcasing this wonderful refugee from Iraq who settled into an Oregon small town community, which soon attracted more Iraqi refugees who then of course have to have the locals help them build a mosque (gasp!) and that wonderful Mr. refugee who had just escaped hell under Islam in Iraq is now suddenly organizing a Muslim organization and is serving as the new mosques' Imam.

.Okay, I would like to ask the question, if he is the Imam and is practicing Islam, is he beholden to the laws and commandments of Islam or to the laws and regulations of his new found host country /adopted country, the USA? Islam is unlike other can't just render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and render unto God what is due God (like in Christianity), or Hindus who practice their spirituality and divorce their spiritual activities from politics and secular laws...they don't subscribe to the laws of Manu! In other words, since Islam is a political religion and if he is the Imam of his new mosque, then unless he is practicing a new strain of Islam, I don't know how in the hell he can reconcile the seditious tenets of his religion with the democratic and secular laws of his new found country? Anyone care to comment on this? This is being repeated countless times all over the heartlands of America, and one of the culprits are the liberal churches who are organizing the importation of all these Islamist refugees into this country and creating more and more potential jihadist hotspots all in the heartlands of America!

Are we stupid or what?


Anonymous 7:59 AM  

We ARE stupid...and blind...and deaf, as well, and we will pay the price, as always.

Citizen Warrior 11:18 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

I believe that it's much more dangerous than mere stupidity on the part of the West (and now the East) which results in Islam gaining a foothold.

Whereas I doubt that in general the leaders and followers of Islam can be renowned for their intelligence, they nevertheless possess the sort of cunning which allows them to survive even in dire circumstances.

They make use of the cognitive dissonance in the West, which privileges pluralism and "live and let live" (as well as the West's overinclination to appease rather than confront) and I describe this at . Islam is never slow to use the very democratic laws it despise to undermine the countries it takes root in.

Citizen Warrior 11:20 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Are we stupid or what?

The short answer is "Yes". We are decent people in the West and we expect that when we treat people with decency, they will respond with equally decent treatment. Unfortunately, the unwashed masses haven't realised that Islam is a one way street; it's Islam's way or the highway (or more specifically to the knackery or mortuary).

When I wrote to the Australian Government (Prime Minister) asking them why they aren't doing something to stop the encroachment of Islam in Australia, I received a reply from some baggy arsed public servant (as was expected) who told me that the Australian Government had everything under control. Our system of multiculturalism was wonderful and everytthing would be okay ... just don't worry your dear little old head as we were in safe hands. He wrote that muslims had lived in Australia for hundreds of years and we had never had any problems with them. That is true, but the early muslims integrated because there were only a couple of hundred of them. The lot we are getting now aren't and will cause trouble eventually. They already have many Australian food producers paying halal taxes; we have Islamic banking; halal slaughter of animals; separate toilets; schools that don't sell pork or celebrate traditional Christian holidays. One lot of muslims even complained that the school flew the Australian flag, for Christ's sake.

The only thing going for me is that I have probably less than 20 years to live so I will miss the worst of it. How do we get governments worldwide to stop supporting Islamic countries and take positive steps to supress Islam everywhere except in their own backward, run-down countries? It's getting really bad everywhere, but many people don't seem to care and think it's just a handful of nutters murdering, raping and pillaging.

Keep up the good work ... the world needs people like you.

Anonymous 8:07 PM  

I don't think Islam will be major religion in Japan. You know, most Japanese people are very conservative, and even nationalistic. They oppose multiculturalism and mass immigration. And I bet that fast majority of them are "Islamophobes", too.

There is also pretty large grassroots movement in Japan which is against multiculturalism, Islamization, etc.

Citizen Warrior 2:11 AM  

That's good news. Of course, if the adults are all conservative and non-multicultural, that doesn't mean the teenagers are. In fact, some may be rebelling against their elders by embracing Islam.

Unknown 5:00 AM  

Well I believe in "Freedom of Religion" but must ask the same or similar question, "Is the Political Ideology of Islam anti-Constitutional?" As stated below.. "since Islam is a political religion and if he is the Imam of his new mosque, then unless he is practicing a new strain of Islam, I don't know how in the hell he can reconcile the seditious tenets of his religion with the democratic and secular laws of his new found country?"

Anonymous 12:55 PM  

That's a good point, but I have read that there has been strong rise in nationalistic sentiment among young people in Japan.

Some have said that youth are more conservative and nationalistic than their parents...

Anonymous 5:44 PM  

I am getting some comfort in the knowlege that there is a chance the U.S. public vote (in November) will oust Obama as President. The other bit of hopeful news is a website that is fighting to gain members to fight the Islamist worldwide. I'm happy to say they are Crusaders and welcome anyone who has their eyes open to the invasion of Islam in every country I know of.

Anonymous 6:09 PM  

I cannot speak to the people of Japan because I know very little about them and what I do know is positive.

That said, it may interest the author and commenters that the little country of Burma is dealing with their muslims head on. The citizens of Burma have been in conflict this year with their muslims called Rohingya. This conflict resulted in ninety deaths so far. Things came to a head when a group of Rohingya ‘youths’ decided to rape and kill a young Burmese woman. To further show their utter disregard for the Burmese people, they left her body in the street.

The monks of Burma decided this was the last straw and started taking their ire on any and all Rohingya ‘youths’, whether they were directly responsible or not. At least Rohingya ‘youths’ are dead so far. Who knew that monks, with their reputation for peacefulness, would react so decisively to a terrible injustice?

The monks are now calling for the expulsion of all Rohingya, with the backing of their president, President Thein Sein, who thinks deportation is a good idea.

The detractors of this solution are accusing the Burmese of becoming like the people of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, after a twenty-six year old war, finally got rid of their 95,000 strong muslim population. The Sri Lankans are now a much happier people. I, cannot, for the life of me, see what the downside is for either Sri Lanka or Burma.

I bring up this recent and ongoing history to show that there seems to be only one way to get rid of undesirable cult of islam. The people and the government have to work together.

What some call stupidity, I call lack of information. What is the average citizen supposed to think when a loyal American like Michele Bachmann is roundly criticized and demonized when she make the simple request to look into the fact that people with strong ties to the muslim brotherhood are allowed into top levels of our government? We cannot even has a discussion of islam in the public arena without CAIR screaming bloody murder. We are constantly beat over the head with ‘facts’ about islam, that it is a ‘religion of peace’, that muslims are people ‘just like us’ and that any information to the contrary is from people ignorant of islam. Charges of racism and islamophobia abound. Then we have the people that try and make muslims into our own image with such buffoonery as most muslims are ‘moderates’, that the muslims that killed Americans on 9/11 were ‘extremists’, that they hi-jacked islam, that any charges that islam wants to take over the world is just silly and other assorted fairy tales. It is the steady stream of misinformation constantly feed to the American people that keeps them ignorant, not stupidity.

The author puts much of the blame on liberal churches. While they are certainly culpable, I think the majority of the blame goes to our corrupt, mendacious and pusillanimous government. It is no secret that mosques are guilty of sedition as are their imams. This is a provable fact. Yet it is our government that forces these seditious cults into our midst. And because our government forces these enemies of our country upon us, there are always a few wicked and evil people that exploit the situation for their own gain. Apparently there is a lot of money to be made with ‘charities’ ‘helping’ refugees and so-called ‘asylum seekers’ from third world countries.

I fear that the only solution for this great country of America, is going to be some version of what has happened in Burma and Sri Lanka. We are going to have to get rid of the President Obamas, the Hillary Clintons and the John McCains that force these evil people on us. We will have to replace them with the Michele Bachmanns and the Allen Wests. Then with the help of loyal Americans we will defeat this great evil.

Until then we are in a world of hurt because I do not think our government is stupid. I think they are evil.


Anonymous 4:59 AM  

Islam is a cancer, pure and simple,
and if you ignore it, it will kill you for sure.The problem in all
non-islamic countries is that it takes a couple of years of thinking
about islam before the path to
realisation is found. Then you know how bad is bad and what an awesome predicament the World is in.Our societies, especially our youth, are in such a hurry that they hardly have time to sit down and ponder about a wierd and unattractive ideology like islam.
The World is in deep sh-t here
precisely because it mostly does
not know that there IS a problem.

Anonymous 8:38 PM  

Seems you guys have lot of hatred and living like a frog in well....keep swimming in your well of hatred.
If islam is unattractive, why is it the most spreading religion. you guys better be careful, never know who from your family will become a muslim :)
Please think twice before writing BS.

Citizen Warrior 1:20 PM  

There was a time when everyone looked the other way when someone drove drunk. Eventually a movement began to do something about it. The first thing was to raise awareness of how many deaths were being caused by drunk driving.

Raising awareness might be seen from a drunk driver's point of view as "a campaign of hatred" but no hatred needs to be involved. I personally do not hate Muslims. I think the ideology and what it causes in this world need to be known. And, of course, we need to do something to stop its spread because it is not healthy for the world.

Anonymous 1:57 PM  

So the solution is to kill off the muslims? Sooo how does that make us different than their religious factions? I'm all for plurality and human rights. .. I'm disappointed to see such hateful comments from people who claimed to he champions of preserving humanity.

Dialogue is the only way I see. . Peaceful and decent people engaging in dialogues. If islamic people are radicals so are some of the people here. .. I don't see a difference. ..

nuts's blogs n' stuff 5:01 AM  

Within both major deniminstions of Islam there are 72 recognized sects. They all think their sect is correct, hate each other, with the denouement for this religion there can only be and will be more bloodshed. Until they've finally wiped each other out.

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